World’s Most Expensive Dog- The Tibetan Mastiff!

Photo from: zlata.tibetan (IG)

Pets, particularly dogs are now often seen as a form of luxury. With millions of dog owners worldwide who are willing to pay more than what they should, businesses start booming by providing them various sorts of services and goods from the best dog beds to the highest quality of canine meals!

Along with this trade are extravagant prices which can make anyone shake their heads in disbelief. It is not just about indulging our pets with the best lifestyle we can offer them. These days, people also go for the most sought-out breed. The most in-demand. The most coveted!

Surprisingly, someone out there has purchased the most exorbitant Tibetan Mastiff and its widespread news left the internet shaking! Let’s find out more details through this article.

The Original Average Cost of Purchasing a Tibetan Mastiff Puppy

The Tibetan Mastiff breed is a dignified and handsome dog whose appearance closely resembles that of an adult lion. He has a magnificent mane consisting mainly of coarse guard hair and a thick, wooly undercoat. With several other features and factors, the Tibetan Mastiff can be sold at $1,800 or even as high as $4,500. Its average price is $2,500.

Undeniably, this breed is usually placed with sky-high price tags. Who wouldn’t fall in love with this imposing dog? He is large and stands tall at about 24 to 26 inches, is great with his kids and his family, and never compromises in his duty as an excellent guard dog. He scores high in the beauty, brains, and heart departments. By paying a few thousand dollars, you’ll surely get the best of the best kind.

How Much Was the Costliest Dog in the World?

The costliest dog in the world named Dazhewang was sold for over 12 million yuan ($1.9 million) in 2014. He was a golden-haired Tibetan Mastiff puppy who was sold at a premium pet fare in the Province of Zhejiang. Undeniably, the dog was splendid in appearance, but that is not what caused the hype. 

Photo from: ngau_dynasty (IG)

(Not Dazhewang) This is only a reference to the golden-haired Tibetan Mastiff

It was known that Zhang Gengyun, the breeder of the puppy, has told the Chinese newspaper Qianjiang Evening News that the dog had “lion’s blood” and that another similar dog has been sold for a much lesser price of 6 million yuan.

He further elaborated that not only did the Mastiffs have lion’s blood, they also were top-notch Mastiff studs. Moreover, he likened the worth of the Tibetan Mastiff with China’s national treasure, the panda, giving him the confidence to set the set prices. 

The most expensive puppy had measurements of 31 inches in height and weighed nearly 200 pounds (90 kilograms). The buyer of the said puppy declared his plans of breeding Mastiffs, which would potentially generate him large profits considering he owns the dog with a remarkable record. 

Who Owns Dazhewang?

A 56-year old property developer from Qingdao,  China is the proud owner of Dazhewang. The dog was about a year old when he was sold. It is becoming more common in the said country to show off their status symbol in many ways such as owning a Tibetan Mastiff. 

It is quite reasonable to hail this Mastiff breed as one of the most valuable dogs we have ever known. As an individual, Dazhewang is special and his breed was out of the ordinary compared to others. Not only that, his other features such as being resilient, sizable, and gentle in the disposition made him enjoy enormous popularity not only in his place of origin which is Tibet but as well as in the whole world. 

Second Expensive Tibetan Mastiff on the List

Big Splash 

In 2011, the world was shocked to find out that in Northern China, a Chinese business tycoon, a coal baron by the name of Mr. Yang, as what has been previously revealed, bought a dog for a whopping price of 10 million yuan ($1.5 million). The price is almost half the price of a Bugatti Chiron Noire!

It was a red Tibetan Mastiff who goes by the name “Hong dong” or more commonly known as “Big Splash”.

Big Splash, the Red Tibetan Mastiff

Reportedly, this canine did not have such a hard time getting along with his new owner. They both instantly became friends which shows how easy-going and friendly he is. At only about 11 months, he already weighed a staggering 180 pounds! For such a massive dog, he is undoubtedly very lucky to have an owner who’s a multi-millionaire and can provide him tons of food and most of all, the best life ever!

It is believed that Big Splash will grow as big as a rugby player, thus he would definitely require a bigger house dog. 

Potential Reasons Why Tibetan Mastiffs Cost So Much

You are not just the only one who’s uncertain as to why dogs such as the Tibetan Mastiff can cost millions of dollars. Understandably, the breeding process and other more factors that impact quality dictate the price. However, are those who willingly spent loads of money for the world’s priciest dogs reasonable? 

Here are the potential reasons why they might just be:

  1. Before, wealth was often seen through cars and jewelry. But, as the days get more modern, these are gradually substituted by “luxury pets” which include the ever-famous dogs. 
  1. The typical mass of a Tibetan Mastiff ideally goes up to 150 pounds only, whereas Dazhewang weighed 200 pounds at 12 months and Big Splash, 180 pounds at 11 months. These are only puppies, so it can be expected that they could reach over 250 to 290 pounds once they reach adulthood!
  1. Regarding Big Splash, his coat might have played a role in the determination of his price. His red coat is a symbol of luck, joy, and happiness in China. This is also believed to be capable of warding off bad spirits. 
  1. The breed is believed to be royal since he used to belong to Kings and Queens like Queen Victoria and Genghis Khan who had 30,000 dogs of this kind brought along his expedition to Western Europe. 
  1. The Tibetan Mastiff breed is highly intelligent and can think on its own. He can easily sense danger and wouldn’t mostly need instructions from his human regarding what to do while he does his usual tasks. 

Latest World-Breaking Tibetan Mastiff Price

If $1.9 million and $1.5 million price tags for a Tibetan mastiff puppy have mind blown you, perhaps you should also be aware that the owner of the Mastiff breeding website has mentioned that he has also sold a puppy for 27 million yuan at a Beijing fair. Not much information has been disclosed about this.

An industry insider with the last name of Xu has spilled, however, that the ridiculous prices of dogs sold by breeders are the result of insider agreements wherein breeders concur to boost their dogs’ worth. This means that this is an outcome of hyped-up trades which is only good for those who can afford it.