Dogs That Look Like a Bear: 15 Are on the List!

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Although they all have the wolves as their progenitors, we can’t always expect a canine to have pointed ears with intimidating expressions as some can appear as adorable as a bear. 

If you’re into cute-looking dogs that are cuddly, fluffy, and gentle to the eyes, then you’re in luck. There are 15 heaven-sent dogs that exactly resemble your childhood teddy bear. 

After thousands of years of taming, managing, breeding, and spreading the early dogs from one continent to another, we have now come to a point of indulging ourselves with bear-looking dogs that are docile and not as dangerous as the real wild animal.

Let’s begin the list!

1. Chow Chow

Chow Chows hail from China. They are popular among dog lovers worldwide due to how fluffy they look. Most would say that the breed is a true mini-bear thanks to its thick mane and plushy coat that adds up to its huggable size. 

Adding up to this are its ears that have little to no angles. Like the bear, the Chow Chow also has a gentle expression on its face. He’s warm, inviting, and approachable. 

People who are yet to know the breed might draw a conclusion or cast a potential ancestral link between the Chow Chow and the bear since they both have blue-black pigmentation on the tongue. This, however, warrants further research. 

2. Akita

The coat quality of a dog like the Akita has really impacted how it looks. Bears, no matter what kind, are known for their plump physiques and dense fur, and many canines we know display the same features. 

Akitas were bred in the harshly cold regions of the Japanese mountains. Hence, their bodies developed a coat that would provide sufficient warmth in all areas.

With so much hair covering the Akita’s body, the edges like the ears and face became less rough. What makes the breed fuzzier is its overall coat that is abundant from the face down to the toes.

3. Eurasier

From the name itself, the Eurasier breed has European and Asian heritage. He is a result of crossing the Samoyed, Chow Chow, and Wolfspitz”, so it’s no surprise why he also falls under the list of dogs that look like a bear.

The Eurasier is a smart, beautiful dog that is loyal and loving toward his family but is mostly aloof toward strangers. His most attention-grabbing physical feature is his thick coat that is more prominent on the ears, thighs, and tail.

From a front view, the Eurasier’s wide and pinchable cheeks as well as its broad forehead can make someone mistake him as a bear.

4. Caucasian Shepherd Dog

No doubt, Caucasian Shepherds evoke the image of a bear. As they hail from the mountains of Russia, these dogs were genetically gifted with lush coats that would help them thrive in the world’s second coldest country. 

Their rounded ears and big heads, their physique excluded, all contribute to them looking like a wooly bear. Unlike other dogs with distinct eyes like the Pug and the Neapolitan Mastiff, the Caucasian Shepherd Dog has the exact replica of the bear’s eye shape and even eye color.

Although bears are deemed dangerous, a Russian dog like this that copies the image of a bear doesn’t exhibit wild manners when properly brought up. 

5. Swedish Lapphund

Are you fond of sloth bears? The Swedish Lapphund will be a great domestic replacement to it. Depending on how thick its coat is, he can take after the mentioned bear species as we take note of its somewhat pointed snouts, coat color, and dense fur.

Its tail curls to the back making him appear more compact, a feature common to spitz-style breeds. In some cases, this breed may look more like a wolf than a bear.

6. Tibetan Mastiff

Aside from the non-debatable looks of the Tibetan Mastiff, its size comes close to the proportions of most bears as well. A red-coated Tibetan can be mistaken as the Himalayan brown bear if judged based on looks and size alone.

In the aspect of personality, the dog isn’t far different from the general temperament a bear possesses. He’s courageous, strong, and sometimes, without proper training, aggressive.

The Tibetan Mastiff breed also looks close to a lion. Around its neck is a bushy mane that adds more character to this fierce Tibetan canine. 

7. Pomeranian

The smallest bears in the world are sun bears and they don’t fail to make anyone who sees them fall in love with their charming looks. If you ask what dog breed in a considerably small size resembles the mentioned animal, the Pomeranian breed would be the first to come into mind.

Pom-Poms are adorable, cheeky dogs with fluffy coats that get thicker around the mane and chest. They have minute bear-like paws and ears that can be slightly round or pointed. When they pant or let their tongues out, their appeal skyrockets! 

It’s only when you shave or trim their coats close to the skin that these dogs vanquish their bear-like appearance.

8. Toy Poodle

You can’t carry a bear nor get near to it, but if you want one badly, perhaps a look-a-like in a miniature-sized dog would do it for you. Let’s not forget that Toy Poodles exist. They appear gentle and sweet, and almost fragile due to how little they can be. 

Listing down the qualities of a bear, it’s undeniably protective, affectionate, devoted, sensitive, and attentive to anything that piques its interest and emotion. All these are found in the Toy Poodle breed. 

Not only does this dog carry the literal bear image, but as well as its characteristics. The only downside should you opt for the Toy Poodle is it’s not as robust as the bear, so handling one with care is vital.

9. Shiba Inu

What other animal can you associate with the Shiba Inu’s looks aside from the bear? The dog native from Japan has round chubby cheeks and a flocculent coat with inquisitive eyes and hilarious quirks. 

Bears, at times, can act silly and playful. Haven’t we seen enough videos on the internet of them being highly curious and back down so suddenly after hearing a loud noise? Shiba Inus are the same, except for the fact that they’re the ones who initiate all the fun troubles.

Two characteristics these two different animals have in common are their stubborn and independent natures.

10. Samoyed

The white fluffy coat of the Samoyed is what makes him closely resemble a bear too. Both animals have the capability to withstand the cold although they may differ in some areas.

Meanwhile, concerning looks, the Samoyed might be on top of the list of dogs who look like the polar bear. It’s just that the bear is larger, heavier, and bulkier. Nonetheless, the mass and proportions as well as some certain features are the only ones that set them apart.

If we focus on their likeness, both of them have an all-white coat, a pair of dark eyes, and a black nose.

11. Bouvier des Flandres

This herding dog from Belgium needs a goal to accomplish much like a bear that inspects a certain campsite. How this dog looks would naturally make people gravitate near him as he’s adorable yet tough and hardworking. 

The Bouvier des Flandres is thick and heavy and would sometimes have his forehead fur covering a part of his sight. Although bears love being in a state of solitude, this Belgian breed, on the other hand, would end up becoming destructive if left on its own for a long period.

12. Pyrenean Mastiff

A Pyrenean Mastiff reaches at least 240 pounds and its size certainly isn’t far from that of a bear compared to other dogs. Generally, the breed has a long, fluffy coat with a slightly droopy face, but its size and overall coat quality make up for it.

His ears may not be round as they fall down freely, but the gentle expression found on his face which is also evident from a bear’s expression is what makes him end up on this list.

13. Bichon Frise

Just like the Havanese and the Maltese, the Bichon Frise is a small fluffy dog described to have its comedic antics. Its cheerful personality shines through his face and this attracts children as they associate the peace they find in the dog’s expression to what they feel upon holding their stuffed teddy bears.

Unmistakably, this dog is silly and mischievous. Depending on its cut, the look of him will either be far or very near the appearance of a bear. 

Like a tiny teddy, the Bichon Frise loves nothing but to be cuddled all day. 

14. Keeshond

The Keeshond is a medium-sized dog breed that features a look that closely resembles the appearance of the bear too. He’s dubbed the “people’s dog” as he’s incredibly friendly, social, and somehow useful as a watchdog.

Even though a Keeshond is originally bred to become a guardian, he’s not that good at it. He’ll give out a few barks here and there, but end up becoming friends with a stranger.

The breed has lengthy, bushy fur, especially around the neck it is almost as if he’s wrapped around by a fur scarf. He’s more like a bear during puppyhood as anyone can mistake him for a bear cub. 

The intensity of his similarity to the bear lessens as he grows older, but it doesn’t mean his cuteness also fades.

15. Newfoundland

The Newfoundland has a bear-like face and who is able to resist his big soulful eyes? This gentle and old breed that was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1886 has the same short snout and face that rekindles an image of the wild plump animal.

Its coat color that can either come in black or brown makes him even closer to the scale of dogs that have the hallmarks of the bear as the beast is known to possess such natural colors namely the American black bear and the grizzly bear.