Dog Run Ideas and 8 Factors To Consider in Choosing One

You’ve come to a point that you needed a dog run for yourself and your dog. As a dog parent, it’s either you observed that your pooch is always sleeping inside the house or ruining your backyard. It’s easy to get furious when you have beautiful plants and flowers in your yard that become a constant play tool by your dog. They could dig it, run over it and cause it to die. You can’t make them stay inside because they have the tendency to destroy things when not properly exercised. Also, they might spend the day sleeping and it’s not a very good habit for a dog to keep them healthy.

So, to help you resolve various issues regarding your dog. We’ve enumerated some good ideas for a dog run that you can imitate or use as a basis to make your own. Furthermore, we also discussed the importance of why you have to keep a dog in your house.

1. Dog Run With Cabin House

It’s good to have an outdoor dog house for your dog. However, you keep on finding him jumping on your fence or digging in the yard causing an unpleasant sight. Why not create a dog run that is connected to a cabin dog house. In this way, they’ll have their comfort place and play area connected. You can buy ready-made dog runs like these but you can also create bigger ones depending on the size of your dog. If you already have a dog house, hire someone to create a dog run extension using a chicken wire and make it as high as possible so that your dog can’t jump. You could also create a roof on it so that your dog is protected under the direct sunlight if they have to play outside.

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2. Dog Run Using Artificial Grass 

A dog owner that is not a fan of plants but gets frustrated when their dogs get muddy paws and coats can make use of artificial grass. It is widely available on the market wherein you can roll it out on a flat surface. It’s pretty easy to install, first, you just have to put a weed barrier on your flattened surface yard. After that, the glue will be used so that the artificial grass wouldn’t move. In case, your dog runs constantly and digs the grass, it’s durable enough to prevent damage. The amazing thing about owning a dog run like these is that you wouldn’t have to pay someone to maintain the yard or the dog run. The grass will not grow and will not create mud preventing dirt on your dog.

You can choose between a wooden fence or an aluminum one to fence the dog run area. Yet, you can buy a ready-made dog run and install artificial grass on its floor. Make sure that you make it as high as possible if you have a dog that is a fence jumper.

3. Rectangular Wide Dog Run

When you have a big outdoor space around your house, you can make a dog run that is wide enough for your dog to have its regular exercise. Inside you can put their outdoor toys or invite other dogs to play with them. Ideally, you keep it open for fresh air when living in the suburbs but when placed in a direct-to-sunlight place, put a roof for the dog’s protection. Yet, there are dog runs that use a tarpaulin so that dogs won’t get wet while playing in the rain.

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4. Obstacle Dog Runs

If your dog still wishes to go outside despite having a decent dog run. Maybe, they were not entertained enough. Use obstacles in the area so their mind and body will be stimulated and they could experience a challenge. You can buy the following products to include on the dog run:

Seesaws for Dog

A-Frame for Dog

Tunnels for Dogs

When you have these course obstacles you can create a fun place for your active dogs. It could be your playtime wherein you’ll put a treat or dog food on each end so that they’ll be motivated to always move inside the area. Through this, they can get the adequate exercise needed by the body that can improve their quality of life. 

5. Concrete Dog Run

If you have large dogs, you can buy an outdoor metal dog run that ensures durability and long-lasting materials. For dogs to move freely you can make concrete flooring under the dog’s cage. Set a dedicated space for your dog’s dog run and make sure that it has plenty of shade so that your dog won’t be hurt by the sunlight or rain. It’s worth noting that concrete is easier to clean, you can just use a pressure host whenever there’s dirt, pee, or poop inside the dog run. If you have a space around the house that is already concrete you can use that then add fencing poles and wooden fencing around it. 

6. Portable Kennel Run

There’s a portable dog run nowadays wherein you can remove it whenever your dog is inside the house. You can install it back whenever they need to have run outside. It is ideal for dogs that are not too large because the dog might jump on the fence. The material can be hooked onto the soil so that it won’t easily fall off when the dog bumps into it. The portable kennel run is very handy to use and it is space-efficient to those dog parents that do not have large space in their backyard. Also, the material is for apartment owners so that they can set up the dog run, whenever and wherever they go. Furthermore, if you don’t want your dog digging inside the dog run, you can put a dog mat on the flooring. This will also prevent your dogs from getting dirty outside the house. Put their toys and treats so that they’ll enjoy their time outside.

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8 Factors To Consider in Selecting a Dog Run for Your Dog

Before you get excited about purchasing and building the dog run for your beloved dog. There are factors that you must consider first so that you won’t regret it. It will also avoid further renovations if you decide to make a sturdy and more durable choice now.

1. Roof Installation

In choosing a dog run, you have to decide if you’re going to add a roof or not. Roofing materials and installation will be an extra cost for you. But, it would serve as a protection for your dog from climate changes. But if your dog usually stays inside the house, and they just needed 1 to 2 hours of exercise in the dog run then it would be better not to spend extra money on the roof. It would also make the area clearer and fresher if you make it open. Just be sure to put it in a shady area, around a tree, or beside the house. Don’t make it direct to the sun especially if they have long and thick coats. If you can find cheaper ones then add them or find the ones that are removable for efficient use.

2. Accessibility

Make sure that the dog run is accessible for your dog. Don’t put it in an area that is too far from the house. Also, you can connect it to a dog door so that they can go outside whenever they want to. Make the area free from any obstacles like branches falling off or cars passing by.

3. Dog Run Height

You have to make the dog run as high as possible for larger and taller dogs. Allow a space wherein they can freely move and have a breeze of fresh air to pass by. If it has a roof, a much taller dog run will prevent the dog from feeling the heat especially if it does not have insulation. Also, the height will prevent dogs from jumping when the dog run does not have a roof.

4. Dog Run Size

Think of the purpose why you created the dog run, if it is something that you wanted for daily basis exercise, then make it bigger for your dog. Allow them to go into the right side of the house up to the left side or make it narrow but longer. Considering the size of your dog is making the dog run, also design a place for other dogs to visit your pooch to play. The dog run is an excellent investment for your pooch, it could also become a playground for your little kids in the future. Thus, no need to limit the size of it.

5. Locking Mechanism

You have to make sure that the lock is not something that your dog can easily destroy. Make the design easier to come in for dogs but impossible for them to come out. It is very important especially if you don’t want your dog to be directly outside the house. They might wander around if you don’t build a sturdy lock.

6. Dog Run Materials

Select what type of fencing and poles you are going to use. Are you making it built on wood, chain link metal, wire mesh or metal fencing? Decide on the one that will last longer, and cannot easily be destroyed by the storm, flood, or the dog itself. Make sure that you make a dog run see-through to allow air, to allow your dog what is outside and so that they will not feel claustrophobic inside the dog run. 

7. Dog Ground Cover

There are a lot of dog covers to choose from. Decide whether you want it on artificial grass, natural grass, concrete, gravel, paving stones, or wood. Make the decisions comfortable for you since they are the ones that are going to use it.

8 Permits

There might be a permit needed in building additional dog runs in your area. Make sure that you inquire about your local government first before you decide to build one for your dog. For some countries, some regulations exist just like this and it’s important to be informed and approved first to avoid expensive charges.

Why Should I Create or Build a Dog Run?

It’s important to build a dog run so that you can keep your dog secure at all times. It is designed for their security especially if they tend to jump on fences or dig the soil to be on the other side of the fence. In addition, by building a dog run, you can separate them from your guest whenever they are in your house. In this way, your dog will not see them inside thus preventing annoying barking from them. Also, the dog run can help in maintaining the cleanliness and beauty of your yard. You can keep your plants secured from your dog.

Furthermore, if you have a cat that goes outside, you can keep your dog from chasing the cat even if it is just for playing. The dogs will not be muddy, stinky, and dirty from playing outside, because they already have a designated clean area for themselves. What’s amazing is, it could also be an area wherein your dog will poop and pee instead of doing it in different areas of the house and yard.

Decide what dog ideas to recreate and plan your action into making it successful. The information and ideas above will help you consider the best-personalized dog run for your pooch. Take into consideration the safety, comfort as well as entertaining activities to be part of the dog run. Incorporate toys, treats, puzzles, and obstacles for the dog to run to be more enjoyable. If you like water, you can set up a kiddie pool for your dog with balls and ducks on it. This is a sure way to make them happy and refresh from the sun. Allow your dog to exercise on the dog run even if you are too busy in the house. Your dog will be happier and less depressed thus lessening the need for medication in the vet clinic.