Grooming Guide: How to Use a Dog Grooming Table

Grooming your dog properly makes him look and feel great. The frequency of giving him grooming sessions will largely depend on the breed, size, lifestyle, and type of coat. Nevertheless, the purpose of this is to ensure that his teeth, ears, nails, and coat don’t exhibit any signs of problems like infections. 

More often than not, we prefer to do dog grooming at the most convenient place- our home. However, there are certain things you would need to guarantee that your dog’s hygiene is top-notch. Professional groomers have complete equipment which includes the grooming table. You might be wondering, “How important is a grooming table?”

We’ll give you the answers, unveil how to use it, and more, so keep reading!

How Important is a Quality Pet Grooming Table?

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A high-quality pet grooming table is important to every groomer or even owners who groom their dogs often. It offers several features that promise comfort not just to the dog but for you as well. The average length of time in completely getting around your dog is 1 hour, but low-maintenance breeds would only take around 20 minutes.

Regardless of the amount of time spent cleaning the dog, it can eventually cause discomfort for the groomer if the table being used is inappropriate, more so if there’s no table used at all. For example, if the grooming table is too short or low, the groomer can experience and develop back pains. Meanwhile, for the dog, a table that’s too small can cause him to sit since he can’t stand on the platform comfortably. This will cause the session to take longer than expected.

These are just some of the reasons that should encourage you to buy the right dog grooming table. Of course, weigh thoroughly on whether this is highly needed or not, but one thing is for sure, this is going to be one of your best and also most expensive investments in dog ownership.

7 Steps on How to Use a Dog Grooming Table

Using a dog grooming table is quite easy. Depending on what type you have, whether it be hydraulic or foldable, you can just easily adapt to its features. Now, if you have your table ready and you are not sure how to use it, here are the steps that will guide you along the way:

  1. First, let the dog get up to the table. Make it as low as possible so he can easily get on top of it.
  1. You can use a strong chain or a grooming noose to help him stay in place. There are bands attached to protect his throat and keep the collar from tightening. Consider the dog’s height and lower the collar when needed. 
  1. Adjust the arm table if necessary. Ensure that it is neither too low nor too high and the same applies to the grooming loop. If it’s too high, the dog won’t be able to stand comfortably. If it’s too low, he may fall off the table. Generally, the arm table is placed in the center at the side of the table.
  1. If your dog has special needs like a tracheal collapse condition, you can let your dog stand in the other direction which does not face the grooming arm, and transfer the loop to his chest under the armpit. Brachycephalic and senior dogs who have breathing problems may benefit from this setup as well.
  1. Never use a slipknot. This can cause tightness on his neck. Worse is if the dog panics, he may fall off the table and this may cause serious injuries. 
  1. Start grooming your dog. While at it, ensure that he’s comfortable and if there are any signs of discomfort, recheck the table features he’s using. 
  1. Hydraulic tables are operated manually and can get quite jerky when the table is being raised. Look after the dog’s overall safety should you need to lower or elevate the platform.

9 Tips in Choosing the Perfect Grooming Table

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Not all grooming tables are suitable for the kind of dog you have at home. Dog breeds vary a lot in size, physique, and coat quality, therefore, it is just essential that you inspect thoroughly every grooming table you’re eyeing.

In choosing the right table, assess what your needs and requirements are. Since there are a plethora of dog tables in the dog market, here are some tips to keep you stress-free in buying the perfect equipment:

  1. Know What Dog Breed You’ll Be Grooming. This is the first factor you should consider. A Toy Poodle’s grooming table will not be the right fit for a Great Dane. 
  1. Learn Which Table Offers the Best Usage. There are different types of grooming tables. For those who groom their dogs at home, the foldable grooming table will work well for you. Professionals opt for electric and hydraulic tables since they need to groom a lot of dogs than you would.
  1. Pick the Right Features. The grooming table should come with several other features such as a collar, a noose, or a harness. Large dogs would need the harness, while nooses are great for small to medium dogs.
  1. Check the Table Top Texture. Excellent dog grooming tables should have a textured surface on top to avoid your dog from slipping. Replaceable tops are preferred more than permanent ones. This is because permanent ones can wear out and this means replacing the whole table. It can be expensive!
  1. Examine the Best Table Arms. There are two types of table arms: the H-bar arm and the regular one. The former is more appropriate to dogs that are panicky and usually agitated. An H-bar promotes a smoother grooming process.
  1. Go For Efficient Grooming Tables. As mentioned, grooming takes a while to finish and most likely, you’ll be standing while doing it. A good table will lessen the potential stress grooming can cause to your body. It should be easy to move around and safe for your pet.
  1. Choose the Hydraulic Table. If you can afford it, the hydraulic table is the best purchase you’ll ever have. It is very ergonomic, comfortable, and durable. Go for GROOMER’S BEST Grooming Table! This is one of the most in-demand tables that can be used for a lifetime. It is easy to operate and has several features including a non-slip tabletop!
  1. Do Not Be Cheap! Remember that purchasing a grooming table is a sort of investment. You’ll get your money’s worth if you buy high-quality equipment.
  1. Check the Product Before Buying It. Online shopping is seen to be the most convenient these days. Don’t hesitate to order one just as long as you thoroughly check the product’s description, warranty, size, weight, and features. Check for reviews to see if people have positive feedback for the product. Shy away from offers that are too good to be true!

3 Best Grooming Tables to Buy

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