Awesome Backyard Landscaping Ideas for Dogs

You find your pooch moping around because there’s good weather outside yet they are not allowed to go out. What better way to grant this request than to set up a backyard wherein they can enjoy playing. Springtime will not be wasted since we will give you ideas on how you can set up a backyard that your dog can enjoy. 

1. Install a Fence

It will be the most important aspect of your backyard because a fence will help you protect your dogs from potential pet stealers, unwanted pregnancies, accidents, and from being lost. The first thing that you must do is to install a fence and design it the way that it would fit your dog. If they are big dogs then it is ideal to install a metal fence that is sturdy and hard to break. If they are tall and good jumpers, then install a fence that is high enough for your dog to reach. 

There are instances that an owner doesn’t want their backyard fully fenced, you can opt to provide a portion of your yard for your dogs and there you can set up a fence for your pooch. This outdoor space will become the source of happiness and your way to getting your dog some exercise during the day.

2. Water Station

To keep your dog hydrated, you must add on your landscape plans a source of water for your dog. It’s easy to get tired under the heat of the sun. That’s why it is ideal to install a station to quench the thirst of your dog. 

Here are some good water station ideas you could provide for your dog. 

  • Drinking Fountain that is accessible to your dog whether they are small or tall.
  • Sprinkling system so that your dog stays warm in the water.
  • You can create a dog pool or buy a small inflatable one so that your dog can play in the water and be refreshed outside. 

Temperature easily rises especially in summer so you must keep water bowls everywhere. Take into consideration the coat of your fur buddy, if it’s too thick then you should keep them inside with AC. 

3. Pick an Effective Dog Ground Covers 

To complete the look of your backyard, you have to pick the right ground cover. It should be a material that could help maintain your dog’s cleanliness and is absorbent to its pee. The grass is very common for dogs but there are other materials that you can use for your backyard. Here are your ground cover options:

  • Stones 

Stones are ideal ground for dog’s especially if you’ve been having problems with your dog getting dirty on mud. 

  • Concrete

A fully cemented backyard is not ideal if you are fond of planting and getting a natural vibe out of your yard. Yet, this option is not so bad too if you want an area that is easy to clean.

But, if you want to have greener ground, these options are for you.

  • Clover

It could be a grass alternative since it is safe and pretty to look at. Although it will easily get ruined if your dog decides to dig in different areas.

  • Oat Grass

A thicker and much better alternative option than the grass because it is good with a dog’s pee and not easily ruined by your dog’s constant running.

4. Free Your Backyard From Toxic Plants

Surprisingly, there are plants that you may have acquired that are toxic to humans and animals. They are pretty to look at yet they are dangerous. Some of the poisonous plants that you have to remove from your yard are the following:

  • Hydrangea
  • Begonia
  • Peony
  • Begonia
  • Hydrangea
  • Sago Palms
  • Azaleas
  • Lilies

These are the safe plants that you could put in your yard in case your dog decided to chew on one:

  • Zinnia
  • Tiger Lily
  • Sunflowers
  • Sage
  • Cilantro
  • Marigolds
  • Snapdragons

It is also important to note that these plants should be free from any chemicals. Yes, they are safe but if they are sprayed on with chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and fungicides then it may harm your dog. Make sure that you create a barrier if these chemicals are applied. In addition, if you want to make sure that your plants are not poisonous, you can check them on here if they are not listed.

5. Rest Area During Playtime

Running and playing outside can be exhausting for dogs so it is ideal that your backyard has a place wherein they can sleep, sit, chill and watch the surroundings. If you already have an outdoor dog house, then there’s no problem because they can use it. But, indoor dogs must be provided with a shaded area so that they’re protected from direct sunlight and rain. You can make this shaded area more creative by installing tunnels or see-saws for your dog. Place food and water bowls in this area so that when they are angry everything is accessible.

If you are looking for a cool outdoor dog house for your backyard then we’ve got an amazing list of ideas for you to follow. Whether it’s a portable, big, small outdoor dog kennel, we’ve enumerated it all for pet parents planning to build or own one.

6. Put a Sandbox

Dogs are natural diggers, but for some owners, this could be bad because of the yard’s flower beds and grass that keeps the yard’s beauty. To avoid being stressed, install a sandbox at a designated portion of your yard so that your dog can still enjoy digging. This may need training at first cause they will dig anywhere if not reprimanded and corrected.

7. Create Pathways 

For your backyard to be in place, create pathways for your dog to walk on. There are times that they are surveying the area for potential risk and to keep them clean from dirt, you can create a pathway for them. This is also to ensure that your grass and plants are intact and not in danger to be stepped on. Aside from that, garden paths will enhance the overall look of your yard. You can add lights on the path walk or add decorative stones.

8. Build A Playground

Your dog will have fun running, digging, and exploring your backyard but aside from these activities, there are things that you can add to make their backyard more fun and amazing. There is agility equipment available these days and you can install it in your yard.

These are the following fun equipment you can add to the playground:

If your backyard is complete with toys, you will not have a problem with dogs that are obese because they will be encouraged to play all the time.

It is evident that once you own a pet, your heart would grow larger because you would want the best for these pets. That includes making an effort to build a beautiful and safe backyard for your pooch to play and enjoy the springtime. Of course, it would cost pet owners money but the joy of seeing one of your pooches have fun is priceless. In addition, if you have kids, they can make use of the area and have fun outside but not get out of your property. The added agility equipment and mental stimulation toys can make your dog smarter and better physically and emotionally.