Dogs That Look Like Snoopy: 10 Real-Life Snoopies

Are you a big fan of the comic strip Peanuts? For sure you wouldn’t forget who Snoopy is. This identifiable character that had his debut around the 1950s remains to be very popular worldwide.

Recently in 2015, The Peanuts Movie was released and this sparked a good deal of most of our childhood memories. And, perhaps this might have triggered some of you to adopt a Snoopy-type dog as your companion. 

Although this is a fictional character, there are, in fact, 10 real-life Snoopy dogs that can grant you a Peanut-ish life and experience. Let’s get to know what breeds they are!

1. Beagle

First on the list is the Beagle breed. Who else earns the number one spot but him? After all, Snoopy is described to be an anthropomorphic Beagle who loves to imagine fantasy lives which include being an author or a college student.

The fun varied personality of Snoopy is truly embedded in the nature of the Beagle. This 6th most popular dog in the US is often expressed to be merry, cheerful, and affectionate.

Moreover, he tends to be gluttonous and lazy, two characteristics present in the traits of a Beagle. It is non-debatable. Snoopy is a great representation of the Beagle breed.

With the large, wide, floppy ears, prominent nose, and elongated muzzle, it’s a no-brainer that the Snoopy-ish Beagle is indeed one of America’s most well-loved pooches.

2. Pocket Beagle

Next up is the Pocket Beagle- a different variety of the standard breed. He’s typically any Beagle that does not reach the standards set by the American Kennel Club (AKC). A dog of this kind is usually 13 inches from the shoulders and weighs 15 to 18 pounds only.

Putting aside the size, a Pocket Beagle does look like Snoopy. Even though he’s a few inches and pounds less in proportions, he still retains the classic features found in the Beagle breed.

Just like Snoopy, the Pocket Beagle has wide, large ears that flop endlessly whilst he runs, a long and square muzzle, and a white-tipped tail. Temperament-wise, this smaller version is merry, curious, affectionate, and energetic.

3. Basset Hound

The Basset Hound is another hound dog that is closely related to the Beagle. There might be a few distinctions when it comes to physical traits, but no doubt, the Basset Hound sure does look like Snoopy.

The dog is known to have a set of low-hanging ears, a somewhat droopy face, and a squat body. The tail’s tip is white as well and this helped him excellently during his hunts. The owner would be able to see where the sniffing dog is in long thick grasses and bushes.

When it comes to body markings, the Basset hound shares the same look as the Beagle. In personality, however, he tends to lean on the more thoughtful and deliberate side. Nonetheless, he is in for playtime unless he’s too exhausted to be bothered.

4. Cheagle

The Cheagle is a mix of the Chihuahua and the Beagle breed. With its Beagle lineage, it is no surprise why he is here on the list. Cheagles may follow more after one of its parents, but in case he looks more like a Beagle, you’d be looking at an image of Snoopy.

In certain cases, Cheagles would inherit the dropped-down ears, long snout, and Beagle coat markings. Expect them to be small which is a good thing for those who like compact and easy-to-carry dogs.

If a Cheagle not being a purebred pooch does not bother you, adopting one is the best option. He’s genial, outgoing, and loyal which resonates most with Snoopy’s character. With him being so little, it’s no hassle bringing him to the beach.

5. American English Coonhound

If we talk about the longest ears, the American English Coonhound easily wins it. Technically, his title is well-deserved as “Harbor”, the Coonhound, holds the title for the dog with the longest ears. The left was measured at about 12.5 inches and the other was 13.5 inches.

Putting the accolade aside, the Coonhound’s physical appearance also takes after the Snoopy character, although he’s larger and taller. The breed can be seen in a tri-colored coat so it’s easy to mistake him for a Beagle.

The dog’s history of working alone and in packs makes him capable of being independent and gregarious at the same time. Nonetheless, each day is best ended with a warm cuddle time with his family.

6. Bagle

If you can’t choose between the Basset Hound and the Beagle despite their subtle differences, a Bagle might be the best alternative. This is a Basset Hound and a Beagle mix that several would describe as a good family dog.

He’s carefree at times much like Snoopy who would always remind those around him to lighten up and have some fun. When his owners are around, his main goal is to entertain and please them, a trait prominent in the Beagle breed.

Since both his parents have droopy ears, the Bagle is genetically predisposed to carry the same feature. Coat markings may appear in certain parts of his body as well like the ears, back, and the base of the tail.

7. Harrier

Another Snoopy-like dog is the Harrier which people would sometimes think of as the Beagle breed. Who wouldn’t be confused when both dogs look so similar? From the coat down to the physical appearance, all these are shared by both pooches.

Just like Snoopy, the Harrier dog can exhibit a strong sense of independence, although, in Snoopy’s case, he actually needs his owner, Charlie Brown. The mentioned breed is also prone to obesity, another familiar disposition which Snoopy, a hoggish eater dog shows. 

The Harrier’s strong sense of smell also makes him qualify in this list as this can be metaphorically associated with the protruding nose of Snoopy in his side profile. Let him have activities that will further improve his tracking skills to keep him stimulated regularly.

8. Bloodhound

Another similar-looking dog worthy to be mentioned is the Bloodhound thanks to his remarkably lengthy, droopy ears, long and forward muzzle, as well as the black, white, and brown colors on his coat.

There are a few wrinkles on the face, but it is not as extreme as that of the other dog breeds. He weighs about 80 to 110 pounds and reaches 23 to 27 inches in height. With that, if you prefer a bigger real-life Snoopy, the Bloodhound is the answer.

Snoopy is often labeled as a character that is imaginative, good-natured, and free-spirited. Meanwhile, the Bloodhound is independent, friendly, and inquisitive. In a way, their personality matches as excellently as they do in looks.

9. American Foxhound

Have a low-maintenance Snoopy look-alike by going for the American Foxhound. He is a medium-sized dog of 60 to 75 pounds that is also not too different when it comes to looking the same as the Beagle breed.

Listing their similar features, the ears, tail, coat color, and facial structure are all identical for both pooches. Much like the Beagle, the American Foxhound is friendly and extroverted.

Being a member of the hound family, the American Foxhound may exhibit stubbornness, but this can be mellowed down through proper training and positive reinforcements. He best suits a family that has an active lifestyle as he has.

10. Dachshund

A smaller and shorter version of a Snoopy look-alike would be the Dachshund. Although he is a separate breed, the looks have an uncanny resemblance to the popular scenthound, the Beagle.

Although Beagles are way bigger, the Dachshund, on the other hand, is deemed a better alert dog than the other. If you want an even smaller Snoopy dog, a miniature Dachshund is what you are looking for as he is typically 5 to 6 inches tall only.

Due to their noses, Dachshunds can easily track down aromas and smells. It’s not far different from Snoopy’s instinct to know if there is someone who is baking cookies nearby as he sits on top of his dog house!