Why Does My Dog Nibble On Blankets? Is Blanket Nibbling Harmful?

Dogs have different behaviors that we don’t know about. And as a dog owner, it could be confusing to understand and to provide the necessary action. In general, dogs will be nibbling, chewing, or biting your blanket for any time of the day. While you think it is because of a dog’s breed then you’re wrong because nibbling can happen on different breeds. If you find yourself concerned about this dog behavior then you must be informed why dogs nibble on blankets and see if it needs to be concerned about. 

Dogs will nibble on your blankets for the following reasons:

1. Teething During Puppyhood

The most common behavior for puppies is nibbling, because at this stage they will start to have their teeth and the teething process for dogs can cause so much discomfort. As a result, they will nibble on your blankets to soothe their irritated gums. The deciduous teeth will start to come out  around 6 to 7 months after the birth of your puppies. In addition, nibbling is a typical behavior for dogs that are getting used to the environment they are in. 

And if you think that these will stop when they get old, then it’s not because adult dog will still use nibbling to get your attention.

2. Natural Canine Behavior

Aside from dogs nibbling because of their deciduous teeth coming out, it could also be their natural canine behavior. Dogs are animals that have hunting skills and they do have sharp teeth. As pack animals, dogs will play & communicate through nibbling or biting at each other. But because dogs are domesticated already, the canine natural behavior of biting remains in them. 

3. Your Dog Is Bored or Stressed

One good reason why your dog is nibbling on your blankets is because they are bored or stressed out already. It’s normal for dogs to get bored especially if they are in a crate or tied down. These dogs have limited entertainment thus when given opportunity to nibble on something they will do it. Dogs that are naturally active and full of energy will create an activity to entertain themselves. As for dogs being stressed, it could be a cause of separation anxiety wherein they are afraid to be left out by their owners. The dogs will nibble on blankets to calm themselves in stressful situations. In addition, if dogs can sense that there is a problem with their human family, they will resort to activities that could calm themselves.

4. They Need To Have Food

When feeling hungry or just craving for food, dogs will start to nibble on the nearby items. This  is a sign that they are hungry and in need of food. Dogs are like wolves in that when they catch a prey they will immediately bite on it. Because dogs can’t hunt anymore, they will nibble, chew or bite their crate  blankets.

5. Trying To Get Your Attention

If your dog senses that they can get your attention through nibbling on your precious items then they will try to do it. Dogs are attention-seekers and they always want their owners to recognize them so that both of you can play and make quality time together. 

6. Sign of Affection

Nibbling is also a sign of affection for dogs. Have you seen your dog nibbling on it’s dog friends around the ears? Then if your dog is with you and not with their canine friends then they are most likely to show you dog mouthing affection. They could bite you too, but these are considered love bites and not harmful

Is Blanket Nibbling Harmful?

Blanket nibbling is not a destructive behavior hence it is not considered harmful. However, there are cases known as compulsive nibbling behavior that needs to be given extra attention only if your dog will do this behavior for the whole duration of it’s time neglecting other activities for a dog. But, if a compulsive nibbling does not happen then it is an acceptable behavior for dogs.

Your canine pet uses this behavior as relaxation and to catch your attention. If you still are not convinced why your dog has this kind of behavior then visit your nearest vet clinic for assurance on your end.

What Other Items Dogs Love To Nibble?

The chewing behavior for your pet dog is not limited to blankets alone but also on pillows, stuffed toys, dog bed, toy, and it’s paw. Basically anything that would help calm and give relaxation. Carpets, rugs, and slippers are an ideal target too if they are not in the bedroom. They will start to nibble on blankets especially if it’s sleeping time and they are not allowed to play. They are going to nibble on the blankets to ease boredom or to get your attention away from your phone.

What Should I Do About My Dog’s Nibbling Behavior?

Buy your dog a chew toy especially when you can’t handle their chewing behavior on blankets, pillows and dog bed because it started to get ruined a bit. Furthermore, you can designate a cheaper blanket for your dogs used alone. In this way you can avoid having your expensive blankets ruined. 

Moreover, you can add dog training when there are times that they are nibbling excessively. You have to train them to understand “NO” or “STOP” so that they will end the behavior right away. Provide chew treats during the training so that they will remember that nibbling on furniture, blankets & pillows is not acceptable.

Should I Get Mad on My Dog if They Nibble on Me?

Pet owners will experience a lot of nibbling from their dogs and if these nibbling are not painful then please don’t get mad. Nevertheless, if you are afraid that your dog will bite you then it’s best that you make them stop without getting mad. They considered you one of the pack that is why they are comfortable to nibble or dog chew your fingers and hand. It is a compliment and an affectionate gesture from your dog. However, there are instances they can play rough because that is how they do it with their dog friends or brothers. When this happens, consider signaling them to stop and divert their attention to the stuffed animal to nibble.

What if Dogs Nibble on My Clothes?

Tidy up and don’t allow your dog to get near the laundry unless you want to wear clothes with holes in it. You have to discourage them from nibbling your clothes and divert their attention through chew toys and play time. One of the reasons your dog nibbles on your clothes is because they are familiar with your scent and want to keep the scent around them to lessen their anxiety.

How Can I Keep My Dog Busy To Stop Nibbling?

Daily exercise and walks in the park. Through consistently allowing exercise for your dog you can stop them from being bored and eventually stop nibbling. It is healthy and beneficial for your dog’s well-being. In addition, it can increase their happiness and positive vibe throughout the day. It’s best to drain your dog’s energy to keep them happy, away from boredom and anxiety through providing lots of exercise.

Nibbling is a natural instinct for dogs to have, this is not a bad behavior thus do not confuse your dog by immediately shouting and reprimanding them for the behavior. Instead, give solutions to the causes of these behaviors so that you can provide a better lifestyle for them. Furthermore, watch out for anxiety disorders that can cause compulsive nibbling on your dog. In general, nibbling is not harmful and it can be stopped through consistent training, you can either allow them by diverting their attention or train them to stop the behavior.