Dogs That Look Like Their Owners: 14 Lookalike Pairs

Have you ever taken a stroll in the park and realized that some dogs bear an eerie resemblance to their owners? Well, that’s no coincidence because these aren’t uncommon cases. 

This would revive your memory about the movie 101 Dalmatians where the dog protagonists are like the mirror reflections of their owners. If you have shrugged off this observation before, the following dog and owner pairs will blow your mind. 

Why Do Dogs Resemble Their Owners?

In the easiest sense, people either subconsciously or intentionally pick dogs that look like them as Nicholas Christenfeld of the University of California-San Diego, a social psychologist, would agree on. Potential owners usually would have criteria in their minds concerning how the dog they want would look.

Mostly, people would judge based on how similar their features are in comparison to the eyes and hair of the dog. At other times, it is likely that owners subtly change their appearance until they look like their dog’s twin.

Truthfully enough, a dog and its owner can have matching activities like frisbee, but to bear each other’s hallmarks is another story. These days, the market employs a strategy which is to manufacture human clothes and pet clothes that are similar, so it’s totally plausible to have a dog version look-alike.

The Science Behind It

Sadahiko Nakajima, a researcher that worked alongside Japan’s Kwansei Gakuin University conducted an experiment back in 2009 to see how accurately strangers can match up dogs with their owners. They were given photos and they were able to identify the right pairs by 80%!

Furthermore, Nakajima wanted to confirm if certain features play a role for people to successfully match the dogs with their owners. This time, he handed out photos with blacked-out eyes and mouth.

Surprisingly, the accuracy dropped to 50%. 

In addition, owners are somehow responsible for the doppelganger effect. This happens when they are out choosing a dog as a companion. They perceive this as something similar to picking a mate. 

Dog lovers tend to go for those who look familiar and although this is mostly done subconsciously, people pick on the dog’s facial appearance as well as personality traits that closely resemble their own.

In fact, a dog and its owner would be more alike than the owner and his partner!

14 Dogs Who Comically Look Like Their Owners

If you are still not convinced about the idea that dogs and owners can look the same, perhaps this list of dog and owner doubles would change your mind. 

1. The Smart-Looking Pals

When Liam Rice posted four shots of him with his Husky, people can’t get over with their similar expressions! This post even trended worldwide. Both have light-colored eyes, modelesque faces, and piercing stares. In their other photos where both have shown their goofy sides, their striking resemblance remains. 

2. The Heterochromic Pair

Having this condition, heterochromia is considered very rare and it is definitely one-of-a-kind to see both the owner and her dog have the same genetic condition! This photo shared on Imgur is undeniably baffling since their eye colors really are a match.

3. The Golden Goofs

Looking at the image, both definitely pass the look-alike challenge. Their golden hair color plus their light brown eyes and tongue-out pose show how similar they both are. Let’s not forget to mention their exuding approachability. Who wouldn’t come and know more about this pair?

4. The Partners in Crime

This is a duo you cannot mess up with. The dog and the owner both show their black coats although the other has it naturally. Based on the image, the owner obviously made an effort to look like the missing twin of her pet. Their cold stares, the chain around the neck, and the hat the woman wears all exude a feeling of mystery, danger, and seriousness. If they walk in the street, they will surely garner everyone’s attention.

5. The Double Trouble

Here is another proof that dogs do look like their owners. Have a glance at these two pals who brought their dogs out for a play in a park! Their hair colors perfectly replicate the shade of their dogs’ coats. Let’s not ignore that all four of them are smiling in the picture too. Indeed, hair color does contribute to a pet’s similarity to his human.

6. The Wide Grinners

Dogs are naturally silly and although they don’t always show their camera-ready faces, this lady has perfectly captured a moment that shows they both can look the same despite showing their wacky expressions. Just observe how widely they grin at the camera!

7. The Hairy Mates 

The dog obviously shows his shaggy, curly coat which is the same both in color and condition as his owner’s. They might be the perfect match you’d see as you walk in the streets should you see them pass by. Their resemblance is uncanny, don’t you think?

8. Too Cool a Pair

Look at this awesome owner-and-dog pair. Although they don’t really have the exact same features, their worn accessory already makes a big difference. Both wear the same glasses, have the same sitting posture, and have facial expressions that border on a poker face. Are they cool-looking? They sure are.

9. Best Friends for Life

This is Henry and his miniature Labradoodle in the UK. As they enjoy the beach, a shot worthy to be always remembered has been taken. And, this is not just a simple photo. This extraordinarily captures their facial similarity through their open-mouth gesture! That boy is a good imitator, no doubt!

10. The Smiley Duo

Image from Tony Halliday

Nothing flutters the heart more than seeing your dog have the same mood as you. That would mean if you are happy, he’s happy and positive too! Who wouldn’t enjoy a ride on a train or whatever transportation vehicle that is with a French Bulldog that exhibits bright energy around you? Here we are seeing Rocky Tantaway and Farag who look so close in terms of appearance and manner.

 11. The Long-Haired Gals

Their hair alone would make you nod on this one. The lady and the dog both have straight, ruly hair in the same bright color. In a way, the lady is the dog’s human version and the dog can be her canine version. If you are walking behind them, you’d highly think they are a match made in heaven. If they are both sitting in a restaurant with only their back heads showing, someone might even mistake one for the other!

12. The Daytime Snoozers

Look at these daytime snoozers. Sure, they don’t have many similarities in their features aside from the fact that they are both sleeping peacefully. But, as researchers suggest, behavior plays a role too in determining how alike the pet and his human is! 

13. The Graceful Agers

These two are enjoying a moment at the park but it isn’t them being there that makes this pic pass off the twin test, but rather their hair colors. The dog has a combination of white and grayish-black coat and it’s the same with the owner as he sports his beard’s natural hues in white and black. The Schnauzer’s bearded face well-matches that of his favorite human!

14. The Long-Haired Ones

This one is undebatable. Their hair alone tells that they deserve a spot on this list. The Afghan Hound is known for its silky straight hair that is massively longer compared to most canines out there. And, as chance plays it, his owner also happens to have long straight hair in a close shade of the dog’s coat with some white on it. This photoshoot sure does exhibit their twinning!