Dogs That Look Like Cats: 12 Breeds That Look and Act Like Felines

Ever wondered if there are dogs that don’t really look like one? We may have come across dog breeds that look like a panda, a lion, and even an Ewok, but the most interesting of all would be those pooches who look and act like a cat.

This sure is good news to those who are torn between having a canine or a feline at home. If for certain reasons, you can’t bring home these two pets altogether yet, it’s better to check out these 12 breeds that are more like cats than dogs.

1. Chow Chow

First on the list is a dog from China. Chow Chows are a favorite not just in the place of their origin but as well as in various parts across the globe. His fluffy coat and rounded head can be likened to the features present in a British Shorthair

Also, cats are known to have very inquisitive eyes with pupils that either dilate or contract depending on the intensity of the light that gets reflected and received through the cornea. The same description can be said about the Chow Chow although he, along with all other dogs, is not known to have the same pupil shape as a feline.

The only differences between these two pets are the size, the sounds they make, and their personalities. Nonetheless, the Chow Chow breed comes close to looking like a cat for several mentioned reasons.

2. Shiba Inu

Little but muscular Shiba Inus became a worldwide sensation thanks to the meme that started it all. Another popular discussion was seen on Twitter. A few pictures were posted and people were quick to assume it was a Shiba Inu. In the end, they realized that they were images of a British Shorthair variety!

It’s really easy to confuse this breed for a cat. His sesame coat and other shades are also natural colors found in various cat breeds. To add, his fur is thick, fluffy but not shaggy, and smooth in appearance.

Shiba Inus are not only the spitting image of a typical furry cat. He also acts like one as he prefers sitting on higher grounds and observing his domain. 

3. Akita Inu

Akita Inus are generally larger than the Shiba Inu, but appearance-wise, they do look like brothers. It’s just reasonable to add him to this list as he carries a few hallmarks possessed by a cat– a fluffy and thick coat, black, large eyes, perky ears, and a rounded face.

In getting this dog, you’d witness him groom himself like a cat. Basically, he loves to stay clean making it less of a burden for his owners to ensure that the house is sparkly even with the presence of a canine. He’s odorless too which is a huge plus for some.

While this may be the case, some Akitas don’t get along very well with cats. A good number may socialize and end up bonding deeply with your feline though, but that will only happen if you properly introduce them and if their personalities match well with each other.

4. Japanese Chin

If there’s one specific cat breed the Japanese Chin resembles more, that would be the Persian feline. The facial structures of these two wonderful pets are just so similar unless, of course, we consider their coat colors.

Japanese Chins are small and easy to carry like a cat that asks its owner to lift him everywhere in the house. Chins do have shorter legs than cats, but there are felines who have stubby legs too like the Munchkins.

Moreover, this dog can also sometimes forget he’s actually a pooch. He loves to curl up in his owner’s lap and snooze which is no surprise as he’s one velcro puppy.

5. Finnish Spitz

Contrary to what we believe in, cats are actually not lazy. They’re high on energy and their zest mostly shows at nighttime for the kitties or dust and dawn for the adults. One dog breed that is on par with a cat’s activity level is the Finnish Spitz.

Not only would they match in certain colors but the overall appearance is just uncanny. The Abyssinian cat can come close to the long and pointed snout of the Finnish Spitz but not totally look like it. Of course, it’s because cats and dogs are different species.

A socialized dog of this breed can get along really well with cats as long as he’s familiar with them. The key to a successful relationship among your pets would be thorough exposure and positive experiences. 

6. Pekingese 

The markings of a Pekingese are quite the same as that of the Himalayan cat. The pooch has a darker coat surrounding his muzzle while the feline has it all over his face. This dog from China sure is a good fit in any home or apartment as he’s compact– much like the cat.

There are a few distinct characteristics in his appearance. To add, his ears are long and can be fluffy, depending on how he’s groomed. He’s got a smushed face which is adorable as some cats do have shorter muzzles too.

Pekingese dogs are primarily better off living indoors. It’s not difficult for him to create bonds and relationships which means living with a cat won’t pose a problem.

7. Hmong

If you haven’t heard the news yet, there is one animal that looks like a cat and a dog. He basically went viral on Reddit after users have pointed out the confusing identity of such a being. 

The dog in the post is called the Hmong breed. It’s a pooch that resulted from mixing the Dingo and a native dog breed. As an ancient dog, he first belonged to an ethnic tribe called the Hmong and they lived somewhere in China and Southeast Asia.

Clearly, the dog has the right face but it gets different the more you see of him. His body is cat-like and the same can be said of his somewhat docked tail, alert ears, and tiny yet sharp canine teeth. 

8. Papillon

Fun fact, the Papillon breed got its name after a butterfly thanks to his ears that actually look like beautiful wings. As a minute dog, he can literally be carried at any time without straining your arms.

He’s got loads of feline personalities too such as being confident, assertive, and innately smart. Socializing is not a problem as he typically becomes friends with almost anyone. 

As a lapdog, you can expect him to find your lap a better place to sleep than his dog bed. If given the chance, he’ll show off his skills and thirst for plays. Get him active as the breed isn’t meant to be a couch potato.

9. Whippet

Whippets look a lot like the Sphynx cat. Both appear slender and regal at all angles. Whippets have long muzzles, powerful, active hind legs, and a narrow gait that contributes to their incredible speed in running. Cats are known to sprint in a quick manner too making them sound even more like each other’s respective versions.

This racing breed has a gentle temperament. Although in the past, he was just a common choice for poor families who can’t afford the Greyhound, his fame evolved widely and has now become popular throughout the United States.

10. Basenji

If you want a dog that doesn’t bark, well the Basenji is what you are looking for. Don’t expect him to meow, however. He remains vocal as a dog and would instead create a distinct noise. This sound is commonly labeled as the yodel.

He’s considerably quiet, much like a feline who minds his own business. Often, people would call him the “barkless pooch”. Also, he’s got a high hunting drive just like cats, so it certainly is a good deal to get this breed if you want a pet that’s a dog and a cat at the same time.

At times, he may act aloof toward new people. Owners should give him some time to warm up with unfamiliar faces before he ultimately shows his fun and charming personality.

11. Mi-ki

Photo from: _.miki.dog_ (IG)

Mi-ki dogs are not the most common, but their overall appearance is undeniably not difficult to love. They are usually laid-back like cats and would unhesitantly receive pets from families and strangers alike. 

A small dog of this kind can be the same size as some cat breeds. His coat is different in texture though and his face appears more like a Shih-Tzu. Nonetheless, his personality and qualities do seem close to a feline. 

Whatever environment he gets to live in with his family, adapting is not a challenge for the Mi-ki dog. As long as his basic needs are met, then he is all good.

12. Poodle

The Poodle might be the breed that looks the least like a cat. Do note, however, that cats love themselves more than their owners. They think about what’s next for dinner and would sometimes show their intense disgust at getting interaction with his human– a true moody creature.

Poodles can be the same but not that extreme. They would sometimes feel like they own the house and they basically just love themselves. When this breed feels bored, he will look for ways to entertain himself, thus ending up in a lot of mischiefs.

Cats, on the other hand, would try to escape and roam the neighborhood for some adventure. Both the Poodle and the cat need certain proper activities to get them boosted and happy.