The Most Amazing Dog Breed You Should Consider Buying.

From the moment you laid your eyes on these breeds, you’ll be stunned and amazed due to how gorgeous they are in plain sight. Probably you are walking them around the neighborhood and you see one of these breeds getting a lot of attention from the kids and adults that passed by. You may think of owning one but are unsure of what breed to buy since then we’ve got a list to choose from for you to choose.

Before that, we want to say that all dogs are beautiful despite their strong looks, flat-faced, floppy ears, and loose skin. It all depends on the eyes of the beholder because beauty in dogs is subjective and different for each person. However, we have listed these breeds as the most amazing because of the characteristics and rare qualities that they possessed.

1. Rottweilers

Yes, they are terrifying and would look like they would attack you the moment you laid eyes on them but come on, in terms of function rottweilers are the best. They are the most protective dog breed that would guard your home and would attack anyone for their owners. The loyalty that they possessed is top-notch. 

Furthermore, their robust body is something that you could trust to protect your family from wild animals. They may not have long coats, but they have impressive black and tan colors that add to their sleek look. For expert owners, the breed is easy to raise and maintain but first-time Rottweiler parents might have a hard time taming these breeds. However, if they successfully do it they’ll find that these breeds are affectionate and will turn out to be a baby with their families.

2. Samoyed 

Samoyed has beautiful features that every pet owner would want to own. They showcase a white thick coat that has a resemblance to snow. True enough, these breeds can stand the cold weather and would fit perfectly for owners living up in cold climates. Although there are owners that still own these breeds despite the summer season, these people always ensure that the Samoyeds are groomed and stay in an air-conditioned room to keep them cool. 

Samoyeds are friendly in which you can trust to be around your kids. In addition, the breed is active so you should keep them busy because it is naturally used as a working dog. Be sure to give them daily exercise, toys, and a playmate so that they are encouraged to move around the house.

Photo from: (sammy_snowballs)

3. Alaskan Malamute

For some reason, many people are attracted to wolf-like dogs. Maybe it’s because of the influence of movies or almost no chances of seeing one. Whatever the reason is, people dig into wolf-like dogs. Alaskan malamute is big, robust, and covered with thick fluffy coats making them huggable, elegant, and expensive. Their coat colors consist of black, grey, and white colors that elevate their overall appearance.

Yes, they are amazingly beautiful but they are also high maintenance dogs that need constant grooming, attention, and exercise. If you don’t have the time, effort, and patience, then this breed is probably not for you. But, there’s always a learning process to do and if you are willing then this breed will surely get your heart not because of their appearance but also to their loving personality.

4. Australian Shepherd

These breeds serve a beautiful look in terms of their coat patterns and colors. Their eyes are striking and they have long coats that captivate you when you see one. They are extremely active and do like to be sleeping all day. They needed an owner that loves to go outdoors, initiate activities that would keep them busy all day.

It’s important to note that aside from the heavy exercise and constant running, these breeds do shed a lot too. Be prepared to maintain their coats, brush them daily or have frequent trips to grooming services so that you can keep their coats healthy and shiny.

Photo from: (callieannmaurer)

5. Pomeranians

Who wouldn’t include these amazing breeds on this list? Their smiles are infectious and enough to light up your bad days. Their dense coat is appealing as well as their height and body structure. You will find yourself allured with the breed because of its amazing personality and liveliness. Although they are not friendly and good with kids. Yet, you can always teach them to socialize and be calm with people.

The breed is less maintenance compared to others which are a preferable factor to some owners. They tend to bark a lot, probably because of fear due to their small size. If you are living alone, have no kids, and rarely have visitors then this breed is for you.

6. Maltese

Maltese are breeds that have white furs and tiny cute bodies that would make you want to cuddle them all day. You wouldn’t regret this breed around the house because of its affectionate face and pleasant personality. They are intelligent despite their size and wouldn’t back down when faced with big opponents.

The downside is you have to keep their coat trimmed and clean always. In terms of trainability, they are easy to adapt and be trained due to their smart personality. People always find these breeds so charming that they can’t resist holding them.

Photo from: (patiyavrular)

7. German Shepherd

They are extremely popular because of their looks that impose authority because they are dogs that are used by the police and the military. Their work ethic is simply the best and if you are thinking of owning a guard dog then they are fit for the job. Many people are drawn to these breeds not because they are popular and always seen in any movie but because they are wonderful breeds. In terms of coats, they are gifted with black, white, and orange colors that make their wolf-like body more appealing to the eyes. Their facial expression says calmness but also shows sternness when faced with an opponent.

Like thick-coated dogs, German Shepherd also needs frequent maintenance due to their shedding. Also, first-time owners must have more patience because these breeds must be trained correctly to avoid accidents. 

Photo from: (sabinemergen)

8. Dobermans

Absolutely great looking dogs, they have pointed ears, strict build, long legs, and facial expression that simply makes them cool and awesome. Although not everyone is a fan of these types of dogs yet they are hugely appreciated by people who prefer big and strong-looking dogs. Perfect for owners that want to terrify outsiders on their property but little did they know that these breeds are babies inside. Sensitive, loves to cuddle and are easily hurt when reprimanded by their human parents. 

It’s true that you simply can’t judge a dog by its appearance. Be careful not to hurt their feelings just because you are afraid of them. What’s amazing about owning these dogs is their intelligence and obedience. In addition, they are energetic and their black thin coat is easy to maintain. Pet owners are advised to provide affection and love to these breeds and not be intimidated by their looks.

Photo from: (winalestaria)

9. Poodle

Their curly coats are extremely uncommon that’s why these breeds stand out among others. They are showcasing a coat that can be styled which is what rich people like to flaunt outside. They may be high maintenance but these dogs are useful in terms of looking for something in the water and in the forest. In fact, the breed was often used to find truffles.

It’s not hard to train these dogs because they are intelligent and obedient to their owner’s instructions. Furthermore, aside from having a great nose in tracking, they can also be your guard dog. They may not be terrifying but their agility and capabilities are fit to be guard dogs.

Photo from: (ms.liqb)

10. Papillon

Tiny but amazingly good-looking dogs. The first thing that you would notice in them is their upward big ears that mostly occupied their face. They have the sweetest expression and pleasant coat patterns and colors that make you smile when you are one. They tend to greet each person with a smile too and leaps with excitement since they are energetic dogs despite their small size.

The breed needs constant exercise and mind stimulating games since it is pretty smart. If you need a dog that is small, smart, amazing, and kind, then grab one from a breeder and enjoy living a life free from stress.

Photo fromL: (papillon_comu)

11. Shiba Inu

Originating from Japan, this breed is amazingly great-looking. They have rounded heads, tiny ears, and thick coats that especially add up to their appearance. Their eyes have a wonderful expression that will capture your attention when you pass by. Aside from that, the breed is easy to maintain and would express great loyalty to its owners.

They are quiet and introverted but they are the type of dogs that values work. They don’t like to mope around but prefer to be busy which every Shiba Inu Owner should maintain.

Photo from: (shibashiblings)

12. Chow-Chow

They are lion-like dogs that feature impressive coats. They are simply amazing and almost everyone wants to hug them. However, they are not clingy breeds thus it will be hard for you to hug them.

They are oftentimes aloof and want to be alone. They are also naturally curious, that’s why they like to be with themselves only. Perfect for Fur parents that are busy and away for a couple of hours during the day. Despite Chow Chow’s independence, you can ensure that they are the type of breeds that are loyal and kind.

Photo from: (chowchow_land)

Characteristics of Amazing Breeds.

We’ve considered these to be the bases of amazing breeds on our list. However, pet owners have their preferences, it is all valid and we don’t take it lightly. For us, these are what makes a dog breed visually alluring to the eyes.

1. Eye Color

Eyes are the first thing that you would notice when you come face to face with a dog. Others prefer it blue and emerald while some would bet on yellow and brown which are light and warm. There are also rare cases like heterochromia that is a condition that gives two different eye colors that many people would instantly buy. Not just that, you could also add the way an eye was shaped which adds a factor to how a dog looks at you. 

2. Long Shiny Coats

A coat that is long and shiny is proven to be eye-catching. It could be so thick or not that creates an illusion that your dog is big or not. Either way, a coat that is shiny and long is one of the characteristics that many people would look at in a dog.

3. Coat Patterns and Colors

Some patterns and colors are rare, that’s why it is in demand and regarded to be amazing. They usually come off as expensive, that’s why many people are after this despite the price. Dogs that have a solid white, cream, and bi-colored are usually what people find to be attractive gets their attention.

4. Friendly

At Least not to every person but definitely to your family members. Some dogs have natural temperaments to be friendly and nice like Golden Retrievers, but there are factors such as environment and the way they have been raised that affect how they socialize with people.

5. Loyal

Loyalty means that the dog values you and sees you as the leader of themselves. In this way, they are obedient and protect you from the dangers that may come into your home. Loyalty is a natural behavior for dogs and they would show it to pet owners that they have a personal connection. As long as you provide them good food and shelter then these dogs would give you love, protection, and loyalty.

Photo from: (wilson_poodle)

Hopefully, we have helped you in picking the right breed if you wanted people to be looking at your pooch. Nevertheless, others may not see them as beautiful or not, we are confident that you will own a breed that you can trust in your life. All dogs are attractive because each of them gives unconditional love even though their owners can’t give them the best. Their love is priceless and can’t be exchanged for anything.