Are Dogue de Bordeauxs Good Guard Dogs? All Your Questions Answered!

Without a doubt, yes, Dogue de Bordeauxs are excellent at guarding your family, home, and properties! Their unwavering loyalty to their owners matched with their instinct to protect is a trait they possess that can vanquish all worries regarding the safety of your home.

Photo from: maikel_crusoe (IG)

Looking for the best guard dog is not easy, especially since there are several dog breeds on the list. Deciding makes it even harder knowing that you also have to determine which dog would suit your family better. If you are eyeing the dignified and imposing Dogue de Bordeaux primarily as a pet and a guard dog, then this article is for you!

When Does a Dogue de Bordeaux Start Being Protective?

The Dogue de Bordeaux’s nature to protect would usually start showing by the time he reaches 6 to 8 months old. This is a phase when he gradually transitions from being a puppy who only knows how to play and have fun to a teenage dog who is starting to learn more about himself including the useful lessons taught to him. 

Just like it is with puppyhood, owners must focus more on instilling and ensuring that all pieces of training the dog has been learning have not been forgotten. Since his protective instinct kicks in during his teenage years, Dogue de Bordeaux parents can take advantage of this and start teaching him how to guard a home.

Are Male Dogue de Bordeauxs More Protective Than Females?

Both genders are very protective dogs, but their priorities differ. Male Dogue de Bordeauxs are more concerned about the territory, so you will most likely notice him scouting the yard a lot. His main area of concern is his home. Having unfamiliar people or stray animals cross the boundary would spark a reaction from him.

He highly values his grounds and a trained guard dog knows who’s welcome and who’s not inside his owner’s property.

On the other hand, female Dogues are more into protecting the family. Their motherly instinct is what mostly plays in their system. You would often see them inside your home with your kids or their puppies with a lack of motivation to have a “guard” stroll outside in your backyard. 

Why Is a Dogue de Bordeaux a Good Guard Dog?

History is deeply rooted in the Dogue de Bordeaux breed. He was mainly used as a dependable livestock guardian who would put predators in a dilemma concerning their plan to attack and devour farm animals. Although he’s now treated as a family pet, his thirst to safeguard remains in the blood, hence why he’s an excellent choice as a guard dog. 

He possesses several guard dog traits that would strengthen the argument that he is indeed competent to keep your home burglar-free. Below are what makes him a good guard dog:

He Has the Instinct

Dogue de Bordeauxs have this natural drive to protect their owners when the need arises. Although, of course, we don’t have the guarantee that every Dogue will defend their loved ones, most of them do! The instinct to protect is a breed characteristic that is often expected from the Dogue and this typically becomes more prominent when he’s one or two years old.

He Has the Intelligence

A good guard dog knows how to identify bad people from the good ones. This is only possible if he gets enough training on how to decipher abnormal behaviors. Intelligent guard dogs like a trained Dogue do not just immediately react at the sight of a stranger but rather observe his actions first whilst staying alert.

He is Intimidating

Let’s face it, a Dogue is over 99 to 110 pounds, considered to be France’s Mastiff with features consisting of a heavy and broad head, strong jaw, broad muzzle, a few wrinkles, and a stocky build. His physique and appearance are enough to make anyone take a step back at the sight of him! 

He is Fearless

A healthy Dogue who knows exactly what his purpose is as a family dog fears nothing, especially when the safety of his family is at risk. His extreme devotion to his owners adds up to his bravery. No matter how big his opponent is, this dog will not walk away without giving the person a fight. To put it simply, he is not easily menaced by anyone. 

Protect People From Your Dogue de Bordeaux

To have the Dogue de Bordeaux as a guard dog doesn’t just mean having someone to protect you. Your responsibility also includes protecting people from him. As an owner, you have to be committed to guaranteeing that your buddy won’t end up biting or running after someone. A good guard dog should be an asset and never a liability.

If you constantly have some guests coming over to your house, proper introduction needs to be done. Also, before you leave the house, your Dogue must be placed in a secured area where he can’t escape. A well-ventilated room or a crate is ideal.

7 Ways to Make Him a Good Guard Dog

A Dogue de Bordeaux is born a guard dog, but making him a good one needs honing. You don’t just expect him to figure things out himself on how to defend your home or your family but rather you have to take part and be a hands-on owner who will continuously guide him in becoming a good and reliable dog. 

Here are simple ways to make him an excellent guard dog:

  • Socialize him well.
  • Teach him to be obedient.
  • Reinforce his good behaviors.
  • Be consistent about his training.
  • Discourage bad behaviors.
  • Teach guard dog traits.
  • Teach him the bite training.

Are Two Dogue de Bordeauxs Better Than One?

A Dogue de Bordeaux can do well alone, but it is always better if there is another one of his kind at home. After all, it is like really making sure that your home is well-defended. In case one Dogue fails to do his duty, you still have one who will follow through with the task.

Moreover, intruders would usually have second thoughts about breaking into homes with two or more dogs. Their plan will involve a lot of risks, especially if they are not physically strong enough to hold on to two large dogs. 

In case you are going for two buddies for your home, it’s better to train the first one thoroughly before you get a second one.

Will an Untrained Dogue de Bordeaux Protect Its Owner?

Naturally, an untrained Dogue de Bordeaux will jump into the situation and attempt to defend his owner from an intruder. However, the difference is that although he knows what to do, he doesn’t know how to do it. Basically, he will not be able to protect you the way a trained dog would.

He will be clueless about the techniques he could use in fighting and safeguarding as well as when it comes to perceived threats. In other words, an untrained Dogue de Bordeaux is an unpredictable one and that is quite dangerous for anyone who’s around him.