Portuguese Water Dog Haircut: 3 Types of Clips For Your Dog

One way to treat your Portuguese Water Dog (PWD) is to let him out on a date–with the groomer. For weeks, he might have spent most of his time chasing after squirrels, playing in the river, or cooperating in a game of fetch. 

Different clips can fit his different needs. It also depends on what the owner prefers his dog to look like in a certain season. Grooming is necessary and has to be done regularly to prevent tangles and matts. This keeps the coat’s condition topnotch and it helps control shedding.

Now, to make your Portie look like he’s worth more than the price you’ve paid for him, check out the list of all the clips you can give him including the benefits that come from every style.

Why Is It Necessary to Clip the Portuguese Water Dog’s Hair?

Cleanliness, comfort, and good health are just some of the primary reasons why the Portie dog needs to be clipped regularly. Despite the absence of an undercoat, his fur is still prone to undesirable knots and coils. 

The growth of his fur is relatively slower compared to other dog breeds which means each of his strands is typically longer. With its curly quality, it makes him even more prone to an entwined coat.

Aside from the constant coat brushing, you can save lots of your energy by bringing him to the dog salon instead. It’s more convenient for owners who are admittingly inexperienced with dog grooming

At What Age Can a Portuguese Water Dog Be Clipped?

Generally, dogs like the PWD don’t need to be clipped until they reach at least six months of age. It also depends on how they are handled during those early months. You have to assess first if your Portie is already accustomed to getting touched or if he needs more time to get used to it.

Grooming can become a positive or negative experience for him, so be sure that your pet is fully ready for a session. Of course, it’s highly advantageous if you start his clipping experience early, yet at the same time, it can be wrong timing if he’s still dependent on his mother. All we suggest is to give him some time.

In some other cases, your dog can be brought to his first grooming activity before 16 weeks of age.

Grooming Tips Before the Cut

Before you go ahead and have your pooch experience a timely pampering session with your trusted groomer, here are a few grooming tips you have to follow. This will make the process smoother in the salon. Somehow, this will also reflect who you are as an owner.

  • As we already know, the Portuguese Water Dog is highly prone to having a matted coat. Before this gets worse, you have to immediately detangle each one. Even if you think it’s just mild matting, such a state can fill your dog with displeasure and discomfort. In severe cases, matts that were ignored for so long can cut off your dog’s circulation on the skin and eventually cause hematomas. So, instead of just bringing him to the dog parlor, you have to head your way to the vet first for the treatment. That’s going to be an additional cost for you.
  • When there are stubborn tangles in some areas of your PWD’s body, a quality comb is enough of a weapon to effectively deal with such issues. You can help your dog avoid having a heavily matted coat in the first place if you keep a strict schedule for his basic grooming necessities. Always keep a brush nearby and run it through his coat gently.
  • Another way to lessen the load of your groomer or make the session uncomplicated is by regularly giving your PWD a nice warm bath at home. A first-rate dog shampoo helps soften his coat making it easier for you to keep his hair smooth and free from breakage. Let’s not forget how this product can also aid in moisturizing every strand without drying the skin. A result you can expect is a vibrant and healthy outside appearance.
  • It’s not just the coat that should smell fresh. Who likes to inhale unpleasant dog breath? And, you certainly don’t want to wait for the groomer to do this basic task. He can include tooth brushing in the grooming session, but surely, this is also a responsibility for dog owners. Keep your Portuguese Water Dog’s oral hygiene in its most excellent condition by using a soft toothbrush and dog toothpaste.

3 Types of Clips for Your Portuguese Water Dog

Once your dog is ready to unwind and be spoiled, you can choose in advance what clip for him to sport. If you have no idea which ones suit him, your groomer can give you the best recommendations. Meanwhile, here are our top picks for the Portuguese Water Dog breed:

1. Retriever Clip

The retriever clip is one classic cut for the Portie. It’s straightforward and basically a look that’s not too high-maintenance in impression. To achieve this, the coat has to be trimmed down until it’s just about an inch in length. This is done in the entire body while carefully following his structure’s outline.

While the legs subtly blend with his physique, the paws, meanwhile, are kept rounded. The head also follows the one-inch rule except that it’s ideally shaped like a dome. The muzzle should be free from the beard look, the ears have to be trimmed as well, but the tail has to have long hair at the tip. 

For many dog owners, the retriever cut is, by far, the most popular and convenient.

2. Lion Clip

Photo from: portuguesewaterdogclub (IG)

To make your Portie stand out even more, then go for the lion clip. You’ll be amazed as to how transformed he’s going to be with this cut. Some Portuguese Water Dogs sport this style in dog shows and contests. 

Much like the lion, almost half of the Portie’s coat from the back is trimmed down while highlighting the remaining half coat that covers his ribs up to his head. As the name suggests, this clip aims to make him replicate the coat pattern of the lion.

There is a remaining coated portion on the tail, by the way. Moreover, the cut still follows the body’s outline and form but the coat length is significantly longer than the one-inch standard of the retriever cut.

This look for your pooch will make heads turn, but it’s also worth a lot to maintain.

3. Summer Clip

Photo from: pacificpupsgrooming (IG)

As the summer season approaches, the last thing you want to see is an overheating Portie dog. Sure, he’s single-coated, but it’ll give him a more cool sensation if he’s given the summer clip. 

Such a style does not necessarily mean shaving him down. It’s simply trimming his fur very closely to his body. It may kind of sacrifice his once elegant and outstanding appearance, but in return, there are numerous benefits.

The summer clip is not the most popular but it sure is practical.