Are Beagles Good Apartment Dogs? 10 Tips to Make Beagle Happy in Small Spaces

As the year progresses, tons of apartments rise because the modern world has evolved. People now tend to settle on flats for various reasons. So, if you are a beagle owner who wants to move into an apartment or an apartment owner planning to get one, then you might wonder if Beagles are good apartment dogs or not.

Beagles are good in an apartment setting, and they are lovely apartment companions in your tiny space. You are lucky to own a beagle because this dog breed is intelligent, making them an ideal breed that can adapt to changes when moving to a new home. Also, they are energetic dogs that can do wonders in your apartment life.

However, there are things to consider and tasks to do as a pet owner to make this change very adaptable and easy for your beagle.

What Should Be the Qualifications of an Apartment Dog?

Pick small dogs in size because you live in an apartment that gives you no space to roam around. Also, for apartment living to work, the dog should be intelligent and adaptable to an apartment lifestyle. And lastly, the dog breed should be friendly as the beagle will be meeting many people in the hallway. 

Breeds That Say Space Doesn’t Matter.

Yes, that’s true. These breeds can be great apartment dwellers as long as the human family gives time and attention. The tiny space of the apartment does not matter to them.

  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  • Greyhound
  • French Bulldog
  • Pug
  • Shiba Inu
  • Beagles
  • Bichon Frise
  • Mastiff
  • Yorkshire Terrier
  • Shih Tzu 

Things to Ponder Before Making the Next Move

It would be best to consider these things before moving to your apartment with your beagle or choosing to have one in an apartment building.

Is my Beagle allowed to live in my apartment?

You have to ask the apartment owners if they have a pet policy concerning this living situation. 

Is my Space Big enough for Beagle to have a place of its own?

You don’t have to give your beagle a room because that is too much, but you can provide a place where a beagle can have a meal and water without interruption. Beagles also want a private space of their own.

Are your neighbors going to be okay with the Barking?

It depends, but usually, who wants to be interrupted in the middle of the night with a beagle barking loudly. No one! You will probably get weird looks from your neighbors or noise complaints about your beagle’s excessive barking that might get you kicked out. Just be humble to ask for an apology, and cookies can go a long way.

Is there a Dog Park nearby?

Dog Park is an essential question because Beagles are the ultimate, without doubt, high-energy dogs that will require lots of exercises. They are active breeds that love to run in the backyard, and because you only have an sq ft apartment, you need a dog park for your beagle to enjoy and still feel the freedom to express their hound traits scent trail, chasing, and exploring.

This Should Make Your Beagle an Apartment Pro

These pieces of training will be no easy task for a beagle parent. It requires patience and understanding. Be reminded that things will not be instant in training your beagle and need repetitive actions to grasp the training thoroughly.

1. Teach your Beagle to Follow Commands

Following commands is an essential skill for your beagle to have. That means, as a beagle parent, you need to be able to set a couple of orders for him to follow. In apartment complexes, these involve commands to be quiet, not to pee in common areas of the building, not to be destructive in your small space, and so on and on.

If you plan to get a beagle puppy to be your companion dog, this task will be easy, for beagle puppies are easy to train because they are young and will do anything for treats and toys. 

Start by making your puppy know their names; if they can already recognize who they are, you can advance the process to make it apartment-friendly on your end. Besides, they are now familiar with the place, so it’s easier as this beagle puppy gets older.

However, for dog owners that have an adult beagle moving to an apartment, you need patience, a whole lot of it. 

2. Proper Potty Training 

If your dog is potty trained in your backyard, then you have to change this habit because there’s no backyard in your new place. They will probably do their “business”  anywhere inside the room because it is unfamiliar.

Beagle parents should invest in grass pads, primarily if your beagle is used to do it outside. Train them to do it on the grass pad instead. Teach them where to do it and where not to do it.

3. Apply Crate Training

Another training to incorporate in your small apartment is crate training. It is useful, for this training will help your beagles to hold their bladder and bowel movement. They don’t want to make a mess on their beds. That is why it is wise to invest in a crate suited to your apartment. In addition, by keeping your beagle in a crate, you can avoid the destructive behavior this breed can cause to your cramped space. 

4. Allow your Beagle to Familiarize the Apartment Unit

In most cases, beagles will get stressed about the new surroundings in your apartment unit. So, for the beagle to be an apartment pro, you’ll have to introduce new spaces that your beagle will walk on for the rest of the days. Let the dog roam around with your supervision but don’t allow the beagle to leave his territory by peeing.

5. Train your Beagle not to chew on Things

Beagles are hound dogs that contain a high energy level that they always want to do something. They love to run and have their daily exercise and fun. There are times that you will not be able to do it consistently. Thus, you have to train your beagle not to be destructive on whatever items they could find in your Bedroom Apartment.

6. Train your Beagle to wear Shock Collars

Suppose you lose all the patience and positive approach to your beagle’s occasional barkings. Then you might consider buying a shock collar for your beagle. A shock collar will detect the vibration around your dog’s neck. When the vibration is detected, a low-level electrical shock will be delivered to your beagle’s neck. Therefore, it will help you stop excessive barking from your beagle.

Pros of Having a Beagle in your Apartment

Let us see what the beautiful things a beagle can do in your Apartment Living.

  • Makes you Happy

When you are living alone, a playful and happy beagle can make your day. These breeds are the most loyal and most fun to be with. You can’t deny that as a dog parent, your dogs love to cuddle and will require so much of your attention. By tending to their needs and through cuddling and exercising, you are going to be happy and stressed-free.

  • More Exercise 

Don’t be a couch potato and exercise with your dog. Training is one of the pros of having a beagle around your apartment because you will have to get up and accompany your beagle to its Daily Walks. Not just walks, but also some cardio exercises to give your beagle and yourself adequate exercise. 

  • Helps in Loneliness 

Living alone in an apartment can be lonely, with no one to talk to, no one to be around to share meals and stories. However, having a dog can ease that all away. You will feel that you are not alone by having your beagle on the side to cheer you up with its cuteness and energy.

  • More Bonding

For Beagle, having a backyard, a place to run around, dig and explore, will take most of its time playing, but there’s no place to run in an apartment unit, so your beagles will bother and ask attention from you. You will have more time to bond, play games, watch TV, or by playing fetch could be fun. 

Cons of Having a Beagle in your Apartment

As much as it is so wonderful to have a Beagle in your Apartment setting, there are cons to this living situation as well.

  •  Apartment owners are not allowing dogs.

You will have to decide whether it’s going to be your dog or your apartment. It’s going to be a tough decision because of how hassle apartment hunting can be.

  • Lack of Space to Run

Yes, you can just run in the park or have daily walks, but what if you are a busy dog owner and do not have time. Who will accompany the dog to an exercise?

  •  Angry Neighbors

You will have angry neighbors shouting and getting mad at you for your beagle’s loud noises. You’ll get reported all the time and receive notice to leave if you don’t do anything about your beagle’s barks.

  • Difficult Potty Training

The potty training can be difficult if you have a full-grown beagle moving in with you in an apartment.

  • Bad Behaviour

Beagles will tend to be stubborn at times, and they can wreck your entire apartment when they get too playful. They will chew on the furniture, ruin the sofa, jump or eat food that wasn’t supposed to be for them.

10 Tips on How to Make your Beagle Happy on Tiny Spaces

To be able to avoid problems within your apartment living. Here are the tips that make your beagle happy even in small spaces.

  • Stair Exercise

You can associate this exercise with your beagle if you want to tire him immediately. This exercise will allow you and your beagle to lose more pounds and to keep a healthy lifestyle. It is a significant muscle strengthening for your beagle. Do this if both of you don’t have time or resources to go on a hill for mountaineering activities.

  • Treadmill 

You can allow this training for your beagle as this will give him an exercise to release all the energy they have, and it will enable you to do your chores nearby.

  • Play with toys

Give your beagle toys for him to keep from being bored. Toys will make your dog happy in your place—a substitute for backyard fun.

  • Treats

Who does not want tasty treats? Ultimately, their favorite treats can make them happy. Make it healthy and delicious for your beagle to enjoy.

  • Mental Exercise and Enrichment

You can entertain your dog not just by doing physical exercise but by also giving them mental activities that will challenge them. It will make their minds at work making them more intelligent.

  • Socialization

Don’t contain your pooch into your small apartment. Bring your beagle to a dog park to socialize and play with other dogs. It will make dog park trips fun and something your beagle will look forward to each day.

  • Loads of Attention

Dog’s are clingy, and by just giving them your attention after all the chores and work you’ve got. It will make them the happiest, even just by cuddling on the couch.

  • Comfy Space for your Beagle

Dog’s love to sleep, and giving them the comfiest bed will allow them to relax and feel good in your apartment.

  • Hire a Dog Walker

There will be times that you will stuck in an emergency and you can’t fulfill your responsibility as a dog parent. Better look for a Dog Walker that is one call away. That will provide attention and will play with your beagle to keep them happy and taken care of.

  • Quality Time Together

Have quality time for your dog to discover and travel to new places. This kind of bonding will be a day for you both to have fun and enjoy. It is a way of relaxation and taking a break from demanding schedules as well.

Apartment Living with a Beagle is Possible

Be happy and stressed-free with your beagle in an apartment. All the training and compromises must be hard. It will take a toll on you, but at the end of the day. It is beneficial to your lifestyle, and it adds loads of fun to your life.