10 Best Dog To Protect You Against Coyotes

Coyotes are scary wild animals that could go on wandering around your neighborhood. You are lucky if it just passes by your property but what if it enters your borders and harms everyone inside? Do you have a dog that can protect your house and family? If you do, is it competent enough to withstand coyote attacks or any wild animals lurking around your neighborhood? 

Coyotes are a wild animal that we’re able to adapt to changes, because of human intervention in their habitat and labeled to be an enemy of humankind. Coyotes expand their territory and food supplies not limiting themselves to the forest but also the common areas for people like parks, golf courses, suburban places, and some urban areas. Since their food sources have expanded to people’s territory, everyone should throw caution around their neighborhood. To protect your family, you may choose to have guns. But, coyotes are animals that deserve to live too. It would be better to just scare them away rather than killing them.

One of the ways you could protect your children, animals, and yourself is through securing your home with fences or calling animal control authorities. Apart from that you could raise, train and adopt a guard dog. They could be your best chances in fighting coyotes or scaring them away.

Here, we have listed the top X guard dogs that have special characteristics and abilities that will grant you enough protection. Some of these animals can kill coyotes so you should check out the following excellent dog breeds.

1. Sarplaninac

It’s a type of dog breed that is strong and has a robust build. A lot of people and dogs would be intimated in their physical bodies. They are big plus the dark-colored dense coat adds to their overall appearance. The Sarplaninac was used by other people to guard their sheep thus this dog is going to be the best choice if you wanted a dog breed to keep your livestock safe. One of the great qualities that this dog has is that they have a great protective instinct. They can keep your family and animal safe because they will do everything so that everyone will not be harmful. Sarplaninac is an intelligent breed thus you can assure that they’ll be going to find ways to match their opponent.

Furthermore, the breed is not friendly to people, it could go on for a few days before they could warm up to someone. That characteristic, physical body and their instinct to protect would make them one of the few breeds that are suited to be a guard dog. In addition, because of them being intelligent they’re easy to train and manage especially when you have kids at home. The downside to this breed is that they would treat you like some domestic animals that they could herd. You have to show that you are the dominant one and you are the dog’s parent. Anyhow, it’s not impossible to change certain behaviors from the dog.

Photo from: sarplaninci_crna.gora

2. Kangal

Another dog for domestic animals that you wanted to protect from dangerous predators. The Kangal breed was originally made to herd the people of Sivas and was great at its job in protecting animals from the danger of Lions, Wolves, Cheetahs, and other wild animals. They continue to be popular among the areas of Turkey because of their ability to protect and be a guardian to livestock animals. The dog is quite big and strong but what’s amazing about them is their ability to move fast with agility perfect for larger predators that are not so quick to move. The speed is an advantage that will allow them to attack and scare coyotes efficiently.

In terms of temperament, the Kangal breed is territorial and defensive to its owner. If they are trained to do a task, they will be loyal and effectively do their job especially in protecting. They are great at scaring animals and strangers, which can make them a guard dog around your home. You must be careful with them associating with other people because they can be very dangerous if not trained properly. Always put them on leash because once triggered they are swift and alert in their movements that could harm innocent people. But, when you are living in the countryside, it’s safe to allow them to run to protect your territory and animals from coyote sightings.

Photo from: sivokkennel

3. Dogo Argentino

The white, large muscular dog breed from Argentina was solely made for hunting. Aside from its capabilities to hunt. The breed was designed to protect its owners and showcase bravery when faced with dangerous opponents. That’s why the breed was widely used by the authorities for search and rescue missions, police and military work, service, and guide for blind people. In addition, the breed is intelligent. That’s why it’s very easy for owners to assign the task to them. Apart from that, the breed is friendly, however, despite being social to people, they have the natural drive to protect their owner thus they won’t trust strangers easily. 

The wild animals won’t also have a chance because the breed has great endurance and high territorial instincts. They are pretty independent dogs that’s why it has to have an owner that is willing to train the dog and make them treat you as the alpha of the pack. They are loyal dogs and you won’t regret having them as the defender of your family and flocks from coyotes.

Photo from: pure_dogo

4. Tosa Inu

It is the type of breed that was considered to be rare because of its Japanese origin. The breed is popular in Japan to be the only breed that was used for fighting. It has a robust build and tall appearance that is quite intimidating to some people. A lot of countries considered the dog breed to be dangerous but they are very great guard dogs to people. With proper training, the breed can protect you and your family from the harm of any wild animals. 

You can experience the breed’s courage, boldness, and patience once you decide to own the breed as a guard dog. You need to interact with the dog because they have a quiet and obedient nature. It’s more fun if they feel that they are connected to you and your family. In addition, Tosa Inu is very wary of strangers thus you have to be careful with having visitors in the house. They can show aggressiveness when they are not properly trained by their owners.

Photo from: tosa_inu_odessa

5. Irish Wolfhound

The breed was known for its hunting speed and height. The Irish Wolfhound is considered to be the tallest dog amongst all dog breeds. You can also include that the breed displays big body and excellence in their sight, movement, and strength. There’s no denying that the breed can take on a coyote whenever it happens to attack its human family. When you own this type of breed, you must be responsible to give the dog proper exercise and active living because they are used to the hunting lifestyle.

Intelligence, gentleness, and huge loyalty are one of the few things that you could expect in an Irish Wolfhound. Despite its massive size, the breed seeks attention and wants to be with its owner all the time. Also, the dog is intelligent and can easily be trained but you must use a calm tone, not including any punishment because the breed is sensitive. You can hire a trainer or enroll them in a dog school so that they can grow as well-behaved and trained dogs around people.

Photo from: the.moon.walks

6. Alabai

Also called Central Asian Shepherd Dog which is the main purpose of breeding is to guard the sheep and goats. With that instinct, the Alabai dog breed could be your next partner in scaring away coyotes in your hometown. The assurance that this dog would give you is enough to allow you to sleep at night despite having Coyote issues in your town. Also, the Alabai is a known livestock guard dog that has ultimate strength, agility, and power to fight attacks from wild animals. In addition, if you are living in a colder state then this dog is suited for you because they tolerate cold climates.

Their temperament includes alertness, independence, and confidence. Whenever faced with a dangerous opponent the breed won’t easily back down due to their bravery. Like others, the Central Asian Shepherd Dog is quiet and only affectionate to its owners. There should be precaution and proper training in owning this dog because they are not friendly to people which is an important trait for a guard dog.

Photo from: stmaria

7. Mastiff

It is called a giant dog for a reason, their weight could go up to 200 pounds. With their robust build, muscular body, and history of being a war dog. The Mastiff can protect and guard your home whenever coyote attacks are going to happen. Their massive head and appearance can instantly scare people which is a good quality of a guard dog.

The dog is oftentimes aloof but you can find them warming up to strangers after knowing them for a couple of times. In addition, despite the dog’s capabilities and strength, it remained kind and affectionate towards its family. If you handle the dog properly plus training and active exercise, they can be good guard dogs and family pets to your household.

Photo from: maxboyroxygirl

8. Pitbull

Pit bulls are popular dogs however they’re name was tainted because a lot of people believe that they are dangerous dogs. Despite the accusations, many people still own the dog because of its characteristics and abilities that make them a suitable guard dog. They may have shown aggressiveness along the way but with proper training, they can be a good canine friend to their owners and surrounding people. They can match the attacks of the coyotes and would display great strength protecting you at all costs.

It would help if you acquire the dog while it is young so that early on they are prepared and trained to become dogs for your specific purpose. Make sure that as a responsible owner, you provide exercise and proper training so that the dog will stay loyal and won’t wander around for food and exercise.

Photo from: pitbull_corso_mom

9. Akbash

Akbash is a large dog that was bred to avoid livestock losses. They are great guards and herding dogs from predators. Apart from its intelligence, the breed is independent that’s why they are not prone to any separation anxiety from its owners. In addition, the dog requires a lot of exercise because they are prone to obesity. So you should allow Akbash to run and be active for the day. Just be sure that there’s prior training because these dogs are not friendly to other animals.

Furthermore, it’s recommended that you acquire this breed while it is still a puppy because they have tendencies to be hard-headed due to their independent attitude.

Photo from: fafikandayse

10. Komondor

The physical appearance of this breed is similar to a mop. They have very long white coats that almost cover their faces. The purpose of the breed is to guard human territories as well as animals. Thus this could be the breed that you are looking for when you want to be protected by the coyotes. 

Komondor has a calm and gentle temperament which is most affectionate and loving to its owners and animals in the family. Be sure to provide exercise to the dog and provide grooming needs, most especially during summer.

Photo from: eddie_the_komondor

The above list is meant to protect you from the attacks of coyotes and to give you peace of mind at night. These dogs are a great investment because aside from being protective, they can also help with your livestock and hunting games. Do not depend on your guns whenever there are wild animals because they don’t deserve to die. They come out from their usual habitat because we people are ruining it from all sorts of developments and infrastructure that humans are building. A scare can make them go away and a dog can help you with that. Hopefully, the suggestions we have can help you in your home and become a better person by not shedding coyotes blood.