How Big Do Dogue de Bordeauxs Get? The Ultimate Growth Chart!

The Dogue de Bordeaux or French Mastiff is a variation of the Mastiff breed. The family he belongs to is mainly composed of canines who are known for many things, specifically the size. As a French Mastiff puppy owner, you have to ask yourself how big can this dog get for him to have the right living environment as well as the needs that would support his normal growth.

The ideal size of an adult French Mastiff consists of a height that towers between 23 to 27 inches and a weight that reaches more than 99 or 110 pounds. Various factors can impact these proportions so be keen on observing your dog’s growth.

Learn the French Mastiff’s growth chart and more through this article!

Why Do I Have to Know My Puppy’s Adult Size?

There are a lot of advantages for a dog owner if he knows the expected size of his dog. If we are talking about the French Mastiff, the owner would be able to make wiser decisions when it comes to choosing the right size of his dog’s crate, bed, leash and collar type, harness, and even clothes.

This also enables French Mastiff parents to have better preparation in budgeting regarding their dog’s food needs, water, as well as exercise. Being a large dog, the 

Dogue would need to eat more than a small breed of dog would. In terms of exercise and other activities, you have the assurance that the Dogue is more robust compared to the more fragile Chihuahua. This does not mean though, the French Mastiff won’t need proper and delicate care just because he’s muscular and sturdy.

Determining the standard size of a French Mastiff will also help owners identify health problems in their dogs. Obesity is a common health issue in canines and informed owners would know when it is time to cut down the food or add more to the bowl. 

The Ideal Height of a Male and Female Dogue de Bordeaux

The ideal height depends on the gender of the said dog breed. Typically, male Dogues stand taller than the female ones. One reason to explain this is due to the estrogen hormones found in the body. A high concentration of estrogen in the blood ends up causing fusion in the growth plates. When this happens, the body becomes unable to respond to the hormones responsible for growth.

Remember that females generally reach maturity faster than male French Mastiffs. Meanwhile, the male Mastiffs have longer periods to reach their full size. 

The table below shows the ideal height of a male and female Dogue de Bordeaux. Notice that there is not much difference regarding the numbers for each gender. Still, the small gap proves that males are bigger than their counterparts:

Female23 to 27 inches
Male23 to 26 inches

Each French Mastiff is an individual. Growth rate happens uniquely and some may not reach the certain desired height at withers. Some might think that the dog might be unhealthy, but actually, such a thing can happen and the French Mastiff might still be perfectly healthy. The breed standards set by the American Kennel Club (AKC) are just there as a goal for breeders to improve their stock. 

When Does a Dogue de Bordeaux Reach Its Full Size?

Typically, French Mastiffs would take 19 months to reach their full adult size regardless of whether they are males or females. There are subtly slight differences, however, such as that females reach their final adult height and weight more quickly than the males.

Let us take a closer look at a more detailed chart regarding the journey to reaching the full size of both the male and female French Mastiffs:

Male Dogue de Bordeaux Weight Chart

AgeLow Average Weight in lbsHigh Average Weight in lbs
3 months3946
4 months5057
5 months5766
6 months6377
7 months7083
8 months7992
9 months85101
10 months90108
11 months94112
12 months97116
13 months99119
14 months101121
15 months103123
16 months105125
17 months108127
18 months110130
19 months132143

Female Dogue de Bordeaux Weight Chart

AgeLow Average Weight in lbsHigh Average Weight in lbs
3 months4048
4 months5061
5 months6273
6 months7385
7 months8293
8 months90102
9 months96111
10 months101119
11 months106124
12 months110130
13 months111132
14 months113133
15 months115135
16 months117137
17 months118138
18 months119139
19 months120140

Upon closer look at the chart, you would notice the small gaps regarding the weight progress of both the male and female French Mastiff. At the first few months up to a year, they add in so much mass making them grow large very rapidly. After a year, the speed of their growth slows down dramatically.

Factors That Contribute to a Dogue de Bordeaux’s Growth

Food & Diet

The food you provide to your French Mastiff must be suitable for his age. Puppies need extra care and attention since they are at a crucial stage in their lives. Give them high-quality meals that are balanced and complete in nutrition so their bodies mature well. Gradually shift it to adult dog food once he’s reaching a certain age beyond puppyhood and young adulthood. Ensure that he’s not lacking in protein, vitamins, minerals, lipids, and carbohydrates to prevent stunted growth. 


French Mastiffs don’t have very high physical needs but exercise remains a prerequisite in having a healthy lifestyle. Although exercise doesn’t directly impact growth, regularly sweating off improves muscles, bones, and good posture. On another hand, avoid overexercising your French Mastiff puppy or this may cause bone and joint issues later in life.

Worm Infection

Make sure your French Mastiff is dewormed to get rid of parasites in his body. If nothing is done and he’s got a worm infection, the nutrients his body is supposed to use for his further development are instead consumed by the worms that infest his stomach. This results in stunted growth.


If you have no plans on breeding your French Mastiff, it’s just right that he gets neutered (or spayed for females). This puts him at a lower risk regarding certain health issues only if the procedure was done right at the right time. Fixing the dog too early can cause more harm than good and this will also make your buddy appear taller, so ensure you consult your vet first before subjecting your French Mastiff to an operation. 

Now that you know how big French Mastiffs get, ready your home for this large chunky dog. Double-check everything from his dog food, play area, to his medical needs. The best way to guarantee that he grows up in his desired size is by giving him the kind of care he needs.