How Much Does a Tibetan Mastiff Weigh? Average Weight Chart and More!

Photo from: _jojo.tm_ (IG)

Tibetan Mastiffs are massive dogs who weigh about 70-120 pounds for females and 90-150 pounds for males. Owners of this magnificent dog are understandably proud to own this breed since he’s not just a handsome piece but also a great help at home.

As part of their responsibility as fur parents, they have to regularly check how their pets grow, specifically giving a keener eye for their masses. Weight greatly affects their future health, thus attention to it is necessary. 

To give you more ideas regarding how the Tibetan Mastiff should weigh as he grows including what could impact this, we have formulated this article that contains all needed information.

Estimated Weight Chart by Age

Right when your Tibetan Mastiff puppy is born, he’ll start gaining at least 2 to 8 ounces per day. Eventually, this will increase to 3 pounds each week. The size of the litter and the amount of milk he gets from his mother will determine his size. 

Don’t be surprised or too worried if he doesn’t have the same growth pace as others. Each dog is an individual, so give him some time before you conclude that something is wrong.

For about a year, his body will focus more on his height. After that will his weight gain start to become obvious. 

Here is a table that will show you the expected ranges of masses each gender could be in according to age:

Age in MonthsFemale Tibetan Mastiff (lbs)Male Tibetan Mastiff (lbs)
1 month5-105-10 
2 months15-3010-25
3 months30-4525-40
4 months45-6530-45
5 months50-7535-60
6 months55-8540-60
7 months60-9045-65
8 months65-9550-70
9 months70-10555-80
10 months70-11555-90
11 months75-12560-100
12 months80-13560-110
24 months90-15070-120

Don’t feel hasty if your Tibetan Mastiff puppy doesn’t grow up too fast. In fact, why not enjoy his adorable size while it lasts? This Mastiff breed, being predisposed to be large, will take a lot of time before he’ll reach his full adult weight. Be patient and keep on supporting his healthy lifestyle!

Factors That Can Affect His Overall Mass

With the right knowledge in owning a dog like the Tibetan Mastiff, you’ll be able to keep him away from various complications. Although how he was bred can determine his future health state, the way you take care of him will also influence it. 

Here are some major factors you should be aware of that can contribute certain effects to your buddy’s weight:


The Tibetan Mastiff mostly only eats whenever he feels his stomach rumbling. Still, his build and size make him vulnerable and prone to becoming obese. The chance of this happening is even greater when owners don’t know how much food they should feed him daily. Since we often associate a big size with a greater appetite, some might end up giving him more.

Hypothyroidism is also a culprit. When the thyroid hormones of your dog are not sufficiently produced, certain signs would physically show such as weight gain. The metabolic rate will change and it will be harder for him to lose a few pounds. This will also make him more sleepy and less active so the motivation to exercise is low.


Due to our extreme love for our dogs, some of us may not notice, but we often end up overindulging our pets with treats and food. Of course, this is alright only if the activity level of the Tibetan Mastiff matches how much he eats in a day. Unfortunately, if his body keeps accumulating fats and exercise is not encouraged, he will eventually become overweight.

Meanwhile, if he’s super active and the food served is too little, this can affect his overall mass too. Keep everything balanced and healthy to keep him in shape.

Poor Diet

Some dog brands only exist for profit. Various dog foods in the market have ridiculous amounts of fillers and chemicals which are not only low in nutritional value but as well as harmful when consumed. No matter how many cups you pour into your Tibetan Mastiff’s bowl, a low-quality meal will only be discarded without giving his body the right amount of vitamins, minerals, protein, and more.

A well-planned diet, especially the ones recommended by the vet is advised. Never compromise in this area. Some food meals contain ingredients that can cause allergies to your dog and would discourage him from eating. If this happens, he can lose a great deal of weight in just a short period.


Parasites are another concern for fur parents. A Tibetan Mastiff who accidentally ingests spores or parasite eggs in water, feces, food, or soil will experience several side effects. Mainly, intestinal worms will cause him rapid weight loss since the nutrients his body is supposed to absorb are consumed by these parasites. 

If you suspect your dog to have parasites, your vet can diagnose this and treat it promptly. 

Number of Cups to Feed to Maintain a Healthy Weight

The American Kennel Club (AKC) suggests that you only limit your Tibetan Mastiff’s dog food consumption to about 2 to 4 cups of high-quality food daily. This should be divided into 2 meals or depending on his age. The amount will vary according to his lifestyle, activity level, size, and health.

There can be instances when he’ll skip his meals for a few days. Most likely, he’s just temporarily losing interest in dog meals due to female Tibetan Mastiffs being in season. 

For puppies, know that they would generally require at least 8.5 % fat and 22.5 protein from high-quality animal sources. Opt for grain-free food as well because some of them might be allergic to grains.

Additionally, for the adults, choose a brand or you can do home-prepped meals without incorporating fillers. Add in some fresh red meats, fish, and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Including a vet-prescribed supplement is ideal too.

Top Dog Food Brands to Keep Him Fit

  • Purina ONE SmartBlend Natural Large Breed Formula. This large dog food is mainly composed of chicken! This formula helps support strong muscles and a healthy heart. It has added vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that your dog’s joints will greatly benefit from. There are no preservatives and artificial flavors making thousands of owners happy and satisfied!
  • Iams Large Breed Adult Dry Dog Food. Iams is also mainly made up of quality chicken meat formed into easy-to-eat kibbles. The product is great in improving immunity as well as the health of your dog’s joints specifically for the larger dog breeds.
  • Blue Buffalo Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe. Blue Buffalo is a packed-with-real-beef recipe that is rich in protein your large Tibetan Mastiff would need. It has healthy ingredients and antioxidants that can boost your dog’s mental and physical health. 

To make sure you’re giving the right food to your Tibetan Mastiff, consult your vet. He will be able to determine his health status and provide a tailored diet plan.