How to Make a Beagle Puppy to Sleep at Night? What to Do When My Beagle Puppy Cries at Night?

Who would have thought that other than babies, a beagle puppy can keep you away from sleep at night. They are basically dog babies but we frequently thought that dogs will be less maintenance and less demanding. A lot of couples prefer having dogs instead of a baby which is an acceptable decision. And getting a new beagle puppy will give them a quite similar experience of having sleepless nights because of babies.

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So how can a dog owner make a beagle puppy sleep at night?

1. Begin a Sleep Schedule

A Beagle pup aging one to two months old does not have a structured sleeping cycle because usually, they are just around their mom. What’s common to them at that age is feeding themselves together with their brothers and sisters. Because of the change of environment and people, they will tend to be anxious. They will sleep and wake up for no particular time that is why you have to begin giving them a sleep schedule.

Train them to follow the sleep schedule. Of course, it should be implemented based on the convenient hours that a dog parent will sleep or be awake. As the days go by, a beagle will learn to follow and make the schedule a habit.

2. Interact With Your Puppy

New beagle puppies will tend to get anxious because of the change. They will look for a familiar presence around their mom and siblings. To help them get past this, you have to interact and give them lots of attention. It will create a bond that will make them realize that they are in a safe place together with the new family. Furthermore, by showering them with attention, praises, food, and cuddles the beagle will trust you and their loyalty will lie on you.

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3. Increased Activity Level

Most of the dogs will fall asleep after an activity that will drain their energy. To enable your beagle puppy to rest at night you have to increase their activities. By incorporating exercise, playtime, or a quick walk, you can ensure that your dogs will be tired and quickly fall into sleep.

Furthermore, beagles are active breeds and it would be a great help for them to use all the energy they have in a day. Just like any human being, these exercises will create a better life for beagle puppies as they grow old and fully mature.

You can split the exercise during the morning so that they can have nap time around the afternoon and during the evening so that they’ll be tired and sleep straight away. After the exercise, feed them and prepare them to sleep. It will be helpful if you do this at the same time each day to create a sleep routine. Your puppy will also understand that after an evening exercise, it’s time to have a restful sleep.

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4. Crate Training 

If your puppy always roams around the house at night. Plus they tend to be destructive and ruin a lot of things then you can start crate training for them. By doing this training, you can instill a mindset in your dog that it’s time to fall asleep. During the day you can take them out from their crate and allow them to play and eat. But, during the night you have to place them in a crate for them to fall asleep. 

It will not be easy training cause a lot of puppies tend to cry. You have to use praises and wheat-free treats so that your beagle puppy will be motivated and feel secure. In addition, you can make your dog’s crate more comfortable by providing fluffy beds, stuffed toys, and a blanket with your scent on it.

Crate training would also help your dog not to pee anywhere. It will practice them on scheduled pee time. Your beagle would not want to ruin their bed and will prevent peeing on the crate as long as they can hold.

5. Ensure a Quiet Bedtime

Beagle puppies need to have 18-20 hours of sleep per day and for you to be sure that they will not be awake at night. Make their bed and the surrounding environment quiet and free of distractions. If your beagle puppy is sleeping with you, try not to ruin their sleep because of your unintentional kicks. You can put their bed in a corner and turn off the lights so that your puppy will be more relaxed to sleep. Additionally, you can also put on music that can soothe the place and allows a relaxing aura for a night of deep sleep.

Prevent distractions by separating your dogs at night or prevent them from going to the kitchen to scavenge some food. If you have rats around the house, your beagle puppy will tend to wake up and chase them. Solve your rat problem around the house by getting a cat or poisoning them. Also, make sure that when you are using the phone, lower the sounds or use a headset to avoid distraction to the puppy. 

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6. Potty Training

In most cases, your beagle puppy will wake you up because they need to pee. They will not want to ruin their bed or your bed. That’s why they will bark to wake you up. If you don’t have a potty pad around the house, then you need to take them outside in the middle of the night which is a hassle and annoying. To avoid this, you have to give your beagle puppy proper potty training and schedule. 

Before you let the puppy in the bed or crate, make sure that you take them outside and wait for them to pee or poop. Afterward, you take them to their bed. Reward your dog through treats if they are obedient in peeing before going to bed and load them with praises. 

If there are instances that your dog is only holding the need to pee, then the first thing you would do in the morning is to free them outside or lead them to the potty pad. When they witness the morning, a puppy can now differentiate the difference between night and day. Allowing them to understand that when night time comes it’s time to sleep and when morning comes it’s time to wake up.

7. Meal Schedules

Because you wanted to create a sleeping routine for your puppies, you need to make their meal schedules agree with it. You can’t allow a puppy to sleep at mealtime and you don’t want your pup to be hungry any time of the day. Establish a consistent time for meals and stick to it no matter what. If you do this successfully, you will not have to call your dog during meals because they will be the ones to go near their food bowls.

Meals will also indicate that when it is finished a corresponding exercise or potty time will follow. Also, avoid meals just before the dog goes to sleep. It will make them full and might hinder the sleep of your puppy.

8. Trick Them With Treats

When a desperate time comes, use the power of dog treats. Of course, do this moderately because it can harm your dog. If by any means they are not going to lie on the bed and keep moving around, then you can trick them by putting a dog treat on the bed or crate. Command them to lie down and if they do you give them a treat otherwise there will be no treats and praises.

Your puppy will tend to follow but be sure they will not get used to it because they might not sleep without a treat on the bed. Use this once or twice and be consistent with other training.

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What to Do When My Beagle Puppy Cries at Night

For starters, a puppy that is new to your home will cry because they are anxious or fearful. As a dog parent, you have to understand and identify the reason for their cries. Most importantly, provide comfort by placing them near you and allowing them to sleep with you. Give them affection and human touch. As much as possible do not leave them crying because it might worsen their anxiety.

At first, you have to expect demands from your puppies because they are still babies and weren’t trained for anything. You have to try to solve the problem and see if they stop crying. In addition, getting mad or annoyed with them is not going to help. It will just worsen the cries of your puppy thus as much as possible tend to their needs whether it’s food, companion, the need to pee, or scary objects.

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Getting a new beagle puppy requires patience and understanding. You have to be a mom or a dad to them that constantly tends to their needs. Always keep in mind that they are puppies and don’t have prior knowledge on time, potty, and the dos and don’ts around the house. Don’t get easily mad or annoyed if you can’t sleep at night because eventually, they can adjust to your schedule. Time will pass and your beagle puppy will learn the necessary training. However, you have to be intentional in training them because dogs can’t learn on their own. Also, start investing in comfortable beds and pillows for your beagle puppy so that they will be encouraged to sleep and rest.