Why Are Dogs So Cute? Know if They Are Using It to Your Advantage

Over the years dogs have evolved from hunters and guard dogs into house pets. In fact, they are not just a pet now but also part of every family unit around the world. A lot of dog owners considered their dogs as their own human babies. And the best part about having a dog is that they are so cute and they can melt your heart by just simply looking at you with their puppy dog eyes. In addition, because they are so cute, pictures of dogs would fill up your phone storage because who wouldn’t want to capture such cuteness.

There are a lot of breeds that are strong, masculine, and big yet they have a dose of cuteness to every dog owner’s eyes or random people. Why are dogs so cute to our eyes and master in capturing everyone’s hearts?

Dog’s are cute not just because of their unique features but because of what we called domestication syndrome. Have you also wondered why is it so effective whenever you’re adorable pup gave you puppy eyes and wag its tails? Let’s understand why dogs are cute animals and look deeper into their personality that gives us feel-good chemicals.

What is Domestication Syndrome?

Domestication syndrome was first observed by Charles Darwin 140 years ago. He noted that domesticated animals like dogs and cats have very distinct features from their wild ancestors. These animals changed in features as humans hundred years ago controlled and domesticated these animals. The notable changes over the years are are the following:

*The brain size was reduced

*Increased in Submission

*Decrease in coat colors

*Smaller teeth

*Visible changes in the facial, ear, and tail.

*Hormonal changes

Changes on Physical features on dogs that people find so cute:

*Rounded Head

*Floppy Ears

*Smaller Jaws



Furthermore, humans tamed domesticated dogs to be more loyal, friendlier, and more cooperative to humans, and along the way, these behaviors were found to be a cute thing by humans.

What are the Cutest Dog Breeds?

Here are some of the dogs considered to one of the cutest dog breeds:

*Golden Retriever

*Bernese Mountain Dog

*Shiba Inu

*Cairn Terrier

*French Bulldog


*Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


*Shih Tzu



Is my Dog Doing Cute Poses on Purpose?

The Facial Movements that your dog gives you are not because your dog tries to be cute but their facial gestures are due to the attention and emotion that you show whenever you look at them. They will respond lovingly to the gaze of their favorite person. It was concluded from the study of University Portsmouth’s Dog Cognition Centre.

One study showed that dogs favor the smell of their favorite person over other scents. The dogs were put on an MRI Scanner and were tested to smell different scents including the scent of their owners. The dog’s brain lights up whenever they smell the scent of their favorite person and it shows that dogs are truly responsive to their owners.

Dr. Julianne Kaminski says that dogs have 16 different distinct expressions just for their owners, that’s why humans find this expression cute because dogs love their person so much that it shows on their facial expression.

Are Dogs Just Cute When They Are a Puppy?

No, puppies are definitely cute but their cuteness does not end in their puppyhood. There are dog breeds that are cute when they are young but also cute when they enter adulthood. The cuteness was due to the features that certain dogs have. However, features do not only affect the dog’s cuteness but also their personality and their behavior.

Why Are Puppies Cute?

Puppies are cute because they are helpless and ignorant just like a child. If you are a dog owner that is a natural nurturer then you will find your puppy cute and adorable. There’s a sense of fulfillment whenever you tend to your puppy’s needs and provide them food and care because their mother wasn’t there anymore. 

In addition, the features of your dog weren’t fully developed and everything on their body is still tiny. Humans find tiny things cute which are very hard to resist. Puppies rely on you all the time unlike when they became an adult dog that they became active and annoying sometimes.

Why Do We Get Happy Whenever We Are With Our Dogs?

The happiness we feel whenever we are with our dogs is because of the love we have for them and the unconditional love the dog gave to us as well. In addition, dogs provide happy chemicals that put every dog owner in a good mood. It makes every dog owner feel protective, loved, and special. 

There are people that are content not having a family of their own but very satisfied having a dog as their child. It only means that dogs can provide a sense of fulfillment and happiness that no other material in the world can provide. This is not only limited to dogs but also to cats, birds, and other pets as well.

Why Is It Important That You Find Your Dog Cute?

It is important that you find your dog cute because every cute thing that people have, they will protect & nurture it. Dog owners need to have a strong bond with their dogs for them to provide and care for their needs. It is important that you find your dog vulnerable and you give them a family, not just merely providing for food and also security and love.

If you are a dog owner that does not connect entirely with your dog, then do something about it. Maybe you just need to spend more time with your dog, train them and teach them the fun stuff, buy toys and give them daily walks. For sure, if your dog feels that you love them, they have gestures and cuteness that will allow you to feel the same way.

However, if you are a dog person that does not value a dog then don’t get one because the world does not need another dog being left alone in the street or being disposed of because people can’t be responsible enough.

Why Are Dogs So Obsessed With Their Owners?

Dogs will be obsessed with their owners for a lot of reasons, it could be because the breed is naturally attention seeking, they are hungry, they want to play or they have separation anxiety that they don’t want you leaving. And for some reasons, you have to identify why they are so obsessed with you because dogs should have their own thing and not just follow you around and seek your attention all the time.

Your Dog is The Cutest

In general, dogs are cute but your own dog will be the cutest in your own eyes. Have you had those moments wherein you feel proud of your dog because they have finished a trick and you proudly shared it with your friends? Do you also have those moments where you showed cute pictures of your own dog because you just felt so cute with your own dog? It just shows that no matter how cute other dogs are, your own dog will be the cutest no matter what. 

Always take good care of your own dog even though you find them cute or ugly. Dogs can be a wonderful source of happiness and if you learn to love them more, they can change your negative vibes into a positive one. In addition, don’t just pick a dog breed that is cute but be in love with all dog breeds that exist.