Dogs That Look Like Ewoks: 13 Ewok Look-Alikes!

Are you a diehard Star Wars fan? If so, the Ewok might be familiar to you. This is a character that stands about a meter tall, curious, skillful, intelligent, and above all, fluffy like a dog. 

This sentient and furred biped may be native to the Endor moon, but that doesn’t mean you have to travel your way to the fictional universe just so you can get an adorable Ewok.

Why? It’s because, in our world, we have at least 13 dog breeds that bear the hallmarks of the well-known Star Wars dramatis personae. Let’s get a look at each pooch!

1. Border Terrier

Judging by the coat quality of the Border Terrier, he definitely isn’t as fuzzy as the Ewok. His appearance, however, the look and the scruffiness, to be particular, is what makes him resemble the fictional character.

To add, the coat color, small button nose, furry ears, and snout highly work in his favor to look like the dog version of the Ewok. This no-frills dog has an otter-like head, perfect for receiving a handful of pets.

Should you get this dog, it is important that you lead him to an active lifestyle. He has longer legs compared to other Terrier-type dog breeds, exuding a tougher exterior.

Training is easy as the Border Terrier loves getting stimulated. Take him outside and you’ll see an image of a nomadic Ewok chasing after a sprinting cat or squirrel.

2. Shih Tzu

There’s no other dog breed that looks too close to the appearance of an Ewok than the popular Shih Tzu. A chocolate-brown dog of this kind is a perfect natural cosplayer of the said Star Wars thespian.

The small nose, fluffy coat, small stature, and big rounded eyes all contribute to him getting a high score as an Ewok look-alike. He may seem cute and fragile, but this impression is often shattered by his incredible energy levels.

A true natural charmer, the Shih Tzu is popular worldwide. He’s a perfect lap dog as he prefers to stay indoors with his laidback owners which is totally an opposite trait of Ewoks who would always be exposed to the outside environment.

3. Lhasa Apso

Being covered in dense and long fur, the Lhasa Apso also qualifies as a natural-born Ewok impersonator. This might not be a common breed name you would usually hear, but once you see a picture of him, you’ll agree he passes the Ewok test.

At times, a Lhasa Apso can also be mistaken as a stuffed toy should he stay still on the couch. The moment his lively expressions show, however, that’s when you’ll realize he’s actually a familiar face from the Star Wars movie.

Even though the breed looks somewhat modern, the Lhasa Apso has been around us for a very long time already. He’s one of the oldest breeds there are and he serves as a sentinel and an alert dog in monasteries and palaces.

4. Pekingese

Note that not all Pekingese dogs look like Ewoks. Only a handful of them pass the Ewok look-alike challenge test and those are ones who exhibit a general brown coat.

This Chinese dog is undoubtedly compact and stocky with a rolling gait and a royal, dignified aura. The large and sparkly eyes, the furry face, and the short snout are seemingly identical to the features of the Ewok.

It’s true that the Pekingese breed looks odd in a way. Legends would explain that he is the offspring of a lion and a monkey who fell into union thanks to Buddha’s help.

Others would affectionately call the breed “Pekes”. Indeed, the loving nickname complements the charm and affection a Pekingese dog may show to its owner.

5. Cockapoo

The Cockapoo is a cross between the Cocker Spaniel breed and the Poodle. The combination of both distinct lineages resulted in a pooch that can easily absorb training and is extremely high in companionability.

In looks, it’s no longer debatable as to why he’s here on the list. This 6-19 pound dog has the coat color and texture that fits the Ewok criteria. Let’s not forget to mention how he physically bears an uncanny resemblance, as in literally, to the Star Wars character.

The rounded eyes, pronounced nose, and dense fur around the face add more points for him. Putting his exterior aside, many claim he’s an ideal family dog due to his unconditional love toward his family members.

6. Yorkshire Terrier

The next one that falls in the Ewok category is the Yorkshire Terrier. If we closely examine the breed and compare his features to the Ewok, you’ll end up agreeing with us.

Both the Ewok and the Yorkie have short snouts, almost the same in coat appearance and length, and similar in their facial expressions. Both are also feisty and tough to beat despite the dainty and approachable impression they may exude.

In spite of the Yorkshire Terrier not being capable to pin an intruder to the ground, within his size is a terrifying and alarming talent to bark to ward off uninvited guests. His spunkiness can be likened to the bravery Ewoks showed in the Return of the Jedi.

7. Toy Poodle

Toy Poodles come in a variety of colors and cuts which means not everyone would resemble an Ewok. However, a brown or chocolate-coated Toy Poodle will push the breed to tilt more on the scale of Ewok look-alikes.

The hallmarks it bears for him to fit in this category are his sparkly, expressive eyes, wooly body, and compact size. He would only typically weigh 4 to 7 pounds and reach a height of 10 inches. 

These lower proportions compared to the Standard Poodle don’t affect the athleticism of the breed though. As a water retriever and duck hunter, Poodles have this nature to stay active regardless of their size.

8. Pomeranian

Looking for an Ewok dog that can easily be placed inside a small bag? The Pomeranian breed would be what you need. 

Admittingly though, an adult Pom-Pom would naturally develop a more distinct appearance than the Ewok, but if we talk about the puppy version, then it’s a no-brainer. 

If you put much effort into observing every detail that’s in a Pomeranian’s face, you’ll eventually realize how Ewok-like he is. The hair that puffs out, the cheeky expression, the shorter muzzle, and the coat color all significantly add an Ewok effect.

This 7 to 12 inches tall dog weighs only 3 to 7 pounds. When it comes to temperament, the Pom-Pom is described as sweet, sociable, and active. He has a loud bark making him a good watchdog.

9. Affenpinscher

The Affenpinscher is known for his odd human-like shaggy face. With his stubby nose, he does qualify as an Ewok impostor.

At times, people would call him an ape terrier, mustached little devil, or a monkey dog. He’s a small pooch of 12 inches in height and 10 pounds weight with a big dog personality, so handling might not be as easy peasy as he looks.

Although for some, the overall look of the Affenpinscher might scare some kids away, bonding more with him will help in bringing out his attractive attributes such as his comedic personality or quirks and fearless disposition.

10. Cairn Terrier

Just like how Ewoks are presented on the screen, the Cairn Terrier possesses the same short and dense fur all over its body. Some of the Cairn Terriers also have dark coats which perfectly fits the Ewok description.

Temperament-wise, both subjects are not too distant as well. They are fierce, loyal, and easy-going. Originating from the Scottish countryside, the Cairn Terrier was originally bred to participate in small games such as getting the prey out of its hiding place.

The perfect environment for such a type of dog is a place where he can explore, navigate, and dig through. He’s wild-spirited and would need an owner that would help him actualize his real self and nature.

11. Bichon Frise

This depends on how the Bichon Frise is groomed, so with the right haircut and groomer, he’ll look exactly like an Ewok twin. His fluffed-up face and prominent eyes and nose deserve the credit. 

There may not be an Ewok in the Star Wars movie with a white coat all over him but simply focus on the standard Ewok features in the pooch. With its dense fur, the canine traits are somehow concealed making his snout appear less forward.

On average, the Bichon Frise breed reaches at least 12 inches tall and can weigh around 11 pounds. He can easily fit inside tote bags or inside your jacket for a nighttime cuddle.

12. Brussels Griffon

Apparently, the Brussels Griffon is what started everything out. He’s the real inspiration behind the visuals of the Ewoks. George Lucas’s Brussels Griffon dog served as the reference on how Ewoks would look and the resemblance is striking.

This intelligent and sturdy toy dog may reach about 10 inches in height and 10 pounds in weight. He is excellent at climbing which most wouldn’t expect from a cute-looking dog.

There may be smoother versions of the breed, but the disheveled ones are more preferred should you be out there looking for an Ewok-looking dog. 

13. Morkie

A Morkie is a Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier mix. Owners of this dog shared that people would sometimes mistake their pets for Ewoks. The tousled look, the black pearly eyes, and prominent nose indeed show a great deal of similitude to the fictitious Star Wars character.

They may be minute and easy to carry pooches, but make no mistake as they are superior in intelligence in their own right, energetic, playful, protective, and adventurous. The right owners would be those who can lead an active lifestyle.

Just like other dogs, the Morkie crossbreed comes in several colors. If your aim is to have an Ewok dog, darker coats like brown, chocolate, or a mix of these colors are your go-to options.