Dogs That Look Like Boxers: 13 Breeds With Boxer Features

Boxers are known for their square heads, distinct right-angled jaws, sinewy build, and wonderful personalities. These dogs are actually a common sight in the United States as they bag the 11th spot out of 204 official canines in the breed popularity ranking made by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Due to how desirable the Boxer is, some breeders made an effort to cross him with other dogs without losing their best qualities. For the most part, however, there are also purebred dogs that are much the same as the Boxer. 

We have compiled 13 similar breeds that are worth noting.

1. Bullmastiff

When we talk about appearance, the Bullmastiff is one among many other dogs that don’t have the Boxer’s ancestry but has a resemblance to it. Perhaps it’s due to the dark-colored mask in his muzzle, the slight similarity of his body, or the option of having his ears cropped.

The shape of the muzzle both in the front and on the side is somewhat uncanny, but to see the distinction, the Bullmastiff has it broader and thicker compared to the pointier feature of the Boxer.

Bullmastiffs are typically larger than the Boxer dog but the height isn’t too far from each other’s measurements. Despite being a muscular dog with a serious demeanor, the Bullmastiff can act goofy and loving. 

2. Boston Boxer 

The Boston Boxer is no other than a hybrid dog that came about after the Boston Terrier and the Boxer are mated. You will certainly get the best of both worlds if a dog being purebred or not doesn’t matter to you. 

With his now wider genetic pool, the Boston Boxer has no absolute or standard appearance. He may look more like any of his parents or in between. In certain cases, the dog will exhibit some coat markings that are natural from his Boxer parent or not at all.

To add more detail, expect him to be in a smaller frame. Still, the dog has tons of energy, therefore regular exercises are a must.

3. Continental Bulldog

Hailed from Switzerland, the Continental Bulldog is relatively new as he emerged back in 2005. With the name, he’s basically a continental counterpart of the English Bulldog which is one of its parents. The other parent breed is known as the Leavitt Bulldog.

His looks do scream Bulldog-ish as he’s muscular, square-shaped, and smooth-coated. His lower jaw protrudes much like that of the Boxer’s muzzle shape.

While Bulldogs are known to be dangerous, the Continental Bulldog, on the other hand, is most affectionate. He isn’t fond of barking, but he serves as a great watchdog as he’s leery of strangers. 

4. Bull Boxer

Photo from: taketheleadwhitby (IG)

Another crossbred dog on the list is the Bull Boxer. He’s a Bulldog and Boxer mix that’s sometimes referred to as the Valley Bulldog. As long as both his parents have great temperaments, the offspring will be less likely to exhibit unpredictable behavior. 

There’s always a chance for this dog to look a lot more like a Bulldog, a Boxer, or a perfect balance of both parent breeds. Usually, the dog will have a square-ish muzzle and a broad forehead. The coat colors will also vary a lot as the Bulldog breed has loads of natural shades in comparison to the three standard colors of the Boxer.

In all sense, the Bull Boxer dog is smaller than the Boxer and he fits more in families who have an active lifestyle. 

5. Boston Terrier

Another smaller version of the Boxer breed is his twin, the Boston Terrier. The face, upright ears, and even coat markings are strikingly similar. Both dogs have impressive athletic builds and the muzzle speaks a lot about their resemblance to each other.

Perhaps one edge of the Boston Terrier over the Boxer aside from his compactness is the range of colors available to him. The most popular is the black and white combination.

Even though this breed has streaks of independence and stubbornness, the right reinforcements will enable him to perform tasks or even learn drills in a jiffy. All it takes for him to get on with the training are firm handling, praises, and rewards.

6. Boggle

Photo from: bea.the.boggle (IG)

Beagles are also commonly mated with other breeds due to their many attractive qualities, and this time, out came the Boggle. Of course, the other parent is a Boxer. Interestingly, the appearance of the Boggle would usually look more like a Beagle with a Boxer’s coat markings.

The ears are quite long and droopy, but it’s far from resembling the Beagle’s ears. The white-tipped tail may even show with a black mask around the eyes which obviously come from the Boxer breed.

The Boxer’s genes kick in more when it comes to the Boggle’s personality. The dog is the life of the party and is generally fond of plays and games.

7. Boxador

Photo from: zeusdaboxador (IG)

Next up is the Boxador or the Boxer and Labrador Mix. With both of its parents deemed to be a favorite in the US, it’s no surprise that the Boxador is also perceived as a famous cross. He inherits the best of both his parents’ personality and physical appearance.

To describe, the Boxador dog may show Boxer markings with a square-shaped face and muscular physique. Observing more how he looks, it’s undeniably a fact that he looks like a gentler version of the Boxer thanks to the Labrador genes.

Boxadors are nearly perfect as designer dogs as they are smart, easy to train, loving, and low in maintenance.

8. Cane Corso

Another breed that resembles the Boxer dog is the Cane Corso otherwise known as the Italian Mastiff. He’s massive and considerably has the edge in proportions when compared to the Boxer as he can reach over a hundred pounds.

Now, the features that are almost the same as that of the other breed include the muzzle shape, especially from the side angle, the bulkiness of the body, and the docked tail and/or cropped ears. 

Cane Corsos may sometimes be perceived as extremely unsafe dogs due to how much strength they’re capable of exerting. But, with the right upbringing, they’ll grow up to be some of the most loyal, reliable, and affectionate dogs your family will ever know.

9. American Bulldog

The American Bulldog is a cousin to the Boxer, hence the closer correspondence in features like the sturdy frame and devoted character. From the side view, the American Bulldog has a slightly longer snout in comparison to the Boxer, but both still are considered brachycephalic.

Their bodies speak a lot about agility, strength, and power but then again, physical appearance isn’t enough to tell about their temperaments. The American Bulldog is one loyal breed that is generally sweet and friendly.

The imposing and dignified look of this canine makes him a great choice as a guard dog. His instincts need to be mellowed, however, so he doesn’t harm those who show no suspicious movements.

10. Olde English Bulldogge

The Olde English Bulldogge is quite an old and an extinct breed. He was developed in England from around 1600 to 1700. He is the ancestor of several bully breeds including the American and English bulldog. 

The AKC doesn’t recognize this stocky canine, but instead, they find it more reasonable to add the regular Bulldog to the list. Anyhow, such a magnificent and rare dog has the same body build as the Boxer, not to mention he’s got the same black and fawn color combination.

The muzzle of the Olde English Bulldogge is short too and his ears are folded halfway. He’s got a stable temperament and is recognized by other clubs like the United Kennel Club and International Olde English Bulldogge Association.

11. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

The Staffy, as he’s more commonly called, is muscular, bulky, has a broad head, full cheeks, and several markings. His muzzle isn’t extremely short as the Boxer’s but the rest of his features sure do resemble the other. 

This dog is much smaller in height and lesser in weight in contrast to the Boxer, but despite the difference in measurements, he’s capable of doing a lot of things thanks to his athletic build. 

While some may think he’s a Pit Bull, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is actually a breed of its own. He’s capable of getting along with families and would oftentimes show extreme dedication and love to people he’s close with.

12. Bulldog

Though it’s true that you can’t mistake a Bulldog for any other type of breed, it’s still a fact that he looks close to the Boxer breed. It’s mainly due to his muzzle type and even coat coloring too.

Distinctions occur when we compare his overall appearance with the Boxer. This dog from the United Kingdom is small but heavy. In most cases, he’s like a chunky piece of meat. To compare, the Boxer’s body tapers and he has a bit of his tail retained.

Bulldogs, on the other hand, have almost non-existing tails. If ever some of them do, they may come in different shapes.

13. English Mastiff

Last but definitely not least, we have the biggest breed known as the English Mastiff, or some would simply call him the Mastiff. The biggest Mastiff to have ever lived is named Zorba and the canine reached at least 343 pounds.

That’s not what’s more remarkable in this list, however. Rather, it’s mostly due to his facial features that are alike to the Boxer particularly if we get close in observing his face, jaws, mask, and frame. 

Being around this dog would mean getting to bond with a pet that’s calm most of the time. He would act goofy if he’s around people he’s comfortable with. The only disadvantage about having him is if you have small kids at home. His size can cause mishaps, so it’s better to just get him if your kids are older.