Dogs That Look Like Rottweilers: 13 Identical Breeds

Often, people would associate Rottweilers with immense aggression. Yes, this Mastiff dog is massive and powerful, but with firm training and proper handling, he’ll grow up to be well-socialized, lovely, and friendly.

He’s not for everyone, though, but the good news is that if you’ve fallen in love with this breed, particularly in his looks, there are 13 identical dogs that are more mellow when it comes to personality.

It could be that you’re drawn more to the Rottie’s coat, build, or personality, and what we have gathered may have one, two, or all of these characteristics. 

1. Miniature Pinscher

Rottweilers may gain over 100 pounds but if your place can’t accommodate such an incredibly sized dog, your next option would be the Miniature Pinscher or Min Pin for short. He comes in a small size, slender yet sturdy build, and has the traditional coat color and markings of a typical Rottie. 

He has earned the label, “King of Toys” and you can expect him to exhibit a sassy personality despite being such a compact pooch. There are just a few distinctions, especially on the face as the Min Pin’s snout is narrow and longer in comparison to the brachycephalic Rottie.

Getting this dog would mean signing yourself up for an active lifestyle. The Min Pin loves to play outdoors either with kids or other dogs. He can fit into your travel bag too in case you want to reconnect with nature.

2. Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinschers are lean, sturdy, athletic, and fit in all aspects. Aside from his spectacular stature, the first thing we’d mostly notice from his overall appearance would be his black and tan coat. Some would say he resembles the Rottie in regard to that.

It’s a common practice too for this dog to have his ears cropped to make them seemingly look alert and intimidating. The tails may be docked so bad strangers would find it hard to determine his mood. These are just unnecessary aesthetic procedures though.

Although he’s much slimmer and slightly not as heavy as a Rottie, the Dobermann remains capable of defending his owners whenever the need arises.

3. Manchester Terrier

One of the results of crossbreeding is no other than the Manchester Terrier that hails from England. He comes from the line of a mated Whippet and a black-and-tan Terrier to get the best of both worlds. Out came a dog that retains the primary coat colors of his other parent and sometimes, he may just come in all black.

Rotties are just massive and they can be quite a handful. But, with an adorable dog such as the Manchester Terrier, life with dogs is made to be much easier in a way. Due to his lineage, he can never be a couch potato.

Instead, daily activities need to be incorporated into his lifestyle to match his extreme enthusiasm to play with his family or chase after squirrels.

4. Beaucerons

One thing that connects the Beauceron breed with the Rottie isn’t just the potential black and tan color that can be featured in his smooth short coat. This dog is actually a French breed of Mastiff-type dogs. That tells that both canines have the same heritage to be proud of.

Beaucerons can be heavy and they would ideally weigh around 70 to 110 pounds. He’d have to have a bigger supply of monthly food for his growth and well-being. His size isn’t just for mere display either. 

Just like the Rottie, he can act as an excellent guard dog, but if he’s bonding with you, you’ll witness a beautiful affectionate soul that will forever be loyal to you.

5. Great Swiss Mountain Dog

Next up, is the Great Swiss Mountain Dog known for its size as well as red, white, and black coat colors. The American Kennel Club deems him to be a hardworking dog as he was widely used as a herder and an all-around pasture dog.

He’s strong, agile, and dependable enough for any appropriate farming tasks you’ll give him. With his size, people might find him closely related to the Rottie and this happens mostly when the dog is judged by his coat.

The Great Swiss Mountain Dog is absolutely a better choice for those who are into Rotties but are looking for a canine that shows a gentler expression.

6. Boerboel

The Boerboel breed is the pride of South Africa. This dog is currently rare and you’re lucky to end up finding a puppy of this kind. He may not carry the same black and tan points common to the Rottweiler dog, but it’s mostly the build and the facial shape that make up for it.

Boerboels are strong, no doubt, and the same characteristic can be given to the Rottie. To add more connection, he’s also somewhat brachycephalic and Rotties are in the same category. Most of all, both dogs come from the line of the great Roman war dogs. 

The massiveness of this African dog comes with a huge responsibility. An owner must establish himself as the pack leader for him to be respected by this powerful dog. Once it’s done that way, he’ll commit his undying loyalty to you and your family.

7. Bullmastiff

Another Mastiff type that’s not far different from the Rottie is the Bullmastiff. He was originally bred to be a guard dog and he was made by using the English Mastiff and the now-extinct Old English Bulldog.

He carries the same short muzzle feature putting both him and the Rottie at risk for breathing issues later in life. You just have to ignore the stark difference in their coats, but the rest would match them both in terms of similarity. 

Their proportions are not that contrasting either. Since they’re more alike than different, you just really have to wisely consider their characteristics and weigh which one would suit your lifestyle better.

8. Hovawart

The Hovawart breed carries the black coat and the tan points similar to that of the Rottie but is displayed through a golden Retriever-esque fur. In looks, he’s certainly more gentle and approachable.

In size, he is considerably much lesser in weight but he can be taller than the Rottweiler breed. He’s usually gentle and calm, making him an excellent choice as a therapy dog. 

Due to his smart nature, this dog tends to be stubborn at times, but it’s totally manageable. Get him to show his creative side by letting him pursue his areas of interest. A well brought-up Hovawart will end up becoming a loyal, faithful, and trustworthy companion like no other.

9. Tibetan Mastiff 

Another Mastiff that ends up on this list is the most expensive breed in the world– the Tibetan Mastiff! He’s one colossal dog known for his unmatched bravery, guts, and power in the world of domestic canines. He’s much bigger than the Rottie, in fact!

The Tibetan Mastiff sports different colors and one of the natural ones he has is the black and tan combination. Remarkably, two tan points can be seen on his eyebrows.

When it comes to having a guard dog, this is, by far, the ultimate one you can get. He resembles the lion, but this shouldn’t make you think he’s unsuitable as a house pet. He can be gentle with the right owner.

10. Cane Corso

Rottweilers were originally bred to become cattle-driving dogs, but their fierceness made them shift from that into terrifying home protectors. The same is the case with the Cane Corso whose name literally translates to “bodyguard dog”.

He may not have the standard Rottie markings, but what he got in his veins is the blood that carries the same lineage the Rottie is rooted to. Cane Corsos are large dogs that may show off cropped ears and/or docked tails.

There’s a misconception that this dog is unsafe around kids, but it’s not absolutely the case. Although he has to be monitored, the dog does have a gentle side.

11. German Shepherd

If you are after a breed that can serve as a protection dog, the German Shepherd will fill in the spot in replacement of the Rottweiler. The GSD dog is more trainable, intelligent, and reliable hence his prominence in working alongside policemen.

He doesn’t have the same exact coat markings as the Rottie but GSDs do have black and tan colors, generally. If there’d be any difference between him and the bulky Rottweiler, that would be based on personality.

The GSD typically prefers being a one-man’s dog whereas the Rottie is more inclined to cuddle with anyone he finds trustworthy and familiar. 

12. Boxer

Some dog lovers prefer to have a Rottweiler alternative that comes in the same build. With that, we introduce to you the Boxer breed. He’s got the same square face shape and is less chunky than the other.

While some Rotties are often perceived to display a serious temperament, more so if he puts his family’s safety as a priority, the Boxer dog, on the other hand, prefers to let out his real self.

He’s clownish, full of entertainment, and energetic. His presence will undoubtedly fill the house with laughter, but if you prefer a peaceful environment, reconsider your decision on going for this dog.

13. American Bully

There are a lot of variations found in the American Bully dog. If you look harder, you may even eventually find one that bears the hallmarks of a Rottie, especially in terms of coat colors.

He’s the stumpy version of the Rottweiler dog and he’s absolutely adorable in every way. Despite people having such a bad impression of him, most of the time, it’s not true.

American Bullies prove to show that they’re just as wonderful as other breeds. They can be affectionate, sensitive, and velcro.