How Much Does a Bullmastiff Eat? Feeding Tips & Best Dog Foods to Buy

The recommended daily amount your Bullmastiff should eat is 3 to 4 cups of high-quality dog food, divided into two meals. The quantity then changes depending on several factors such as age, size, metabolism rate, and activity level.

Since not all dogs are the same, you have to closely monitor your buddy regarding his lifestyle. Surely, if he’s a couch potato, you shouldn’t feed him the same amount as you would with a very active dog. To be guided regarding Bullmastiff feeding, Keep going through this article for details and tips!

How Often in a Day Should You Feed a Bullmastiff?

Age is a huge determiner of how often your Bullmastiff should be fed. Puppies generally need to be given their meals 5 times a day compared to adults who would thrive in only two eating sessions. 

The reason behind the frequency of feeding for puppies is because their early years serve as the foundation for their future health. They would need loads of nutrients to support their growth and development. This has to continue until they reach their adult size.

Meanwhile, those who transition into adult Bullmastiffs need to gradually adjust to having 5 meals to just 2 in a day. Their metabolic rates change rapidly making their bodies burn fewer calories and store the majority of it into fats. With that, it is important that mature dogs have to be provided at least 20% fewer calories to maintain a healthy weight.

The same applies to senior Bullmastiffs. However, they would need a different type of diet. Since they typically move slowly and can’t exert much effort as they do during their younger years, they would require a high-fiber diet for their gastrointestinal health and a lower calorie diet to prevent them from becoming overweight.

Diet Plan For Bullmastiffs of All Ages

Knowing how to enforce a diet plan for your Bullmastiff pet will help a lot in ensuring that he grows up healthy. Remember, you just can’t feed him anything. Giving him food just to fill his stomach is not the goal, but rather to give him access to superb meals that are packed with nutrients. 

Here are the common rules of diet for your Bullmastiff of all ages:

3-6 Months of Age (Puppy Stage)

Hailed to be the most crucial stage in a dog’s life, never choose dog foods that contain chemicals as this could be detrimental to his health. Moreover, avoid giving him bones at such an early stage. This can lead to choking or cause serious damage to his throat, mouth, or intestines.  

As a general rule, you can feed him 3-6 cups of dry kibble daily or depending on his weight. 

6-12 Months (Adolescent Stage)

Go for chicken, rice, and oatmeal formulas for Bullmastiffs of this age. Never attempt to provide him high-protein meals right away to prevent him from gaining too much weight quickly. You can add in a few slices of fruits and vegetables to balance out the nutrients he’d receive. 

An estimated 6-9 cups a day will suffice. 

1-8 Years (Adult Stage)

What you continuously feed your Bullmastiff will most likely determine how long he’s going to live. By this stage, you can opt for a raw diet. Since this breed is prone to cancer, you can also add in a healthy amount of fish oil, or animal fat and protein to fight off the effects of cancer. 

About 8-12 cups a day is enough.

8 Years and Above (Senior or Geriatric Dogs)

A geriatric Bullmastiff dog would still need meat in his diet. However, you have to add back the rice as an essential part of his game plan. This is a digestible carbohydrate and a good source of energy for older dogs. 

Regarding how much he’d need to eat, determine if he’s still active. Typically, old dogs eat less than adults.

Note: Always talk to your vet and consult what food suits your Bullmastiff the most. He’ll consider your buddy’s health, weight, height, and age and tailor a suitable diet plan. 

Important Tips to Remember Feeding Your Bullmastiff

Feeding is not as simple as just placing food in the dog’s bowl. There are certain things you have to bear in mind so he grows up to be strong and healthy with little to no problems, especially in terms of digestion.

To help you with that, we have collected several important tips whenever it’s eating time for your Bullmastiff.

Teach Your Bullmastiff How to Eat

Place the food bowl on chest level so it is only the Bullmastiff’s muzzle that gets into the plate. Being a large and considerably tall dog, he will also avoid getting a bad posture that will lead to back problems from constantly bending over to drink or eat.

Associate Your Hands With Food

Some dogs get overprotective if someone’s near their food bowls. To discourage an aggressive reaction, try to help him understand that you’re not there to take it away but rather to give him something fulfilling. You can make use of treats! Since he usually drools after eating, you can then wipe his muzzle with a towel without him showing hostility toward you.

Give Him Two Different Bowls

Designate one bowl for his meal and another for fresh water. Never leave a plate with uneaten food if you have other dogs as they would be tempted to finish it and it could make them overweight. As for water, ensure that it’s always available.

Check the Foods Temperature

Foods that are either too hot or too cold are not good for Bullmastiffs. Extreme temperatures could cause him gastric disorders! Always aim that their food is coherent with their normal body temperature. 

Avoid Wrong Mixtures of Food

You can consult your vet on this one. Generally, it is not advisable to mix various kinds of raw and cooked food in one meal as this can cause digestive system diseases. On another note, you can throw him a small number of fruits and veggies occasionally. 

Go For Quality, Not Quantity

If your buddy has quite an appetite for a dog, it is important that the food is high-quality rather than be great in quantity. If he eats loads of dog food filled with fillers, he won’t be able to have the right nutrients he’d need.

Best Dog Food Products for Your Bullmastiff

Dog foods in the market can give you a headache. Some are great and some aren’t, so you have to be careful which ones to actually go for. Those who are packed with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients will make your Bullmastiff happy and full of vigor. Since this is a large dog breed, you also have to choose a brand that would support his size. 

You can check out some of the best dog food products below: