How to Block a Dog From Going Under The Bed: 8 Tips and More!

Have you been wondering why your dog loves to be under your bed all the time and you are struggling to get him out of it? This behavior can be quite annoying and might disturb you in your sleep since dogs tend to dig their spot to fluff it up. Know that various reasons would explain why this happens. 

It is just important that dog owners know what triggers this behavior so they can assess the situation correctly and prevent the dog from going back to the same old spot in your room. Learn tips and more only through this article!

5 Reasons Why Your Dog Wants to Be Under The Bed

There are countless possibilities why your pooch loves to be under your bed. Instinctually, having a sort of shelter is a primary need for domesticated animals, so don’t be too surprised if one of your dogs dashes off to your room for some reason. 

To save you from being puzzled, we will unravel the top 5 reasons why your dog wants to be under your bed.

He Loves to Have Privacy

For most dogs, being alone in a safe area is a good and pleasurable thing. Just like humans, they may want to have their me-time and have found out that the best space in the house is to be under your bed. Admittingly, there are other more perfect hiding spots at home like the chair or the table, but some pooches prefer furniture that is not being constantly moved. 

He’s Physically Unwell

Whether your pet dog was stung by a bee or is feeling internally sick, hiding is the usual response. Animals process pain the same way that we do, but their behavior was developed long ago during the evolutionary process. In the wild, it is part of the survival instinct to hide away from predators when an animal is sick or suffering from an injury.

Although of course, we know for a fact that dogs do not live in the wild, their direct ancestors, the wolves, do. The behavior has been passed down to the genetic line of all dogs, but this does not certainly mean that all sickly dogs will hide away from their owners. 

He’s Anxious or Afraid

Have you noticed from the past New Year’s Eve when your dog got startled by the sound and blast of the firecrackers? The next thing you know was that he’s down under your bed, shivering in anxiety. The explanation behind this is simple. Loud and unfamiliar noises scare him to the core and his automatic response was to look for a secure hiding spot.

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The next time this happens, it is advised to condition your dog to receive treats after the sound of a firework. Talk to him in a soothing voice as well as a sort of assurance that everything is fine. If it isn’t the noise that scares him, lead him to a spot away from whatever he perceives as frightening. 

There Might Be Food Under the Bed

Some of us love to eat in our bedrooms. Hiding snacks is a thing for most of us too! This may just be the perfect reason why some pooches love to hang out in our private space. It is entirely possible that a bag of chips was left open and your dog dragged it down under your bed so he can finish it up without being caught. 

He Senses a Change in Your Home

If your home was normally peaceful and your dog is used to just having his family at home, a change in his environment such as having visitors over would affect his behavior. It is true that dogs need socialization and are generally interactive with others, however, there are just times when your dog would feel like isolating himself from the rest.

Hiding is his way of saying “That’s enough for now” in terms of being social. 

8 Tips to Stop Your Dog From Going Under the Bed

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If you don’t know what to do to keep your dog from going back under your bed, we have collected the top 8 proven and tested tips to discourage your four-legged baby from repeating the same undesirable behavior! 

  1. Assess if your dog is afraid of something. If you just got the pup, it could be that he’s still adjusting to his new home. You have to go out of your way and ensure he’s well-loved. If this is not the case, check if he finds your other pets too intimidating or if he feels uncomfortable toward other people in the house.
  1. Get him a new dog bed. There might be a chance that your pooch no longer feels happy with his bed which he has been using since he was a puppy. Possibilities are that he has overgrown from it or the bed no longer offers support. Purchase a quality dog bed from PetFusion for a more comfortable and relaxing experience.
  1. Use positive reinforcements. Help your dog understand that whenever he’s not under your bed, a treat or other forms of rewards await him. This will take some time and dedication, but it is worth all the effort!
  1. Bring him to the vet. Suspecting that your pooch has an illness, it’s just necessary for him to visit the vet. His “going back and forth” under your bed can be a sign of withdrawal due to pain and discomfort and having the issue treated will solve this behavior. 
  1. Develop a bond with your dog. Are you spending enough time with your buddy? If not, the dog’s behavior of frequenting under your bed might be his way of getting closer to you. Ensure he’s not lacking in love, care, and attention.
  1. Buy him a dog crate. Dog crates offer a sense of security for the dog if it’s introduced right. Instead of finding solace by being in your room, a crate-trained pooch will instead head his way to his space. 
  1. Use bed blockers. The best way to keep the dog from being under your bed is to give him no access to it. Squeeze in some items or boxes to fill out the space below or purchase manufactured bed blockers from QIYIHOME. They are so easy to install!
  1. Give him a designated area for sleeping. Establish a particular spot for him instead of letting him decide for himself which area is perfect for resting.

Can Spraying Citrus Fragrance Keep My Pooch Off My Bed?

Definitely! No matter what kind of citrus spray you use whether it be lemon, orange, lime, or grapefruit, all dogs dislike the sour smell they emit. Spraying a citrusy formula down your bed will deter him from hanging out on the spot he usually goes to. Plus, the fragrance is not that overpowering compared to other aromas you can find in the market. 

Once you employ this method, your dog will be gradually conditioned to dislike being under your bed. As a result, he’ll go and look for a new spot he’ll consider as his haven.