Why Does My Beagle Sleep So Much? Learn to Minimize Beagle Sleeping Habits.

There are moments that beagle owners are eager to exercise or go out. Yet when they look around, their Beagle is sleeping on the couch even if it’s still daytime. They look like they’ve done something tiring because they’ve been sleeping so much. And you ask yourself, why do beagles have a tendency to sleep around so much?

Beagles tend to sleep to regain their energy level and strength especially if they’ve done exercise. In addition, it is normal for dogs to sleep more hours than humans. It is the given trait for most dogs except for the ones that were bred for work and law enforcement purposes. Further, adult beagles will tend to sleep more because of their age and health issues. However, there are a lot of instances why a certain beagle will get hours of sleep every day.

1. Beagles Experiencing Boredom

Beagles will fall asleep because there are not many things to do. Dogs have limited entertainment, unlike their owners that can find a lot of things to do from being busy with work, gadgets, dates, and games. Even having toys for dogs, they can still get bored if they are already used to it. A dog can feel bored most of the time if they are being tied down in chains, staying in a crate, or stuck indoors.

They can have more fun running in the backyard, digging and exploring as well as having the exercise that they need.

2. Older & Puppy Beagles

Puppies and older dogs tend to sleep more than dogs with age in between. Because as for puppies, they needed sleep for their growth development. Just like babies, puppies require more time to lie around and gain the energy that they need for the brain, heart, immune system, and muscles.

When Beagle pups move around and play, they are easily tired, thus they will find a comfortable place and sleep there. The same goes with beagles that are of age, because their health and energy start to degrade you can find them more inactive and sleeping all the time.

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3. Overweight Beagles

When humans have more weight than they ought to have, they will tend to sleep more and refuse to be active. One factor would be laziness but when humans are in this stage it’s easier to just sleep than exercise. It is true for beagles too, when your beagle is overweight they will sleep more than usual.

4. Sick Beagles

Another reason a beagle will sleep more in the morning is that it’s suffering from various health issues. There are common illnesses a Beagle can get especially if they don’t have proper diet and exercise. Older dogs will be prone to illnesses too thus they will sleep more every day.

How to Minimize Beagle Sleeping Habits

In general 12 hours of sleep for dogs is normal, there’s no need to get worried when you find your dog sleeping 12 hours per day. However, that doesn’t mean that you will not do something fun so that their beagle days will not just be filled with sleep but with fun and exciting activities.

You can try incorporating the following activities so that your Beagle will not tend to sleep more than it used to. 

  • Give Your Beagle Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys are going to give your Beagle a lot of Fun. Basically, puzzle toys will allow you to put a treat inside and your dog has to think about how to get the treat. Puzzle toys have a lot of levels, choose the ones that are suited for your beagle. They are intelligent breeds thus they can handle the puzzle toys while they eat. In addition, it can prevent your dog from overeating and it will take time for them to chew the food.

Puzzle toys are a great mental stimulation and brain development for dogs that have nothing to do in the house. The product will be engaging and fun. What’s amazing about puzzle toy is that they have levels. Once your dog is done with level one you can give your beagle level 2 and so on & on.

  • Daily Walks & Exercise

Exercise and Daily Walks are proven activities that can keep your Beagle away from sleep. Walking will keep your beagle grounded at the present moment and enjoy the surroundings. Dogs that are given 30 minutes of walk and exercise per day were much happier and healthier. 

If you can’t get your Beagle to have daily walks and exercise, then it would be helpful that you get a dog walker. At least, your Beagle will get the required exercise per day. They can burn calories as well as feel alive and happy.

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How to Train Your Beagle to Sleep According to Your Routine

There are times that the Beagle and pet owners don’t have the same sleep patterns. It’s either the Beagle sleeps at night and the owner is wide awake or the owner is awake at day while the Beagle is asleep. It is important that both of you have the same routine so that you can bond and spend time together. It would be easier to feed your pet Beagle as well.

1. Drain the Energy During the Day

Set the walks and exercise activity of your Beagle during the Day so that they are tired at night. You have to allow them to play outside during the day so that they will know that playtime is during the day and not at night. Set a routine or specific time that you will put your Beagle on the crate or on its bed to indicate sleep.

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2. Meal Routine

It’s important that you feed your Beagle at the same time each day. It will create a meal routine for your Beagle and most probably they will be awake and in time for the meal so that they will not miss it. In addition, avoid a poor diet because it will lead to many medical issues.

3. Toilet Before Sleep

Beagles or most dogs will not fall asleep when they want to pee or poop. You have to take them outside or lead them to the litter box to make sure that they pee first for them to have a comfortable and undisturbed sleep. It will also avoid adult dogs or puppies from accidentally peeing on the bed. Create this sleep routine so that you as a pet owner will not be disturbed on your bed at night.

4. Play Time During The Day

Spend time or play with your Beagle during the day for them to be excited to wake in the morning for they know that it is time to play or have fun. It’s not necessary that you will play all the time, both of you can have a quiet time wherein you will both sit around and watch TV.

How Many Hours of Sleep Does My Beagle Need?

Your Beagle will need 10 to 12 hours of sleep per day. Therefore, it’s fine if your Beagle sleeps longer than you. If you find them having a nap again during the day, let them. However, don’t allow them to the extent that they will just sleep all day because of boredom.

Beagle’s can go on their days with 50% sleeping, 30% just lying around but not asleep and the remaining 20% is to be active. Make sure that your Beagle will have an active time during the day because when they grow older, they will be more prone to sleeping than doing anything.

Furthermore, Beagles will tend to have a series of naps during the day. Because there are times that they can’t fall into a deep sleep thus they need to sleep more.

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How Should I Know if I Need to Get Help on My Beagle Sleeping Patterns?

You can identify that your Beagle is going through something by observing its sleeping patterns. Here is the following list to take into consideration:

*If your Beagle is sleeping when obviously their favorite toy or dog friend is there.

*Your Beagle is still sleeping even though their food is already prepared and served.

*When your Beagle falls asleep in the middle of a play or while running in the backyard.

*Your Beagle wakes up suddenly in a state of distress.

*Sudden change in sleeping patterns.

Pet owners will instantly feel that there’s something wrong with their Beagles. You have to visit your vet and do a consultation about your Beagle’s sleeping habits. Dogs that are drowsy will tend to have illnesses such as:



*Back Pain



There are Beagles that will tend to be lazy, not all beagles are the same. It would still depend on its environment, human families, diet, and personality.

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Sometimes it is beneficial that our Beagles fall asleep during the day because they can be demanding and annoying at times. When you are doing some chores they will include themselves and want to play. Nevertheless, let us not forget the responsibilities that we have as dog parents. We ought to give them healthy food, proper exercise, regular check-ups, and playtime. Don’t just let your Beagles be bored, plan exciting activities that are engaging to your Beagle and to you.