Dogs That Look Like Celebrities: 13 Uncanny Doppelgängers

You don’t have to squint your eyes to get a clearer image—these dogs are the exact dead ringers of some of the famous celebrities, public figures, and familiar faces on TV that we know. 

You are lucky enough to come across a dog that can make you go, “Woah, that looks like our favorite celeb!” But, if that does not happen yet, you might have been going to the wrong places.

With over 470 million dogs worldwide, there are a few that resemble perfectly the certain individuals we find commonly familiar. Check out this article that features 13 well-known people and their fascinating duplicates in the form of dogs. 

1. The John Travolta Look-Alike

The American actor and singer, John Travolta, has finally found a flawless dog version of himself. The eerie resemblance can be explained through certain details. Starting with the shape of the skull, the dog seems to have it broad and shapely.

John seems to possess the same characteristics as we observe how his impressive hairline mimics that of the goofy canine. We cannot even ignore how strikingly similar their eyes are which are in the shade of pale blue. 

In Dogs That Look Like Their Owners, we have explained how the eyes can play a big role in making a dog and a person look like each other’s perfect replica. The mouth shape can’t be disregarded too. John and the dog’s open-mouth shapes are so alike it is certified uncanny!

2. The William H. Macy Dog Look-Alike

Another American actor with a dog look-alike is William H. Macy. His career was mainly built on appearances in small, independent movies, but despite not being a constant participant in the big screen, William is ingrained in many people’s minds. 

The proof? Well, people were quick to spot that this dog looks like no other than William. I mean, check out their eyes and see for yourself. They both have these prominent features as well as their chins unless William smiles—it’s no longer narrow and square as that of the pooch.

It will not take a lot of time before ultimately agreeing on their likeness. People, at their first glance, nod their heads in agreement. They would even exclaim how unreal this pair is!

3. The Clint Eastwood Jr. Look-Alike

The multi-talented Clint Eastwood Jr. is known as an actor, producer, film director, and composer. In some parts of the Reddit world though, he’s not known for any of these things. Instead, this great guy has his face circulated anywhere beside an image of a dog that shows the same appearance and expression as he does!

Pretty sure, the dog is not as old as he is, but no doubt, age is not an issue here nor is it something worth talking about. Both are alike in several ways from the squinting eyes down to their teeth, well, in a way. 

With their facial features and similar behavior shown in just one pic, Clint Eastwood Jr and the brindled dog earns a well-deserved spot here in this list. 

4. The Samuel L. Jackson Look-Alike

Another famous personality that is hailed to be one of the most widely recognized actors of his generation is Samuel Leroy Jackson, an actor and a producer, a truly world-class talent that remains to be unmatched nor replaceable even during this era.

This time though, instead of talking about all the awards and trophies he earned, we are recognizing instead his indistinguishable double in a dog’s body. The dark brindle coat, the stare, the facial expression that seems like an effortless frown, and just everything in general, makes him the spitting image of Samuel Jackson.

If you end up seeing this dog in a bathroom, Samuel Jackson would certainly be the first person to come to mind. That’s just how memory works, especially since they frankly do resemble each other!

5. The “Hide the Pain, Harold” Look-Alike

Harold is the popular old man in memes that are shared a thousand times on various platforms like Facebook and 9GAG. If we talk about hilariously relatable expressions in certain situations, Harold is the person to perfectly convey those.

Looking at the image above, Harold and the dog are feeling one thing— they are both trying to hide the pain. And, to avoid embarrassment, they conceal their true feelings with a forced smile. 

It is true that features-wise, they would not be the most identical twins here, but expressions are everything in this picture! 

6. The Big Ed Look-Alike

Are you a big fan of the American television series, 90 Day Fiance? If yes, then Big Ed might be a familiar face and figure to you. He was once linked to Rose, a Filipina who was in search of love. When things fell apart, fans were quick to realize a lot of things about Ed.

One of those is this unbelievable image of a dog that bears the hallmarks unique to Ed. We got to say, Big Ed has a condition called Klippel Feil syndrome which resulted in him having a neck that is shorter than normal. Interestingly, the dog exhibits the same, and we find that adorable!

Not only that but the pointed nose and eyes of the dog also contribute to it looking close to Big Ed. We can’t forget about the mayo incident Ed subjected himself to as well, and, to be honest if he lets his hair down, the ears of the dog would effortlessly replicate it.

7. The Dobby Look-Alike

If you love watching Harry Potter, then Dobby, the male house-elf, wouldn’t be new to you. This protagonist has been loyal to Harry Potter ever since, just like a dog to his owner. Oddly enough, although Dobby does not have a certain typical look, one dog seemed to copy his appearance.

The image above shows a dog with a brown coat and floppy ears that rest behind just like Dobby’s. 

What makes it even more bizarre is the way the dog’s expression was captured. Dobby is known for his face that sometimes looks scared but is trying to hide it and that is what exactly the dog tries to communicate.  

8. The Steve Buscemi Look-Alike

Who wouldn’t know who Steve Buscemi is? He is an American actor and filmmaker, an artist we cannot get tired of watching on the big screen. This gifted actor also has his Doppelgänger, dog version.

Judging by the eyes, the pinkish nose, and the teeth, it’s no mistake that this dog indeed resembles the said famous celebrity. I mean, who else comes to mind? From the expression down to the characteristics, this dog is, no doubt, the alter ego of Steve.

9. The Putin Look-Alike

To be honest, this pair is the uncanniest of all. Vladimir Putin, Russia’s renowned leader, also has a dog version of himself! Putin is known to exude an aura of toughness, seriousness, and manliness, and oddly enough, the dog that is being compared to him shows the same vibes!

Let’s not turn a blind eye as well concerning their similar facial features. They both have the same deep-set eyes, non-existent eyebrows, and smirk. If you see this dog wandering in your neighborhood, it is best not to mess up with him!

10. The Richard Branson Look-Alike

The British billionaire business magnate and entrepreneur, Richard Branson, is not off the list too. This brilliant man coincidentally has a dog look-alike. His hair that is mostly white now heavily resembles this pooch that is, well, let’s admit it, untypical in looks. Nonetheless, both are adorable in their own way.

Branson, in the picture, has pinkish-white skin which is quite the same as that of the dog’s complexion. They are altogether gracefully aging as well. 

11. The Ron Perlman Look-Alike

Oh, we are not running out of actors here. We have Ron Perlman this time. The dog on the left is his best duplicate considering their similarities in face shape, eye color, hair type, and overall appearance. 

Their poker-faced expression adds a lot to it too. If they are sat beside each other, people might think that Perlman has been reincarnated in advance in a dog’s body. Is it strange? Well, not anymore knowing that there are other dogs who have their celebrity versions here.

12. The Harrison Ford Look-Alike

Next up is Harrison Ford, another American actor who starred in various films like Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Of course, he is on the list for a reason. The dog above looks exactly like him and no other. 

Both have warm, kind looks on their faces, eyes that seem approachable, and hair that is not at all that different. It remains debatable though. Some would agree, while others won’t. Generally, though, they are each other’s carbon copy.

13. The Snoop Dogg Look-Alike

Who does not know who Snoop Dogg is? Born to be Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., Snoop is famed for his peculiar hairstyle like the braided pigtails. He is oftentimes seen with a smiley face or a smirk. 

Snoop Dogg, despite bearing the last name already, also has a dog look-alike. The floppy ears of the kooky dog, the coat color, and the eyes all help make it look like Snoop. Since Snoop Dogg has a beard, the black nose of the dog serves as the detail that best replicates it.