Best Dog Rescues in North East England [A Dog Adoption Directory]

North East England is home to some of the best dog rescues. Adopting is one of the recommended options if you’re looking for a new family addition. Typically, dog rescues are run through private donations instead of government support. 

The community of like-minded individuals who ensure the well-being of dogs also work as volunteers, foster parents, donors, and adopters. You could join the team effort by doing all or any of these things. 

With various dog rescues you can find in North East England, this directory narrows everything down to just 10. Find out which animal organization can provide you with the right dog that ticks all the boxes. 

10 Dog Rescues in North East England Where You Can Adopt a Dog

North East England is a pet-friendly region. Enjoying its scenic landscapes is different if you have a four-footed companion that is always up to fetch the stick you throw at a distance. 

If you just moved here or have been residing in England and contemplating getting a dog, here are the 10 dog rescues you can find in the North East area. 

1. Whitby & Scarborough Dog Rescue

Whitby & Scarborough Dog Rescue has a lot of Staffies, Staffie crosses, and dogs of other breeds that need rehoming. This animal welfare charity has been around for 25 years, providing loving homes to these wonderful canines. 

While they welcome many dogs each year, the effort of their volunteers can only go to certain lengths. You can take part and lend a hand, especially by helping them out regarding dog food. 

The main priority of Whitby & Scarborough Dog Rescue is the well-being of the dogs they save around the area. Most importantly, they aim to get these pets rehomed. Make an appointment with them as soon as you determine which dog suits your lifestyle and preferences. 

How to contact Whitby & Scarborough Dog Rescue:

Website: Whitby & Scarborough Dog Rescue

Address: Church House, Flowergate, Whitby YO21 3BA, UK

Phone: +44 1947 600 190

Email: [email protected]

2. The National Animal Sanctuaries Support League

The National Animal Sanctuaries Support League is a sanctuary for animals founded in 1993. They have a facility that caters to dogs, cats, kittens, rodents, and rabbits. 

Aside from the rescue projects, the NASSL also has a spay and neuter scheme to help the overwhelming pet overpopulation. This way, no more dogs and other pets are brought into this world where many will become unwanted. 

They also ensure that these animals are vaccinated, microchipped, and treated with appropriate veterinary services so they’re set for their forever homes. 

How to contact The National Animal Sanctuaries Support League:

Website: The National Animal Sanctuaries Support League

Address: PO BOX 42, Newton Aycliffe, Co. Durham, DL5 5JA

Phone: +44 07748 268 822

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook

3. Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter

The Newcastle Dog and Cat shelter have been around since 1896. They have helped thousands of animals and are still on the track to helping more. 

They are the sanctuary of all the unwanted, abused, maltreated, neglected, and abandoned fidos and felines. This prompted them to take action to prevent animal cruelty and promote kindness instead. 

Aside from giving new homes to their adorable animals, the NDCS also aid in reuniting lost pets with their owners. Their work is widespread across the North East of England through their two shelters within Claremont Road and Benton North Farm and Newcastle. 

Should you adopt a dog from this animal organization, you’re getting a behaviorally trained pooch that has also undergone medical services to ensure it’s healthy. 

How to contact Newcastle dog and Cat Shelter:

Website: Newcastle dog and Cat Shelter

Phone: +44 0191 215 0435

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram

4. Deerness Kennels

Deerness Kennels isn’t just about getting dogs boarded in their facilities. They also have rehoming opportunities for dogs that become unwanted by their previous owners. That said, Deerness Kennels has established a separate rescue block of kennels for these fidos. 

This special facility is what they call Stray Action for Dogs. In the previous years, they saved over 2,220 dogs, and the numbers keep increasing. 

To add, they have a no-kill policy, which means their rescues will always be taken care of until they are successfully rehomed. Make an appointment to see what adoptable dogs they have that are available. You can also show support by making a donation today.

How to contact Deerness Kennels:

Website: Deerness Kennels

Address: Mill Road, Langley Moor, Durham DH7 8HF

Phone: +44 0191 378 0439

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook

5. Pawz For Thought

Another enthusiastic dog rescue organization in North East England is the Pawz For Thought. They have come from humble beginnings, starting as a reinforcement as they realize the high need for dog rescues in the area. 

As they progressed and with the help of their volunteers and supporters, the PFT has become busier in transforming the lives of these wonderful dogs. Take note, they also take in other pets, such as birds and rabbits.

What’s impressive about their work is their dedication to making their rescues undergo an exhaustive vetting process before they are ultimately rehomed. This way, these rescues will have better chances of having a successful relationship with their adoptive families. 

How to contact Pawz For Thought:

Website: Pawz For Thought

Address: 170 Fulwell Road SR6 9QT Sunderland, UK

Phone: +44 0191 549 1982 

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook and Twitter

6. Saving and Rehoming Animals

Saving and Rehoming Animals, commonly known as SARA, provides a secure and safe environment for unwanted and local strays. While they give them the best life as they wait to be adopted, they also provide them with proper treatment, accommodation, and vet care.

Aside from that, although their animals have been adopted, SARA offers lifelong support and care for these adoptive families. This way, there will be fewer chances of their animals getting rehomed again in the future. 

Scan right through their gallery, where their wonderful canines await to be noticed by dog-loving individuals. Some of them are mixed-breed dogs, and others are purebreds. Read their profiles and take time to get to know their needs, personalities, and assessment results. 

How to contact Saving and Rehoming Animals:

Website: Saving and Rehoming Animals

Address: Foxrush Farm, Kirkleatham Lane, Redcar, TS10 5NJ.

Phone: +44 0164 248 8108

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook and Instagram

7. Save Our Strays

Save Our Strays has been operating for around 12 years already. This is a home dedicated to all stray animals in the area. Their work is undoubtedly helpful in transforming society and the lives of these dogs that don’t have the voice to speak. 

Certainly, their work requires help from you and from willing individuals. Feel free to help raise funds so more canines can receive the treatment they deserve. Eventually, they will find hope that a family out there will treat them humanely and with love and care. 

Should you meet their dogs, you’ll come across various breeds and mixes. They have Husky crosses, Lurchers, Jack Russells, and more. Learn more by reading their profiles posted on their website. 

How to contact Save Our Strays:

Website: Save Our Strays

Address: 20 St Germain’s Ln, Marske-by-the-Sea, Redcar TS11 7LH, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1642 488667

Email: [email protected]

8. Stray Aid

Stray aid was established in 2006 to help those at risk of euthanasia, targeting to help unwanted, homeless, abused, and neglected dogs and cats. They aim to get these animals back to their health to help increase their chances of getting adopted. 

When they started, they’d been helping a few dogs each month. Later, the numbers grew quickly, totaling an estimated 1,000 dogs in 2019. They are very committed to giving these dogs the veterinary care they need, too. 

In the past few months, 681 dogs were given medical attention. Of course, these things wouldn’t have been possible without donations. 

On another note, consider adopting a dog if you have a space to welcome a dog and find one that suits your family’s preferences and needs. Start filling out their registration form to be considered.

How to contact Stray Aid:

Website: Stray Aid

Address: Coxhoe, Durham, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 300 999 4247

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram

9. Brysons Animal Shelter

The Bryson Animal Shelter is another shelter for animals with no one to help them. They have different stories and various reasons why they end up in shelter homes. 

Mostly, it’s due to the death of their owners or just a change of circumstances. Regardless of their backgrounds, the BAS is there to aid them so they continue to enjoy life, which is what they deserve. 

Upon arrival at this sanctuary, the animals receive a full health check and veterinary attention if required. Some may receive flea and tick treatment, deworming, microchipping, vaccination, and more. 

Take time to check the available adoptable dogs they have through their website. All their dogs are rehabilitated and are just waiting to be placed in permanent homes. 

How to contact Brysons Animal Shelter:

Website: Brysons Animal Shelter

Address: Galloping Green Road, Eighton Banks, Gateshead, Tyne, and Wear, NE9 7XA

Phone: +44 0191 487 5858

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook and Instagram

10. Westie Rescue UK

Westie Rescue UK was founded in 2016. The founders were the first foster parents, which run this cause using their personal savings. Since then, their number has grown, and many volunteers and foster parents have stepped up to do the same charitable work.

In more than five years of being a dog rescue in North East England, the Westie Rescue has managed to save over 160 West Highland Terriers. This would be the place to go if this is the breed you specifically wanted. 

Make an appointment as soon as your home is prepared to welcome this white-coated pooch. Their rescues are all fostered rather than placed inside kennels.

How to contact Westie Rescue UK:

Website: Westie Rescue UK

Address: 16 Silverdale Road, Cramlington, Northumberland, NE23 3LW

Phone: +44 1670 737249

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook 

Feel free to return to this detailed directory once you’ve decided to adopt a rescued dog. All these dog rescues based in North East England pass our standards.