Ovcharka Caucasian Mountain Dog vs Lion: Who Has the Edge?

If ever a fight occurs between the Ovcharka Mountain Dog and the lion, the latter certainly has the edge. After all, any lion is naturally inclined to kill for a living, unlike the Ovcharka, a domesticated animal.

However, this doesn’t mean that the Ovcharka is helpless when faced with a great foe. The Ovcharka breed is brave, massive, and has the potential to hold its ground in case the situation favors them. Learn more about who will win every duel by knowing the differences between these magnificent animals.

Would an Ovcharka Caucasian Mountain Dog Fear a Lion?

The Ovcharka Mountain Dog would usually not fear a lion as they were originally bred to aid Shepherds in protecting the livestock in the Caucasus mountains. Since they’re guard dogs at heart, the Ovcharka has been utilized in Russian prisons due to their intimidating stature and immeasurable courage.

In any situation where they are being threatened, the Ovcharka is the last to back away. They have an impressive build and potent natural weapons that can easily inflict harm and injury to anyone who dares challenge their fighting skills.

This is why some homes highly go for this breed if they’re looking for a dog that can safeguard their properties. 

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Size Difference

The Ovcharka and the lion are capable of fighting, but size undeniably plays a significant role in their encounter. Let’s compare their proportions:

Ovcharka Caucasian Mountain Dog

The Ovcharka falls under the category of large dogs. With their historical role as shepherd dogs that would drive away wolves and bears, it’s just expected that they look robust. 

According to the AKC, the Ovcharka can reach a height of around 23-30 inches and a weight that’s ideally at 99-170 pounds. However, they can go beyond the stated measurements and go as heavy as 180 pounds for females and 220 pounds for males.


Lions are known for their glorious mane and identifiable physical features. In real life, you’ll be in awe when you realize how large these animals are. 

If you’re looking at an average lion, they will be around 55-68 inches tall and weigh about 270-570 pounds. All these surpass that of the Ovcharkas. They’re very muscular and powerful too, which is why they can take down larger prey such as a giraffe and even a crocodile.

Hunting Skills

It‘s certainly intriguing to know how good both animals are regarding their hunting skills, especially since one is domesticated and the other is from the wild.

Ovcharka Caucasian Mountain Dog

Regarding hunting skills, the Ovcharka may not be the best nor the worst, especially if they’re compared with a lion. Although the breed is more known for its protection services, some Ovcharkas were used as bear hunting dogs back in the day.

Still, as some of the modern Ovcharkas no longer function as hunter aids, their hunting skills, in general, would need some honing before they excel at it. It’s like they need to awaken their talent on this after it has gone dormant for a long time.


Lions regularly hunt for their pride. The more experience they get, the higher the success rate is when it comes to their kills. A single lion on the hunt has a success rate of 17-19%, but if they go out in groups, this increases to 30%. 

Age is a factor as cubs wouldn’t be able to take on any prey, considering they’re still developing their teeth and body. Old lions would also have a hard time feeding themselves due to the lack of vigor and needed strength to put down prey. 

Meanwhile, healthy and spirited young adults to adult lions would undoubtedly be able to end every hunting game in success impressively.

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Strength and Ability to Fight

There’s no denying that the Ovcharka and the lion are both imposing. Fighting is ingrained in their blood whenever the threats or the need to survive occurs. Let’s find out how strong they are and competent in duels.

Ovcharka Caucasian Mountain Dog

Ovcharkas are your ultimate fighters. They’re ferocious, have a strong will, and are intelligent enough to think about what to do next in a situation. They’re not easy to intimidate as they have their pride within them to protect.

Anyone who would challenge this breed will find themselves in a great crisis. Ovcharkas are huge and heavy; it won’t be that difficult to pin you down to the ground.


Lions are one of the most familiar animals out there, and their reputation for being strong and fierce is well-known. If an animal happens to meet a hungry lion in the wilderness, it’s to be expected that the lion will give it their all to fill their stomach.

Their weight, sharp and long canine teeth, and dangerous claws are taken as their advantages. Frankly, this powerfully built cat is the last animal you want to deal with.

Bite Force

Lions and Ovcharkas share quite the same features and build, although not precisely. To mention what they have in common are their sharp canine teeth. But how strong is their bite? Let’s find out below:

Ovcharka Caucasian Mountain Dog

Bite force graphs are not accurate, yet they show the highest recorded bite of a specific breed, which helps give dog parents the knowledge of how strong their dogs’ teeth are. 

In the case of the Ovcharka breed, the average falls at 700 PSI, but the highest bite force documented reached 721 PSI.


Lions have extremely powerful bites, measured at 650 PSI, which can even get higher. To truly understand how serious their bite is from this wild animal, compare their measure to that of an average human bite which is only around 150 PSI. 

Aggression Levels

Aggression refers to harmful behavior directed at an individual. The VCA has stated that the signs include lunging, growling, snapping, and biting. Let’s take a look at how pugnacious both animals are.

Ovcharka Caucasian Mountain Dog

Your typical Ovcharka, a well-trained and socialized dog, is far from exhibiting aggression without any reason. They should be even-tempered and would only show hostility whenever threats arise. 


There’s a reason why people shouldn’t mingle with the wild. Lions are unpredictable, and they’re naturally belligerent to anyone that doesn’t belong to their pride. They shouldn’t be treated as domestic animals because they’re built for the forests and nature, not homes. 

Does an Ovcharka Caucasian Mountain Dog Stand a Chance Against a Lion?

An Ovcharka Mountain Dog may stand a chance against a lion if their enemy is fragile and old, too young and inexperienced, injured, or outnumbered. However, in a one-on-one fight, the Ovcharka may have their chance to victory vigorously shaken. 

Lions, in their healthiest state, are potent, which is why they earned themselves the title: the king of the jungle. They’d undoubtedly win, well, that is, until the odds are no longer in their favor.

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