Dogs That Look Like a Tiger: Here Are 14 of Them

Tigers are known for their iconic striped coat that is appealing to the eyes of many. It is an exotic and rare beauty that is primarily caused by a rare gene. Since this animal can’t be tamed to domestication, owning one as a  pet is impossible.

Good news though, as many brindled canines closely resemble the wild animal. A good number of dog breeds are genetically predisposed to exhibit the coveted stripes that can make anyone take a second look before taking a sigh of relief after knowing they’re just dogs.

Let’s start the list by first discussing the Tora Inu.

1. Tora Inu

The Tora Inu or the Kai Ken is native to Japan and is often called the tiger dog. He is a medium-sized canine with a wedge-shaped head and a brindle coat that closely resembles that of the tiger although not as accurate as we want it to be.

Nevertheless, the patterns and lines all over its body put him on the top list here. He can be 17 to 22 inches in height at withers with females considerably shorter than the males. Usually, the breed carries the tail like a sickle as it curls on the rear. 

As a dog that was used to living in the mountains, all limbs and hocks should be well developed to reflect a sturdy and tough appearance. The exterior is harsh on texture, medium in length, and comes in a variety of natural colors including brindle or also known as tiger stripes.

2. Fila Brasileiro

The Fila Brasileiro is of European descent that has been further developed in Brazil. This massive Brazilian Mastiff was trained to protect livestock, shoo off predators like jaguars as well as catch runaway slaves.

There are only four colors natural to this breed but the one that’s deemed most remarkable is the brindled pattern. Like the tiger, the Fila Brasileiro comes in a decently huge size thanks to his large bones and loose skin.

Typically, a dog of this kind can reach 25.5 to 29.5 inches tall and reach 90 pounds of weight. This rare working breed may be trained but the process of doing so is far from easy.

Like a tiger, he won’t get along very well with strangers, small kids, and other pets. He needs plenty of drills and vital routines to keep his behavior in check. His large size comes with a huge responsibility and it’s no joke owning a dog that can be as strong as a tiger.

3. Whippet

The facial structure of the Whippet may disqualify him from the tiger category, but don’t be too quick to scratch him off the list. His brindled coat is what makes him tiger-like.

This breed used to be labeled as the poor man’s racehorse since, in the past, people from the lower class could not afford to get a Greyhound. The development of such a magnificent sighthound breed is far from disappointing as he retains an incredible speed much like what his sighthound family is known for.

He is not as big as the tiger as he only weighs 25 to 40 pounds and reaches 18 to 22 inches. In a dog show, the coat color is deemed immaterial, but for those who are particularly fond of dog breeds with tiger stripes, a brindle Whippet is a top choice.

Contrary to the wild nature of the tiger, a Whippet behaves gently. He isn’t inclined to bark unnecessarily and loves to spend the day resting.

4. Boxer Bull Terrier

As the name suggests, the Boxer Bull Terrier is a cross between the Boxer and the Bull Terrier. Since this is not a purebred canine, the American Kennel Club (AKC) does not recognize this as an official breed.

Despite the lack of recognition from the prestigious club in the US, the Boxer Bull Terrier is acknowledged as a dog that might have an uncanny resemblance to the tiger. But, the thing is, not all of them can play as an impostor. Only those who also exhibit a brindled pattern look similar to an exotic animal.

Since this is a mixed breed, the temperament largely depends on who it follows after. Upbringing would also impact his general behavior so be sure you can handle this powerful canine. 

5. Boxer Dog

Another striped canine is a brachycephalic breed with brindle markings all over him. Indeed, one feature all dogs can copy for them to look somewhat like the tigers are their coats.

The Boxer Dog is one of America’s most popular canines despite hailing from Germany. He’s less in proportions when compared to the size of an adult tiger, but this isn’t too small for anyone. 

Although he can be a little stubborn, the Boxer Dog can still be responsive to training provided that the owner incorporates positive reinforcements and generous rewards.

6. Treeing Tennessee

Perhaps this is one of the few breeds that only come in brindle coats. In spite of his limited coat colors, his superb set of qualities is too many to count. Some of the most prominent ones include being intelligent, brave, tough, and full of perseverance, traits which are also shared by a tiger.

Treeing Tennessees are full of energy and every owner must be committed to taking them out for vigorous exercises. This will help them from showing bad behaviors and instead, display a huge deal of their affection to their humans.

7. Great Dane

The great amount of strength that comes with the impressive size of the Great Dane breed can make anyone think twice about approaching him. These are the factors we can judge upon and all these make him deserve to be mentioned as a tiger-looking breed.

Of course, only those who have brindle markings pass the test. The stripes, although not as near the looks of the tiger, give an impression to people that the two might be somewhat related.

Unlike the tiger, however, Great Danes are super friendly, patient, and calm. There’s a reason why they’re called the “gentle giants”. Their even temperaments make them suitable for families with kids. 

8. Cane Corso

If we talk about size, the Cane Corso shouldn’t be off the list. He’s undeniably enormous and intimidating as he can stand anywhere between 23.5 to 27.5 inches and reach over 110 pounds.

There is still a big difference if his mass is compared to the average tiger, but still, not all dogs can reach a staggering number concerning proportions. Just like the rest of the dogs here, the Cane Corso can also come in a brindle coat.

He may be naturally aggressive like the mentioned wild animal, but the thing is, training is not impossible. An owner who establishes authority is someone he’d respect more, so be firm and consistent with the rules.

9. Greyhound

Sure, the build is not at all similar to the stocky tiger. The Greyhound is lean, not bulky while the tiger is both robust and muscular. However, putting those features aside, the brindle coat of the Greyhound makes him deserve a spot here.

Like the tiger, he does have abundant stripes all over him and the coat is neither too short nor too long. They are both fast creatures as well as tigers can cover a distance of 49 to 65 km/h and the Greyhound 72 km/h.

When it comes to personality, that’s when both animals differ largely. Greyhounds are fond of kids, other pets, and even strangers. Lack of socialization, however, can change this course.

10. American Staffordshire Terrier 

Also known as the Amstaff, this confident and good-natured breed possesses tiger stripes all over his body. This marking comes in varieties which are blue brindle, red brindle, fawn brindle, and black brindle.

Historically, this dog was used for bull-baiting, but there’s no need to worry about his behavior. The Amstaff is inclined to learn skills and drills. He’s suitable as a family companion these days. Environment and upbringing must be topnotch to ensure he won’t become a liability. 

In a field, the Amstaff will look like a tiger even more as his tiger-stripes will appear more pronounced and eye-catching.

11. Presa Canario

Let’s not forget about the Presa Canario which is a pride of Spain. He is another Mastiff dog that displays a spectacularly menacing size, large head, and big-boned limbs. 

Just like the rest of the dogs here, a brindled Presa Canario would be an excellent replica of the tiger. He’s just a bit low in terms of measurements since he’s only around 22 to 26 inches in height and 84 to 110 pounds in weight. Meanwhile, tigers can reach 27 to 47 inches and weigh an easy 220 to 660 pounds.

This brachycephalic breed may be fascinating to own, but take note of his strong-willed nature. What that means is, you have to make it clear to him that you are the giver of commands and he is ought to obey you.

These dynamics will keep him from behaving badly both inside and outside your home.

12. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Commonly called Stafford, this breed from the Black Country of Staffordshire is extremely clever and brave. Behind the tough exterior though is a heart set to please kids and other family members.

He’s also nicknamed the “Nanny’s dog” and may come in darker shades of tiger stripes. Like a tiger, the Staffie can be very observant about his surroundings. He’s sensitive too and would negatively react to being left alone for too long.

Early socialization is a must to somehow mellow the breed’s instinct to show aggression. 

13. Cimarron Uruguayo

Another Molosser-type dog is the Cimarron Uruguayo from Uruguay. He is sizable, compact in physique, muscular, and sturdy. The coat is expected to be short and brindled but it can be pale or yellow with a black face.

The males typically measure 23 to 24 inches at withers and weigh 84 to 99 pounds. Females are, of course, smaller. 

Tigers are well-noted for their bravery and the same is exuded by the Cimarron dog only that the dog is friendlier and safer when it comes to kids and other pets. The Uruguay native is used for hunting, guarding, and sports.

14. Mountain Cur

Last is the Mountain Cur. This might not be the breed you’d always hear from dog enthusiasts but if you’ve ended up reaching this part of the article, chances are that you haven’t found a good tiger breed yet.

Perhaps the Mountain Cur would satisfy your preference as he also has a brindle coat with prominent stripes to add a more tiger-like character to his appearance. He is high on protective instinct which is sourced from his work as a farm dog, but with proper training, he can show a calm nature.

The dog needs to live with people who can grant him tasks or activities that would drain his energy to keep boredom away and his bad behaviors at bay.