Dogs That Look Like a Fried Chicken: We Have 10 Yummy Dog Breeds!

Have you ever come across an image of an irresistible fried chicken only to find out after gazing at it for too long with a growling stomach that you’ve been drooling over a dog? 

The image below has been circulating online and it definitely has blown everybody’s minds.

Without looking at it carefully, anyone would think this is a picture of fresh fried chicken placed in a cooling rack to drain the oil. In reality, however, these are brown puppies with curly coats that resembled how breadcrumbs would look like in a fried chicken.

If you love the all-time comfort food of most Americans, you can definitely have it anytime from a fast-food chain, but how about pooches that are similar to it? Well, we have 10 of them here. They’re not meant to fill up the stomach though but rather the heart.

1. Poodle

Poodles come in various coat colors, but we are after those who come in brown or apricot. It is fair to say as well that Poodles who have the curly type coat are what closely resembles a fried chicken. It doesn’t matter if they are the standard, miniature, or toy ones.

Puppies of this breed would look even more realistic as their size would come close to a regular piece of smacking good fried chicken. Poodles love food just as much as you do, hence why obesity is a common problem found in the breed.

They would need regular exercise to keep them in shape. Thankfully, they are naturally active as well as smart enough to go with the flow on any type of drill you subject them to. 

There’s no questioning their aesthetics too. With their coats that can be styled in different ways, Poodles are deemed the most stylish out of most dog breeds.

2. Poochon

The Poochon is a Poodle and Bichon Frise mix that also has a very appetizing appearance. Since both of his parents can potentially have curly coats, it is definitely certain that the Poochon will retain such a characteristic, making him solidly appear like a fried chicken.

Have you ever experienced cute aggression? Undeniably, the Poochon is adorable, squishy, and cute. Getting one on your hands would cause an urge to bite him, less likely because he resembles a certain food but rather due to his irresistible features such as round eyes, cute cheeks, and rounded head.

The typical colors that can be found from this Poodle mix are apricot, cream, and tan. This makes it even more likely that the dog will be mistaken for a delicious piece of fried chicken.

3. Brussels Griffon

The sound a Brussels Griffon makes might make one turn around and think the clucking noise was made by a chicken. This Belgian dog has an interestingly distinct sound as well as appearance that would make him look like the famous fried chicken.

Although, of course, with his coat quality, judging him based on appearance won’t make him score high in terms of his resemblance to the said food. Put him in a group of the same breed, however, and you’ll be blinking your eyes and think you are having food hallucinations.

Those that come in brown without the prominent black mask that shows to some are excellent candidates when it comes to the fried chicken look-alike contest.

4. Goldendoodle

What’s in a Poodle’s blood? It seems like most of the fried chicken-looking dog breeds have a Poodle lineage. It is no surprise though, given that they are naturally blessed with a certain color and coat type that are similar to what many people would label as their favorite food.

The Goldendoodle is a result of crossbreeding the Golden Retriever and the Poodle. Since this is a hybrid dog, there is no absolute or standardized look for the pooch. Mostly, however, the Goldendoodle displays a dense curly coat in cream, apricot, and red, contrary to its name that signifies a particular shade.

Since the colors range from light to dark, all you have to do is choose which puppy notably shows a certain caliber of color that would make him pass the fried chicken look test.

5. Schnoodle

Another dog you can go for is the Schnoodle—a Schnauzer and Poodle cross. Just like fried chicken, the Schnoodle is a pet often described as warm and comforting. 

Due to the genetics of the Schnauzer breed, Schnoodles may look like burnt fried chicken. In some cases though, puppies are born with a perfectly cooked coat color which is brown. It all depends on which genes act more strongly in a pup’s body. 

Nonetheless, regardless of the color a Schnoodle may have, the dog generally stays loving, affectionate, intelligent, active, and devoted toward his family. In a way, he will always be there to make you feel good just as how you would experience after every bite you make with a fried chicken.

6. Yorkipoo

A sleeping Yorkipoo on the couch might be mistaken as a fried chicken that fell off someone’s plate. Make sure you put on your glasses before picking him up because you might forget you have a pet that’s identical to a fried chicken. 

This Yorkshire Terrier and Poodle mix does not always resemble a kid’s favorite part of the meal but it will if it comes either in red or brown. Tan qualifies too albeit they would look a little less cooked.

As a fun-loving, affectionate, and active dog, this pooch would be more than willing to participate in family activities or you can both chill on the couch while munching each of your favorite snacks. 

7. Labradoodle

Remember the first photo shown in this article? The dogs shown in the image are rumored to be Labradoodle puppies. Whether it’s true or not, Labradoodles are the ultimate crispy-to-the-skin fried chicken dogs thanks to their reddish-brown coats.

The Labradoodle, as obviously shown on the combination of the name, is a mix of a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle. The offspring may sport several natural colors, but you can go out looking for one that is perfectly cooked.

Taking into consideration that some have superb curls, one would look like the exact dog version of a fried chicken. Simply choose one that comes close to your liking. 

8. Cavapoo

Next up is the Cavapoo, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle mix, that is often hailed as an amazing family companion that possesses a big dog’s personality despite the compact size.

If you like your fried chicken a little light, this would be your best option. A Cavapoo generally comes in brown with small white patches visible in certain areas. Nonetheless, the brown shade is predominant throughout his body. 

The white markings often come from the line of the Spaniel breed, so the coat color heavily relies on genetics too. With this fact, a Cavapoo can possibly look well-cooked in most areas with several undercooked parts. 

9. Irish Doodle

Another great example of a dog breed that looks like a crispy piece of fried chicken is the Irish Doodle. This is the result of crossing the Poodle with an Irish Setter. If being a hybrid is not a problem, consider getting this dog as your new family companion. 

The reason why the Irish Doodle scores high when it comes to its resemblance to the soul food is due to its Irish Setter parent that is typically reddish. And, let us not ignore the fact that Poodles, with their fuzzy hair, make the lineage combination product a perfect offspring that shows certain similar qualities to that of the fried chicken. 

10. Cockapoo

The Cockapoo, a Cocker Spaniel and Poodle mix also greatly resembles a nice piece of fried chicken. This last but definitely not the least pooch shows extreme similarity to most people’s favorite food due to its common brown shade.

The coat that comes in wavy would also look like crispy tips that can induce you to start drooling. This perfectly crunchy-looking Cockapoo is intelligent, sociable, outgoing, and active. Don’t be fooled by its size as he can dash out the door like a chicken trying to flee from a butcher’s hands.

Just as how much you love to eat fried chicken, this dog also needs to feel your affection from time to time. He is absolutely not the most independent pooch out there, so be sure to give him the most of your focus.