Dogs That Look Like Sheep: 12 Breeds To Know

Dogs are masters of disguise. Not only would some breeds closely resemble a teddy bear, a lion, a wolf, a fox, and a mop, but as well as the ones we often see on the farm– a sheep! 

The pooches we have on the list look more like lambs than dogs. You’d certainly take a second look if ever you come across one. What you’d notice from them all are their fluffy coats which a sheep is known for.

It’s absolutely interesting to walk one of the lamb-like breeds in this article and see how your neighbor reacts!

1. Bedlington Terrier

The top-dog on the list features a long face and a somewhat ratty coat. The Bedlington Terrier does not have a stop on his snout making it unusual as he’s a dog, but this lack of feature adds more to him looking like a sheep. 

The coat can be described as long, dense, and curly which is quite similar to that of a sheep. His fur may come in different shades like liver, sandy, and blue-gray. In spite of the uncanny resemblance of this breed to the sheep, don’t expect this to go “BAH!”.

This dog is highly affectionate and can be as playful as a goofy lamb. This trait along with his small size makes him a popular choice as a pet for several families. He needs constant socialization, especially during his early days or he won’t like the presence of other dogs.

2. Poodle

One of the familiar faces in the dog world is no other than the Poodle breed. He comes in many sizes which are toy, miniature, and standard. Unsurprisingly, if anyone is to be asked to think of a dog that’s close to the appearance of a sheep, the person is highly likely to answer Poodle.

It could be due to the popularity of this dog but mainly it’s because of his fluffy coat. It’s undeniably similar in appearance to the sheep’s wooly fur. A good number of this breed comes in a white hue but other colors include brown, black, apricot, and sable.

When groomed well, the Poodle will exhibit a long yet thin face which is much similar to the sheep. The breed is sometimes used to be crossed with another dog and, therefore, produces another sheep-like offspring.

3. Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier

Most sheep we know come in white and that’s what the Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier exhibits. Puppies have a distinct color though but it lightens up with age. Looking at the dog’s coat closely, you’ll find the occasional, black, red, and white hair with the ears and muzzles showing a blue-gray shading.

Due to his coat type, he particularly looks like a Scottish Blackface sheep breed. Place him in the field and watch him from a distance and you’ll think your eyes are playing tricks on you. This Irish Farmdog can work with livestock, especially with their doppelgänger.

This isn’t your typical Terrier by the way despite his bossy and impulsive personality. Proper socialization must be incorporated so he becomes sociable.

4. Spanish Water Dog

Photo from: kas_pdae (IG)

If there’s any particular sheep breed the Spanish Water Dog takes after, that would be the Merino sheep. The Spanish dog is known for his dense, rugged, and curly hair that may come in brown, black, white, and beige. 

The head makes a difference, however, as the Spanish Water Dog looks fluffier thanks to his bushy fur in comparison to the more exposed long face of the Merino sheep. 

This pooch would also require regular grooming to keep him in tip-top condition, more so if you want him to join dog contests. Aside from that, you don’t really want him to start matting up.

5. Goldendoodle

We can’t ignore the crossbred Goldendoodle. It’s no surprise since he’s got the Poodle heritage. What qualifies him to be on the list are his somewhat elongated face and the quality of his coat.

Goldendoodles come in a variety of coat colors, but when we talk about him looking close to the appearance of a sheep, his white hue would be the most ideal. 

Sadly, the American Kennel Club (AKC) does not recognize this as an official breed as he’s a hybrid pooch. Nonetheless, he excels in several aspects like intelligence, training, and obedience.

6. Barbet

Photo from: missi_the_barbet (IG)

Another water dog that got it to the list is the Barbet breed of French origin. The first feature to be noticed in him is his thick furry coat. Well, it needs not to be said but sheep do have thick furry coats too!

Since the Barbet is a water dog his undercoat is naturally predisposed to be thick so he can withstand low water temperature. What sets him apart from the sheep is that while the farm animal loves the field, this dog loves being anywhere near or in the water. 

We often see sheep flocking together, but the Barbet can’t stand being left alone. He needs plenty of socialization and stimulation, so be sure to provide him with a busy and active lifestyle.

7. Bouvier Des Flandres

Photo from: teamflodder (IG)

His fluffy look might make you think this dog is fragile and is meant to be kept away from intensive drills but what you should know about his history is that he has served alongside the Belgian and French military.

What makes him end up on this list is his insanely thick fur although it’s unusually dark, making it distinct from an actual sheep. At the rear, his tail is often carried down between his legs to prevent it from getting caught up by objects or being stepped on or trampled by the cattle. 

If you’re a ranch owner, this sweet-tempered Bouvier Des Flandres would be a perfect companion. 

8. Komondor

You might have seen the Komondor ace a spot in Dogs That Look Like a Mop. Considering the quality and texture of his incredible coat, he secures another place on this list. Quite a flexible dog he is!

Put him alongside the sheep and you’ll lose track of which one’s your dog. It’s different though if we compare his facial appearance to a sheep. He is rounder and it’s the same case with his eyes. 

Aside from his capability to blend in with the livestock, he can also easily adjust to any type of family. Training is necessary though to keep his protective instinct in check.

9. Bergamasco Sheepdog

hoto from: vanessalassin (IG)

Some dogs like the Bergamasco Sheepdog can cause an alarm to some people who don’t know much about the breed. What stands out the most in his entire appearance are the countless strands of woven hair all over his body. People might think this is severe matting, but it’s not always the case.

Due to his wool coating, the Bergamasco Sheepdog scores high if he’s to be assessed regarding his resemblance to a typical adorable sheep. Upon closer look, however, you’d instantly realize you’re looking at a canine who’s built to be a predator instead of a sheep that’s preyed on by several animals.

10. Old English Sheepdog

Old English Sheepdogs are already large canines but their fur makes them even look more gigantic. Looking at one, he can be described as a dog wrapped in a piece of cloud and it’s even more adorable if he jumps around in the meadow.

Due to how abundant his hair is, owners of this breed should allocate a few hours weekly for his coat’s grooming and maintenance. Without these routines, he’ll look bigger than your regular sheep.

This mutt is extremely friendly with other dogs and kids, but it’s better not to have any intimidating pets in your household. 

11. Puli

hoto from: ironmayapets (IG)

A Puli looks close to a Komondor and is pretty much a smaller dog version of a sheep. His unique twisted cords or coils make him look like a Karakul sheep except for their difference in color.

Pulis have very long hair yet he’s still capable of seeing through the strands. This herding dog loves to go on adventures as well as herd animals. What’s more, the Puli breed can look like a dirty or interbred sheep. The quality of his fur helps him get warm when the environment gets chilly.

This is a fast-learning, agile, and faithful buddy that might need to be trained early as he tends to be self-confident, manipulative, and demanding.

12. Cockapoo

Next up we have the Cockapoo– a lamb-like dog. He’s the offspring of the popular Poodle and the Cocker Spaniel. He inherits the coat characteristics of a Poodle but it mostly depends on which parent he goes after.

This affectionate and amiable dog is just as adorable as a little lamb. He’ll definitely look like a twin of a sheep’s baby, especially if he comes in white. Cockapoos are well-known all over the world and they generally don’t have a hard time getting along with families.