How to Wear Dog Tags: 6 Steps + Their Pros and Cons

Save yourself from the horror after realizing that your dog has found their way out of the house. They’ve probably dashed when they saw the front door open, or they’ve diligently dug a hole under the fence. While it’s possible for your dog to go missing, the worry won’t be too much if they are wearing a dog tag.

Though sure your pooch is microchipped, the person that discovers your dog might not have a chip reader nor the knowledge on where to bring a missing dog. A dog tag offers immediate information to people who would bump into a runaway dog.

But how do you put on a dog tag? What are the steps to ensure it doesn’t get off your dog’s neck? All the details you need will be tackled through this post.

Why Are Dog Tags Important?

ID tags help identify a dog as well as their owner. After all, there’s always a chance for them to go off missing, more so if you have a Beagle. But with ID tags, a successful reunion between the dog and the owner is expected as these contain the essential contact information of the dog’s family.

Also, despite the advancement in technology when it comes to tracking down the whereabouts of your pooch, it can’t be denied that dog tags are the easiest and cheapest way to keep your buddy from getting lost.

According to the American Humane, around 10 million pets go missing in the United States. A huge number end up in several animal shelters, and only around 15% of dogs without microchips or dog tags have reunited with their humans.

No doubt, losing a pet is heartbreaking. This is why the same organization has started a campaign called “Every Day is Tag Day™.” It urges pet owners to put a tag or get their dogs microchipped so the number of missing dogs will plummet.

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What Information to Put In Your Dog’s ID Tag

Having known the significant purpose of making your dog wear an ID tag, the next thing to think about is what to put on it. Remember, the space is very limited, and you want to maximize it as much as you can. Choose what detail to put in it, and we’ve listed the essential ones for you to consider:

1. Your phone number: If ever your dog gets lost in the city, anyone who will come across them would be able to immediately contact you. 

2. Your city address: Include your entire address or be specific as much as possible. The chances are that the person who finds your dog might be able to drive the pooch all the way to where you live.

3. Your dog’s name: Always include your dog’s name in the ID tag. After all, it’s an item for identification.

4. Microchip information: You can also squeeze in your dog’s microchip information for a better chance of them getting returned.

5. Your dog’s condition: State whether your dog is disabled or not (E.g., blind or deaf).

6. An alternate phone number: In case your phone cannot be reached, it’s a good idea to include your neighbor’s number on the dog tag.

Ensure that the details you provided would allow the person that finds your dog to reach out to you. 

5 Things to Look For In a Perfect ID Tag

You can have a custom-made ID tag for your dog. Just visit your desired pet store, and they’ll have it made for you. Don’t forget that your vet can also provide a perfect dog tag, so check that out as well. 

However, with loads of potential places to get your dog’s ID tag, it can be quite a headache to choose the right one. What you should have is something that’s durable, serves its purpose, and won’t make your dog uncomfortable.

Well, here are 5 things to look for while shopping for it:

1. Slide-on dog tag: This is one of the favored ID tag types by thousands of dog parents. You just slide it in over a robust collar, and it’s impossible to break.

2. Material: some dog tags last longer than others. There are those that are made out of steel, aluminum, and plastic. Make sure your chosen dog tag can stand the test of time.

3. Shape: You have a variety of options for your dog’s ID shape. It can be in the form of a bone, a puppy face, or other basic shapes. 

4. Decoration: If you have a bigger budget, you can certainly add more aesthetics to your dog’s collar. Add in some rhinestones or anything colorful as a design. Just make sure that these displays won’t cover the crucial information in your dog’s ID tag.

5. Size: Dog tags should be in a reasonable size that would allow people to properly read the information engraved on it. Also, it shouldn’t be too big for your dog.

6 Steps on How to Put the ID Tag on Your Dog

Wondering how to properly put on your dog’s new ID tag? We have all the steps you need. Just follow through with this easy procedure:

1. Check if the tag has a clasp. You can take advantage of this, especially if your pooch doesn’t sit still.

2. Pay attention to how the dog tag is attached. While some items have an S-hook on them, it’s more ideal to go for the split ring ones. This way, your pooch will be less likely to get caught on random things they pass by into.

3. Test of the dog tag makes sounds. As much as possible, install one that’s not noisy at all. Some dogs dislike the constant clanging their dog tag makes, and this can reduce their quality of life.

4. Get your dog to sit still. Ready your reward if he behaves well. Then gently put around the collar on his neck and make sure it’s done properly.

5. Ensure that the essential information is secured safely on the collar.

6. Lastly, reward your dog for being such a good boy.

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Pros and Cons of Wearing Dog Tags


  • They’re cheap.
  • They’re easy to read.
  • They can be customized.
  • They’re always available in pet stores.
  • They’re the fastest way to identify the dog and know their owner.


  • Some dog tags can be noisy.
  • They can be a choking hazard if not placed properly.
  • Your dog may not feel comfortable wearing their ID tag.

Where to Buy Dog Tags

There are several stores that sell quality dog tags. Consider going to Petco, Walmart, or Petsmart. They will have various ID tags that might fit your preference in design, color, style, and material.

You may also consider visiting Amazon for their wide array of dog tags that come in different colors, aesthetics, and more. Simply provide all the needed information, and the item will be shipped immediately.