How to Attach a Dog Tag Collar? What Should Be Put On the Dog Tag?

Walking in the park or neighborhood could be your daily task since dogs need regular exercise. To do this successfully, you’ll be needing a leash and collar that is suitable to your dog’s body size and height. Another wonderful addition to your everyday stroll is a dog tag. It can help you a lot in case your dog wanders away and does not find its way to you. Imagine how stressful it could be when you lost your dog and you are unsure of the chances of them coming back. But, when your dog wears a dog tag, your contact details will be displayed. However, the challenge here is how to attach the dog tag securely on its dog’s collar so that the chances of your dog getting back is high.

To help you attach a dog tag, we’ve enumerated a list of steps to easily do it securely.

Step 1: Buy a Dog Tag

If in case you don’t have a dog id tag, buy first and make sure that your information is present. Buy tags that are made of stainless steel, so that they won’t easily get ruined.

Step 2: Remove Current Collar

Do not attach the dog tag if it is still on your dog’s neck. Take the collar first and place it on a flat surface. Attaching the pet tag will be easier this way.

Step 3: Look for S Hook and Key Rings

The pet id tag when given to you usually has its S hook or Key Ring that is attached to it. Take hold of either of the two and if you don’t find one you can buy Quick Clips or Taglock.

Step 4: Get Fliers Ready

It will be easier to attach an S-hook if you are using a plier. But if you have a Keyring, Quick clips, and Taglock, then you can pretty much attach the tags easily. 

Step 5: Attach The Tag

Once the necessary material is ready, take hold of the collar and attach the S hook to the Collar Ring. The visible gap and spaces when you attach the hook can be secure using a plier by pressing on both ends, 

Step 6: Return the Dog Collar

After the tag is securely attached to the dog’s collar, you can now return the collar to your dog’s neck. Make sure that you are leaving two fingers of space so that your pooch won’t choke.

What Should Be Put On the Dog Tag?

Since the purpose of why you have to attach a dog tag is so that in case someone steals your dog, there’s proof that it is yours. So you might be asking what is the necessary information that you can add on the dog tag aside from its name.

1. Owner’s Address, Number, and Name

It will be the most important information that you could put on your dog tag. Give your contact details so that it’s easier for strangers to look for you and contact you. There are choices that you have to make on which information to include since the tag is small. You can ask the one who engraves to insert a couple more letters to be sure that your dog is well-packed with details to be found easily.

2. Medical Conditions

You could include the medical conditions of your dog, write a history of the triggers or put in there if the dog is vaccinated or not.

3. Reward Offer

Ensure that the person who found your dog returns it safely. Put in the id tag a reward offer so that they’ll know that they are going to expect that amount when they return the dog.

4. Message

You can put any message you want, it’s either “Feed the Dog” or “Return Him Safely”. You can write whatever message you have in mind as long as it isn’t that long and can be put on a small tag for dogs.

Types of Dog Tag

There are different dog tags that you can consider choosing so that it’s easier to attach to your furry friend’s collar.

  • Hanging Tag

It is the most common tag that you can find on the market. If you’re going to choose something like this tag you can easily grab one on the market or online. It is easy to attach but you’re going to have problems with the noise since it is hanging. The tag could be snatched by any object along the way and often hurt your dog if there is a pointy hook that wasn’t installed properly.

  • Slide-on Tag

This could be the safest dog tag and the easiest to attach. It has a slit that allows it to insert it into the dog’s collar. What’s amazing about this collar is it won’t be snatched by anything because it is not hanging and it wouldn’t make any annoying noise. In addition, the tag couldn’t possibly hurt your dog because it is flat and does not have a pointy object on it. The only downside to this tag is that it is limited to a certain dog collar and you can’t engrave too many words. You can’t use the backside of the tag thus you can only select limited information.

  • Rivet-on Tags

It is a type of dog tag that has to be attached to the collar using rivets. It is somewhat similar to a slide-on tag but this one uses a rivet on the collar. It wouldn’t snatch on anything and it won’t also allow any information to be engraved in the back.

  • Personalized Dog Collar

It is a tag on a collar, you can order this at a personalized pet store wherein they will embroider the dog’s information on the collar. It will use a wide collar so that information is visible to other people.

  • QR Dog’s Tag

Mostly this one is attached hanging on the collar. However, instead of engraved information, you will find a Qr code on the tag. The finder of the dog tag will only need to scan the QR code to get the necessary information about your dog.

Well, there’s nothing to worry about in attaching a tag to a dog’s collar because it’s easy and wouldn’t give you so much of a sweat in doing it. The steps will guide you and help you to successfully secure your dog when they get lost during a run or going to a new place. Also, this article will give you choices on what type of dog tag to use based on the convenience and your dog’s preference. Invest in a good collar, leash, and pet tag which is the basic tool to have in walking outside, exercising, and playing in the park. Also, if you own an expensive breed, do not forget to put a reward in case someone doesn’t return it because of the breed.