Dogs That Look Like Horse: 10 Listed Doppelgängers

Since dogs seem to have diversity in looks, it’s just normal to wonder if there are any canine breeds that look close to the majestic horse. The good news is, yes, there are, and we have 10 of them in this article.

Some may exhibit certain horse-like traits and features which can make anyone take a second look. Continue navigating and you’ll find out what breeds we are talking about and what details would you want to know about each of them.

Let’s begin!

1. Chinese Crested Dog

The Chinese Crested Dog comes in two varieties which are powder puff and hairless. Between the two, the hairless resembles the horse better although not very much when it comes in size. 

While an average Arabian horse towers around 1.2 to 1.6 meters, the Chinese Crested Dog, on the other hand, only measures a good 11 to 13 inches at height in withers. With that, he’s more of like a pony or a mini-horse.

Despite being labeled as the hairless type, he actually isn’t totally hairless. In fact, there remain crests of hairs in the neck and head and plumes of fur around each of the lower legs and the tail. 

The areas in which these hairs appear are what contribute largely to why the Chinese Crested Dog looks so similar to the typical horse. The only downside is you can’t ride this 8 to 12-pound dog.

Since this dog has sparse areas in most of his body, there shouldn’t be much of an issue when it comes to his shedding. He’s ideally clean as well and does not emit a doggy odor. Personality-wise, he can easily get attuned to his owner’s emotions, making genuine relationships much easier to achieve. 

2. Great Dane

If you have seen a horse in person, the first thing you would be truly amazed to see is its terrific size and build. What other dog breed comes close to the proportions, especially when it comes to the height of the horse, than a Great Dane? 

A Great Dane is incredibly tall with mounting athletic legs and a tail set so high it can easily clear the table should he wag his tail. Both the horse and the Great Dane can be described as elegant and balanced as their physiques scream off confidence, self-assertion, and power.

Even though this German breed is measured to reach around 28 to 32 inches in height at withers and he’s near in size as the horse, it is not advisable to place kids in his back. This canine is not used to feeling pressure behind him and it can end up in a mess if you do so.

Complementing his height is a weight that ideally ranges from 110 to 175 pounds. He can surpass these marks, but it’s not recommended to guarantee a superb and healthy lifestyle considering his lifespan averages 7 to 10 years.

Much like the horse, the general temperament of a Great Dane can be encapsulated into three words: friendly, dependable, and patient.

3. Greyhound

The Greyhound is a breed that used to be owned by upper-class men in the past. He is most well known for his speed and the way he stands in his four powerful legs clearly proves this. 

In the canine group, the Greyhound is the one that is often compared to Thoroughbred horses due to his lean, muscular, and leveled body. The “S” shaped body is one of the physical traits that fascinate a good number of people including the kings of the past.

To put it simply, the number one reason why the Greyhound deserves a spot on this list is because of his speed. He’s great for coursing and making him join a contest of such will not leave you disappointed. He can gallop through the obstacles like a horse, splendid and classy in every way.

If a horse’s average speed comes close to 88 km/h, the Greyhound impressively clocks in at 64 km/h. Just like his admirable skills in speedrunning and overall appearance, the Greyhound is independent, gentle, and honorable like the horse.

4. Bull Terrier

When it comes to the head structure, it’s agreeable that the Bull Terrier has a unique one. The elongated, big-boned skull resembles the head of a horse although the eyes of the dog seemingly appear small.

Nonetheless, this is one quality dog that strides with power and adroitness, especially during playtime when he feels playful and mischievous. Despite the odd looks, the Bull Terrier continuously charms a good number of people. 

To get into much detail, the dog has a long down-curved head shape with two small and pointed ears. The coat is short and shiny, similar to a well-groomed horse. Due to his stockiness, the Bull Terrier can sometimes be mistaken as a Belgian Draft horse.

5. Irish Wolfhound

(Irish Wolfhound: left)

The scruffy look of the Irish Wolfhound might make you think he’s a Shetland Pony. This 30 to 32 inches dog is half the height of a standard horse, a truly enormous canine to behold.

There are several amazing features brought about to us by this dog. The first is that he is muscular, speedy, and tough-looking. He’s a perfect dog choice for lads and gals who are very much into fast canines.

Secondly, his exterior comes in a rough-looking coat that is virtually available in many colors like brindle, fawn, red, white, and gray. His overall traits don’t overshadow the fact that the Irish Wolfhound is calm, dignified, and brave.

He’s a real mellow giant but can turn into a beast should the need to protect arise. In truth, his stature alone can scare anybody. 

6. Dalmatian

Dalmatians are genetically gifted with black spots all over their bodies. Place him among a group of horses and he’d instantly blend with them. 

The Daily Mail published an article featuring horse trainer Greetje Arends-Hakvoort who has three identical pets. All three end up becoming inseparable friends with matching personalities and coat colors.

The three are composed of an Appaloosa, a Shetland Pony, and a Dalmation. The horse and the Pony have harlequin coats. 

7. Poodle

The Poodle breed might not be the first to come into mind when it comes to searching for a dog that looks like a horse. However, since a Poodle can sport countless cuts, it’s indeed possible for it to look like one.

Just by leaving a good amount of his hair around the hocks down to the feet, tail, head, and neck, the majestic and stylish Poodle can strut the streets like a horse that gives tourists a tour, although, in the Poodle’s case, he’s more like the subject of attention.

A mini-horse would even look more adorable so a Toy Poodle would be the better subject for that aim. 

8. Saluki

Another brisk dog that is worth knowing is the Saluki which is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. It is often a subject of debate on whether he’s faster than the Greyhound or not, but records suggest that he is.

A Saluki can easily cover 43 mph which is a few miles over distances advantage over the Greyhound. This incredible speed puts him near the speed range of a horse, a great reason why he earns a spot here.

Like the Greyhound, the Saluki also has an “S” body shape, although his tail and ears appear somewhat feathery compared to the short coat of the Greyhound. When set side by side with a horse, both exhibit long abled legs and lengthy snouts.

9. Borzoi

The Borzoi’s skull resembles that of a Bull Terrier’s. As mentioned, this narrow downward curve-shaped head is also a prominent feature of a horse. This dog from Russia and Belarus has a long coat that goes along the wind as he speeds his way against it.

He is, no doubt, swift, light, and quick. Borzois are large dogs although not as large as a horse, but he’s close in height proportions as the pony. He is typically 26 to 28 inches and 60 to 105 pounds heavy.

10. Afghan Hound

Afghan Hounds are another breed that can be clipped in various cuts like the Poodle. Most of them have long silky hair that sometimes reaches the ground. The quality comes close to that of the horse’s head hair as it is smooth and shiny.

To make an Afghan Hound have an uncanny resemblance to the horse, have his body shaved down except for areas like the head, neck, tail, and at least a third of his lower legs. 

If we talk about his speed, the hair doesn’t seem to affect it. An average dog of this breed can run up to 40 mph like the Greyhound and almost like the horse.

He also has a long snout or muzzle and a longer body length than height. What scores him low when it comes to being a horse look-alike, unfortunately, are his short legs. Nevertheless, he belongs to the list thanks for his momentum and a few shared horse features.