Is Snoopy a Beagle? 10 Characteristics of Snoopy That Makes Him a Beagle

You are probably a Peanuts Fan because you finally decided to search what breed Snoopy is. It’s either you are very old, and you miss this show that aired and produced 70 years ago, or you are in the newer generation and still heard of Snoopy because this mythical dog is popular even to this day. To answer your question, is Snoopy a beagle?

Yes, this popular fictional character “Snoopy” is a Beagle. Many people are asking what breed he is. But does the real-life Beagle breed really look like Snoopy? Over the years, the popularity of Snoopy thrived because he became one of the favorite characters in Peanuts worldwide.

When was “Snoopy” Originated?

Snoopy, the beloved beagle, was first introduced in this hit comic strip, the Peanuts. On October 4, 1950, Charles M Schulz, the cartoonist, and creator of peanuts, debuted Snoopy in the comic strip. The iconic fictional beagle did not have its name at first, and he isn’t Charlie Brown’s dog initially.

Snoopy in the comic strip does not speak a word, but the cartoonist allowed Snoopy to express his feelings and showed it in the thought balloon. What this fictional beagle likes to do is to imagine and fantasize about different lives or careers for himself. One example in his imaginative character is “Joe Cool,” a college student, snoopy as an author, attorney, and a British World War 1 flying ace.

Snoopy’s owner is Charlie Brown. Snoopy is loyal, thoughtful, and lovable towards Charlie. However, in the strip, snoopy also showed disrespect and stubbornness towards Charlie. He often forgets his name and calls him a “round-headed kid.”

Snoopy also leads the “Beagles Scouts.” It consists of the beagle, which is snoopy, then the rest of the troops are birds: Woodstock, Fred, Roy, Wilson, Conrad, Olivier, Harriet, Bill, and Raymond.  

Snoopy’s Relationship to Peanut Characters

Snoopy has dear friends surrounding him, and it’s these people who helped this iconic fiction beagle become a star.

1. Charlie Brown

Snoopy’s owner is Charlie Brown, and Snoopy helps and protects Charlie from his bullies.

2. Lucy

Another fictional character of peanuts that Snoopy likes to always give kisses to is Lucy. She always hates it, for she is afraid of germs from the dogs. She has a psychiatric booth wherein Snoopy takes over whenever she is not around. Lucy loves Snoopy and has excellent care for the beagle.

3. Linus

Linus and Snoopy the Beagle often fight for a blanket. Snoopy tries to steal Linus’s blanket causing both to fight & chase around.

4. Lila

Lila was the original owner of Snoopy before he lived and stayed with Charlie Brown. There are moments in the comic strip when Lila persuades Snoopy to come home. But when Snoopy came back to Lila’s house, a “No Dogs Allowed” was written on the door.

5. Peppermint Patty

Peppermint Patty makes Snoopy her constant watchdog. In the beginning, Peppermint Patty does not know that Snoopy is a beagle; that’s why she refers to Snoopy as a “funny-looking kid with a Big NoseLater on, she finds out that Snoopy is a beagle.

6. Sally Brown

Sally Brown did not care much for Snoopy and called Snoopy a stupid beagle. She hated it when she was asked to feed Snoopy by her brother. There are instances that they get together well; however, the relationship changes when Snoopy abandons Sally to be bullied because he went to be with his old girlfriend.

7. Schroeder

This peanut character allows Snoopy to play and sit on his toy piano.

8. Rerun Van Pelt

Both Rerun Van Pelt and Snoopy play cards sometimes, but the funny thing is that they don’t know the game’s rules.

9. Woodstock

Woodstock is a yellow bird with bird language that Snoopy and other beagle scouts can understand. He is Snoopy’s best friend and sidekick. 

10. Fifi

Fifi is a white poodle and the main love interest of Snoopy. Snoopy even set out on a mission to rescue Fifi from the Red Baron.

5 facts about the Anthropomorphic Beagle 

These are the cool facts you will find in the hit snoopy comic strip of the 1950s

1. Snoopy is based on Schulz’s dog when he was 13 years old

The name of his dog is Spike, and he has the same colors that Snoopy has. That is the reason why Snoopy is sporting a black and white color when he is a beagle. Spike is not a beagle but a mixed breed of little pointer and another hound.

In “Peanut: A Golden Celebration” in 1999, Schulz, the cartoonist, recalled all the fondest memories of Spike.

2. Snoopy was known for its many alter-egos 

Because Shulz is not satisfied with Snoopy as a beagle, snoopy became so imaginative that the most popular alter-ego was of Snoopy is when he  wore a fighter jet pilot, known as “Flying Ace.” 

He was also known as a college student “Joe Cool” and more than 50 other animals. Indeed, he is bored by being a dog and imagined as a shark, penguin, and vulture. 

3. The first fictional character to land on the moon.

In the Artwork of Charles M. Schulz, it happened, and it was the most fantastic achievement of Snoopy in his excellent and creative comic life. 

It was not all fiction, though, for the Apollo 10 wonderfully named the lunar module Snoopy and the command module Charlie Brown.

 4. Snoopy has a Big Family

Shulz introduced Snoopy to have a brother spike in the  “Mojave Desert California,” in which Shulz home at the beginning of the great depression. Belle, a female beagle, Snoopy’s sister who is a single mother, and its teenage son is the only nephew Snoopy has. 

Other siblings he has are Andy, Olaf, and Marbles. Snoopy’s Father appeared in 1989 but was not named because his only appearance is on Father’s Day.

5. Snoopy’s Pose

The reason behind Snoopy’s iconic pose on top of his doghouse is that, according to Schulz, it just wasn’t right for Snoopy to think all those adventures in a realistic doghouse. He added that it is more acceptable for snoopy on the side and the top of his dog house.

On January 31, 1954, the dog house was being peeked at by Charlie Brown, Violet, Shermy & Schroeder. To their surprise, the dog house was big enough, and it even has a recreation room. Four children can fit in Snoopy’s dog house.  

10 Characteristics of Snoopy That Makes Him a Beagle

These are the characters that make snoopy a certified beagle—no need to argue that these qualities are proper to snoopy’s fantastic world in comics.

1. Beagles are full of Energy

Indeed, snoopy is full of energy. Imagine all of the snoopy’s adventures and its football sessions.

2. Beagles are very Musical

Beagles are musical because beagles are barkers and will howl because of their hound nature, just like Snoopy, who can play piano and loves music. 

3. Beagles have a hefty appetite

Snoopy loves to eat pizza and root beer. Snoopy also watches out for dinner time.   

4. Beagles can be Lazy

Snoopy, despite all of its imaginative adventure, can be lazy.

5. Beagles are loving

The comic strip star snoopy is lovable to Charlie, the troops of Beagle Scout, and his family.

6. Beagles are Intelligent

Snoopy is intelligent and can’t stop all of his curiosity.

7. Beagles are Loyal

This trait is true to Snoopy even though he is stubborn to Charlie, but he can still be very loyal.

8. Beagles has Floppy Ears

Snoopy has Floppy ears, one of the most apparent similarities of snoopy to beagles.

9. Beagles loves to Explore

Snoopy loves to make all his questions answered and wants to live different lives.

10. Beagles are Friendly

Snoopy is friendly and very social. Snoopy has a troop of birds and its loving owner Charlie.


Snoopy in Real Life

1. Scent Hounds

Beagles are dogs that are very particular to scents. They are hound dogs that were initially bred to help hunters. It made beagle breeds ranked in the top 3 as the world’s best sniffers. Beagles can’t help it whenever they have found a scent. They will vigorously look and search for the origin of the smell. It’s tough for them to get out of this trance because the beagle contains 220 million scent receptors on its nose. 

Beagle’s capabilities to follow trails of scent makes them an Explorer that is very true to the nature of Snoopy’s. Snoopy loves adventure, even to the point of going to outer space.

2.  Energetic

Beagles are energetic dogs, and they love to use all these energies through exercise and play. Beagle parent is responsible for exercising the beagle twice a day, which means 20-30 minutes walk daily and cardio activities to use all the fuel and drain your beagle to sleep.

In his beautiful explorations in the comic strip world, Snoopy also showed his energetic side through Football. A Beagle may have small bodies, but beagles have strong muscles that need regular exercise to avoid atrophy and will cause more problems in the long run. Just like snoopy with the beagle scout and Charlie that plays all the time.

3. Intelligent

Snoopy was known to be curious and knows how to ask interesting questions. For instance, his quest to find water on the moon. He showcases his intelligent side by preparing for his suit and bringing a treat for the journey. 

Just like Beagles in the real world, they are intelligent beings. Unfortunately, they can’t express it like snoopy’s thought bubble, but they can show this bright side by following instructions. It means beagles are very trainable, but you must take them away to solid scents that will ultimately distract them.

4. Stubbornness

Well, Snoopy is stubborn to Charlie Brown, and Beagles are stubborn as well. They may be intelligent, but they also show their stubbornness. Snoopy is sometimes self-centered in the cartoon world, and it is similar to your beagle as well.

5. Loud 

Beagles are expressive dogs, and they will tend to get loud through excessive barking when they have found something interesting. They will communicate it to you as their owner. Snoopy might not have these qualities, but it is most likely similar because he has thought bubbles.

6. Loves Food

Snoopy is worried about his dinner, and he always wants to make it on time. Just like any dog in the world, they love food and always thinking about food. On the other hand, Snoopy can hear someone opening a cookie from a distance because he is a beagle with an acute sense of smell. It is very noticeable when someone cooks food or even opens their food from a distance. This is enough for your beagle to be clouded with cravings for food.

7. Loyal

Beagles are very loyal dogs, these hounds are very social in nature, and they love people. If you are a beagle parent, then you are lucky for you to have a breed that is loyal and loving. The same goes for Snoopy, a loyal friend to his birds and its owner Charlie Brown.

Snoopy & NASA

Snoopy became very popular in the world of astronauts. They have both linked together since the ’60s. Here are some of the most recognizable influences of Snoopy on NASA.

1. Snoopy is the mascot for the Apollo Program.

2.  NASA named the Lunar Module after the snoopy and Command module as Charlie Brown.

3. The Private cap worn by Nasa Astronauts is named “Snoopy Cap.”

4. There’s this Silver Snoopy Award that will be given to NASA’s Astronauts for its outstanding achievements in pursuing quality and safety. It is a sterling silver pin that has snoopy engraved to the suit.


Snoopy is a beagle, and that’s the truth despite all the disputes concerning this. Snoopy became such an iconic beagle that represents and made this dog breed known to the world. However, snoopy is affectionate, loving, playful, and loyal like all the other dog breeds in the world.