Best Dog Rescues in London [Where to Go for Dog Adoptions]

When you’re ready to commit to having a dog, adopting is always a recommended option. With millions of them in shelter homes, it’s impossible not to find your right match. No matter what breed, personality, age, and size you’re looking for, a fido out there is actually meant for you.

Searching for the right dog starts by visiting the right places. And, to guide you on where to go for dog adoptions, we made a detailed compilation of all the best dog rescues in London. While this city is rich in history, its adoption centers’ dogs also have stories to tell.

10 Best Dog Rescues in London

1. Mayhew for Dogs, Cats and Communities

Mayhew is composed of a team that does various significant tasks in improving the welfare of the animals around their location. There are four major things they target which are:

  • Providing low-cost veterinary services
  • Helping dogs and cats find their forever homes
  • Managing dog population and rabies while educating overseas
  • Helping owners and their pets stay together in the local community

This organization started in 1886 as “The Home for Starving and Deserted Cats.” Eventually, they renamed it in 1904 in honor of their superintendent, Anne Mayhew. During WWII, Mayhew remained open and ready to provide shelter and care to helpless animals and their owners. 

A series of other significant events in its timeline has led them to its incredible present-day status as an animal welfare charity. It’s estimated that in a day, Mayhew would require £6,000 to care for the animals under their care. 

To get more tails wagging, you can volunteer, join their events, become a foster parent, or support them through donations.

How to contact them:

Website: Mayhew for Dogs, Cats and Communities

Address: Trenmar Gardens, Kensal Green, London, NW10 6BJ

Phone: 020 8962 8000

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram

2. Dogs Trust

Dogs Trust believes that all dogs deserve to live life to the fullest. With this goal in mind, DT has been working to continuously grant this fate to all dogs in need since 1891. 

They’re always ready to step in, whatever the situation is, such as if:

  • The dog is in distress
  • The dog needs a home
  • Or the owner could no longer care for their pets

This is, of course, not possible without their dedicated staff, who work endlessly for the welfare of these wonderful fidos. They work together to the point of achieving greater heights, such as changing the laws and expanding abroad to support thousands of dogs and owners further.

Check out the rehoming centers available on their web page for dog adoption. If you need tips and advice about dogs, they also have a guide ready for you. If you want to help, you can do any or all of the following:

  • Donate 
  • Volunteer
  • Play & win
  • Sponsor a dog
  • Give in memory
  • Become a member
  • Participate in fundraising events

How to contact them:

Website: Dogs Trust

Address: 17 Wakley Street, London, EC1V 7RQ

Phone: 020 7837 0006

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

3. All Dogs Matter

All Dogs Matter is all about transforming the lives of all helpless dogs in and around London. They rescue and rehome fidos, whether they come from the locality or even those that are overseas. 

In 2021 alone, they found suitable homes for 48 dogs from Egypt, China, and Italy. Locally, 330 dogs have found committed owners.

Unlike some shelters that practice euthanasia, ADM prevents such a fate for any of their healthy pooches. It lives according to its name and doesn’t discriminate on the dog’s breed or age. 

ADM works with other organizations to ensure the best outcomes for their mission and vision. They also need your support so more paws in need can be reached. Adopting helps a lot as this makes room for a new rescue.

You can also provide financial assistance or volunteer to help them create more impact in the community.

How to contact them:

Website: All Dogs Matter

Address: 30 Aylmer Parade, London, N2 0PE

Phone: 020 8341 3196

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

4. O.U.R Dog Foundation

According to a UK study, around 29.7% of the mortality cases in dogs 3 years and under circle around undesirable behavior (UB) or aggression. 

Euthanasia is undoubtedly a common method some shelter homes opt for in certain situations, such as UB or severe illnesses. Understanding that this is, by no means, something to be blamed on these dogs, OUR Dog Foundation was established to rescue them.

They pull out the fidos facing death row from public shelter homes and raise awareness of the conditions that it’s being done. Most often, these unwanted dogs are killed inhumanely, which the public doesn’t know about. 

They work with sponsors and other helpful individuals to rescue the dogs and raise funds to immediately get them micro-chipped and vet-treated.

Consider adopting from their myriad of dogs patiently waiting to be noticed by potential adopters. Find out what they have available and see which one matches your preferences. 

How to contact them:

Website: O.U.R Dog Foundation

Address: Bell Yard, London, England, WC2A 2JR

Phone: +44 7776 138886

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook and Instagram

5. For the Love of Our Frenchies

For the Love of Our Frenchies is a small rescue organization that’s up and ready to save French Bulldogs. The American Kennel Club (AKC) describes this breed as playful, smart, and adaptable. No wonder why it’s considered one of the most popular dog breeds in America.

However, despite being ideal house pets, some Frenchies still become unwanted, neglected, or even abused. Nevertheless, behind their adorable physique, these pooches have big hearts and are ready to love and be loyal to their future families. 

If you’re interested in adopting, the FLOOF discloses all necessary details about your prospective dog. Then, they are usually assessed for 2 weeks and are sterilized and medically treated before getting rehomed. 

How to contact them:

Website: For the Love of Our Frenchies

Address: 2 Old Ferry Drive, TW19 5EW

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook , Twitter, and Instagram

6. Animal Rescue & Care

Animal Rescue & Care was pioneered by 5 women who came and worked together to establish a rescue mission in 2001. This small local charity has done a lot, with over 8,000 animals having their future successfully transformed.

They focus on working around Richmond and Thames. Their 3 main priorities are to: 

  • Foster
  • Rescue
  • And Rehome

ARC boasts of a high-quality standard of care for all animals that end up in this sanctuary. Since they’re foster-based, each pet is guaranteed to have its needs thoroughly met, especially concerning socialization.

This way, they’ll be more equipped once they’re transferred to their furever homes. 

On another note, this charity is run through donations from members, volunteers, and willing individuals with unpaid workers. Hence, you’re encouraged to do the same or participate in their fundraising events so no more dogs in the area will be found homeless.

How to contact them:

Website: Animal Rescue & Care

Mail Address: P.O. BOX 46 , Twickenham, TW1 1WG

Phone: 07443 525243

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook , Twitter, and Instagram

7. Animal Samaritans

You’re into finding various types of pets when you visit Animal Samaritans. This rescue operates in South East London and South East England. 

They primarily rescue, provide care and shelter, and eventually look for the right homes for the animals they save. Expect to meet rabbits, cats, and dogs in this sanctuary. Depending on their personality, they can be adopted in a number you can responsibly handle. 

Dogs are first microchipped before they get rehomed. Since they are foster-based, AS has no facility. If you want to adopt and meet your potential new dog, contact them so they can assist you in the meet-and-greet. 

How to contact them:

Website: Animal Samaritans

Phone: +44 20 3745 9859

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook 

8. Battersea

Another top-notch rescue you’ll find in London is Battersea. They’re always there for any animal needing help and are ready to provide expert care and lots of love to help them find hope again.

Each of them is assessed from their characters down to their quirks, and the team then works on finding the most suitable homes once they’re ready to be rehomed. 

On top of their services and adoption opportunities offered to couples, families, and individuals yearning to have a pet, Battersea also improves animal welfare through educational campaigns. 

They also work with other UK rescues, believing this is one way to help more cats and dogs. You can do the same in your way by keeping in touch and making a donation today.

How to contact them:

Website: Battersea

Address: 4 Battersea Park Rd, Nine Elms, London SW8 4AA, UK

Phone: +44 800 001 4444

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram

9. Retired Greyhounds Charity – Whittingham Kennels

There are a lot of surplus Greyhounds, whether it be in the US or the UK. Most of them have retired from the racing game. While a few of them end up working on the farm, the fate of the others is unknown. 

According to the United Kennel Club (UKC), the Greyhound breed is athletic, powerful, and agile. However, they require a particular lifestyle, and not everybody can provide such for them. As a result, some of them are often ignored or passed by in the shelter. 

Fortunately, the Retired Greyhounds Charity is on to rescuing these slender yet speedy dogs. Of course, they always hope that any or all of the Greyhounds will have their paws fall on loving homes. 

How to contact them:

Website: Retired Greyhounds Charity – Whittingham Kennels

Address: 6 Claverhambury Kennels, Galley Hill, Waltham Abbey EN9 2BL, UK

Phone: +44 1992 893734

Email: [email protected] 

You may also reach out through their social media: Instagram

10. National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT)

The National Animal Welfare Trust is a rescue and rehoming organization with 5 centers and 3 charity shops spread across the South of England. They’re there to help owners with their pets or those still searching for the right companion.

They have various companionable pets, from parrots and cats to rabbits and dogs. By visiting their web page, check out which ones are still looking for their furever homes.

You’ll find a few dogs around 11 years and older; these seniors deserve to spend the rest of their lives with a family. It could be you!

Meanwhile, a majority of them are adults and of mixed breeds. You’ll also meet Cane Corsos, Labrador Retrievers, and Beagles. Fill out an adoption application form before someone else reserves the dog you like.

If you’re still undecided on whether you want to adopt, fostering is also one way to help. It’s a reality that some shelter homes don’t have enough space to continue welcoming dogs in need, so if your home is open for a fido, why not lend a helping hand?

Donating will also help them maintain the safe space of these lovely pets, while volunteering gets them to where they are now and where they will be. 

How to contact them:

Website: National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT)

Address: Tylers Way, Bushey, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 20 8950 0177

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram

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