Male or Female Dogue de Bordeaux: What Should You Choose?

Specifically, the Dogue de Bordeaux is one among the many other breeds dog lovers sought for worldwide. It is mostly a good idea to go for female Dogues if you are thinking of starting your own breeding business. Meanwhile, male Dogues are better for those who look for a serious and reliable property guardian.

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If you think that choosing the right dog breed for you is already time-consuming, deciding over which gender of canine should you go for would require extra time before you ultimately decide. This is because although dogs can belong to the same breed, gender can play a big factor and cause them to show huge differences that can either be suitable or unsuitable for your family. 

Other things must be taken into consideration as well. Aside from the subtle physical dissimilarities, the temperament, needs, and benefits you can experience from owning either one of them must be thoroughly evaluated. To help you out, this article will set out why you should choose a male or a female Dogue de Bordeaux.

Is a Male or Female Dogue de Bordeaux Better?

Although it is without a doubt that the male and female Dogue de Bordeauxs are distinct from each other, it does not mean that one gender is better than the other. However, one of them can be the better fit depending on your preferences and lifestyle. 

Whether you go for a male or female Dogue de Bordeaux, you, as an owner, should stay responsible. It is your top priority to provide the dog’s basic needs and keep him healthy as much as possible. Above all, giving the dog enough attention is highly vital. The Dogue de Bordeaux is a companion and he can keep you company at any time you want. He or she will most likely expect the same from you.

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The perfect guideline in raising a male or female Dogue is to ensure that the medical needs, food requirements, exercise, and training needs are adequately given. That will guarantee you that the dog will grow up loyal, loving, and obedient.  

What Are Their Physical Differences?

For someone keen, the variations between the male and female Dogue can be spotted instantly. The size, in general, can help you identify which is which and the more obvious it is going to be if both dogs are of the same age. Let us put into more detail their size difference. 

Male Dogue de Bordeaux

Male Dogue de Bordeauxs are generally much larger, taller, and heavier than the female ones. They are predisposed to be that way! Ideally, the height at withers of this dog should reach at least 23 to 27 inches. The weight must then be complemented with the right mass with a minimum of 110 pounds or more.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) did not set a maximum limit for the mass of the male Dogue, but that doesn’t mean that your buddy can eat unlimited food anytime. 

Female Dogue de Bordeauxs

The smaller version of the French Mastiff breed is no other than the female. When measured at her shoulders, her height can reach 23 to 26 inches- a small difference when compared to her male counterpart. However, in weight, her mass starts at a minimum of 99 pounds, but this can be even made higher.

Despite both dogs having different proportions, it remains a fact that their average lifespan is anywhere between 5 to 8 years.

Is a Male or Female Dogue de Bordeaux More Intelligent?

Everyone has their say when it comes to determining which sex is more intelligent. Honestly, though, neither of them is more intelligent than the other! Still, it is a commonly accepted fact that females reach maturity faster than males and they are more serious the most times. This is why females learn things more quickly. However, it is just a matter of time before male Dogues start showing the same level of smartness. 

Additionally, both types of dogs are innately bright. Then, things start to boil down to training, food and nutrition, health, and love. When all of these are provided, then rest assured, the male or female Dogue will show his or her brilliance.

There may be varying opinions, but these all are solely based on the owners’ experiences.

What Do Female Dogue de Bordeauxs Have That Males Don’t?

The one thing that sets apart the female Dogue is her experience of having estrus, a scientific name for being “in heat”. Only those who have not been spayed will undergo this twice a year. In rare cases, spayed ones may also encounter such a natural occurrence in their bodies.

Being in heat means being ready to reproduce. In her first year, she will begin feeling this and it will last for about 21 days. If you don’t want any more puppies, make sure she does not get near any male dogs!

Which Gender Is a Better Guard Dog?

This is a difficult question. In fact, male and female Dogue de Bordeauxs both excel in guarding. The question is, who’s more trained to guard? If the other has been extensively put under several drills and the other has not, the experienced one is better. That means gender has not much of a factor here.

There are small details that need to be acknowledged though. For example, a male Dogue is much larger and muscular, more fearsome, and more territorial. Meanwhile, the female counterpart matures quicker and, therefore, learns at a young age, is more cautious toward strangers, more oriented about safeguarding her family members, and protective of her possessions. 

Which Gender Is More Aggressive?

Like humans, every Dogue de Bordeaux, male or female, is considered to be unique. Each one has its personality and even though male dogs exhibit more often an aggressive or alpha behavior, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are always more hostile than females.

The AKC clearly mentioned that an average Dogue de Bordeaux is courageous, affectionate, and loyal. Take note, the organization did not label each gender differently. No matter the sex, the Dogue de Bordeaux must possess all mentioned traits.

You can assess which of the two dogs is more aggressive only if there is a specific scenario. For example, a non-socialized male Dogue can be more belligerent than his female sibling or vice versa.

Which Gender Is More Trainable?

Both sexes can be trained with various drills and dog lessons. To better answer the inquiry, perhaps the right question would be, which dog can be trained quickly? Well, the answer would be the female Dogue. She reaches maturity at a shorter period compared to the male dog and she tends to be more serious at not just pleasing her owners but as well as fulfilling her duties.

At a young age, she can already grasp certain lessons as long as there is reinforcement, consistency, patience, and firmness. Meanwhile, the male Dogue can cope but only after some time. At the moment, he will maintain his puppy characteristics and carefree attitude. 

How Do Both Genders Act Around Children?

Males love to be rambunctious, especially when they are around kids who have the same energy level as they do. They are always up for fun so expect their games to be a bit messy. Since the male Dogues can be hyper, it could pose a problem to families with small children. He is a massive dog and he can end up accidentally injuring a child. Meanwhile, females are more careful, cautious, and passionate around kids. The great thing about them is that they won’t likely cause mishaps inside your home.

Pros of a Male Dogue de Bordeaux

  • More into outdoor activities
  • Grows big and fast
  • Larger as a guard dog
  • Can entertain well the kids
  • Bonds equally with all family members

Pros of a Female Dogue de Bordeaux

  • Bonds more to a particular family member
  • Extra careful around kids
  • Has a motherly, protective instinct
  • Very aloof toward strangers
  • More trainable

Other Considerations When Choosing

Even though you have almost decided which gender to choose, there are other more special circumstances you need to look into. Consider your home and the space inside it. Can they only accommodate a female dog or do you have a bigger space for a larger male Dogue? Also, see which between them is easier to handle.

Think about your other dogs as well. You have to pause for a moment and think about the potential interaction should you bring a new dog. Ideally, a male dog does better in a household with a female one and vice versa. Remember, sex aggression happens a lot in dogs. It might not show strongly yet while they are puppies, but after 6 months or one year, your two dogs of the same sex will end up being in each other’s throats.