Best Dog Rescues in Arizona: Top 10 Places Where You Can Adopt

It takes commitment and bravery to adopt a dog, but bringing one home is undeniably rewarding. Arizona is one among the US states where dog rescues take in hundreds or thousands of dogs yearly. Most of them are volunteer-led, and they primarily function through donations.

If you’re living in this state, fostering, volunteering, supporting, or adopting a dog are just a few of the things you can do. You can also encourage other dog fanciers to do the same to help solve the overpopulation of dogs. 

Finding the right family companion has never been easier, as below is a compilation of the best dog rescues in Arizona. 

10 Best Dog Rescues in Arizona

Arizona is known for its Grand Canyon, saguaro cactus, and Hoover Dam, to name a few. There’s no better way to spend most of your time enjoying nature’s gifts than to stroll to these famous tourist spots with a four-legged companion.

To get you to find your prospective dog much faster, consider visiting these places below:

1. Home Fur Good

Home Fur Good started when a group of animal advocates planned to start a rescue program in 2009. Immediately in September of that same year, Home Fur Good became an officially established not-for-profit organization.

One of their primary concerns is dealing with the high rate of euthanasia in Maricopa County. Both cats and dogs are saved. Under their care, these adoptable pets are provided with nutritious food, a clean, comfy place to sleep in, an active lifestyle, and lots of love and attention.

Adopt a dog and contribute more to the success of Home Fur Good’s cause. Their available dogs come with detailed profiles, yet visitations are still recommended.

How to contact them:

Website: Home Fur Good

Address: 10220 N. 32nd Street, Phoenix, AZ 85028

Phone: 602-971-1334

2. Arizona Small Dog Rescue

The ASDR is composed of passionate volunteers who all agree that there’s no reason to euthanize dogs. They all deserve to end up in loving homes, which is why they spend a lot of time fostering, volunteering, and providing veterinary services to those that need them.

Their efforts start with getting each pooch microchipped to ensure they get lots of socialization until they become suitable for families again. Judging by the soulful eyes of many of these dogs, some may have had their fair share of trauma and heartbreak.

These can be cured once they end up in wonderful homes with loving owners.

How to contact them:

Website: Arizona Small Dog Rescue

Address: Located in 1102 W Hatcher Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85021

Phone: 602-944-2440

3. Ghost Town Dog Rescue

The GTDR is a charitable organization that saves lives, one dog at a time. They rescue all dog breeds that need care in any form, such as physical, medical, or emotional.

Since this is a non-profit organization, GTDR will appreciate the support from the community through donations. Above all, adopting a dog or two from them is a big leap to rescuing more. 

Let them know what you’re looking for in their designated application form, and the staff will assess which dog will match your family.

How to contact them:

Website: Ghost Town Dog Rescue

Address: Located in 3640 E Main St Mesa, AZ 85205

Email: [email protected] 

You may also contact them on: Facebook and Instagram

4. Arf-anage Dog Rescue

What makes Arf-anage Dog Rescue different from other rescue sites is that they specialize in caring for mums, pups, and accidental litters. They work hand in hand with nearby or other local shelters as well as in the Navajo reservation. 

Once mums are done raising their pups, they are given ample time to recover. The next steps include getting them spayed, rehabilitated, and prepared to be adopted.

The puppies undergo various medical processes such as vaccinations, spaying or neutering, and microchipping. To ensure they adjust well to their future homes, they’re potty-trained and socialized. Arf-anage Dog Rescue also promises an 80% refund on adoption fees during the first 5 days of adoption. 

How to contact them:

Website: Arf-anage Dog Rescue

Phone: 520-276-4273

Email: [email protected] 

You may also contact them on: Facebook and Instagram

5. HOPE Animal Shelter

Euthanasia is often a path taken for dogs when there are space constraints in a particular shelter. Hope Animal Shelter acknowledges this issue, hence why they have worked with Santa Cruz County Animal Control (SCCAC) to remedy the present problem.

Dogs in rescue centers may have a hard time getting placed, so HOPE created the  Precious Time Dogs (PTD) program to help increase the number of dog lives saved. All qualified pooches are then transferred to a new rescue center, while the ones remaining are posted as available dogs for adoption, which can be found on the website. 

You, too, can save a life by granting one of their dogs a new and brighter future with you!

How to contact them:

Website: HOPE Animal Shelter

Address: 8950 N. Joplin Lane, Tucson, AZ  85742

Phone: 520-792-9200

Email: [email protected] 

You may also visit them on: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

6. Circle L Ranch Animal Rescue & Sanctuary

The Ranch sees innocence in the eyes of every forgotten, unwanted, and neglected animal. They rescue all those that need help. From pigs down to dogs, this small group of volunteers and donors want nothing but for them to find their forever homes.

It doesn’t matter how many feet the animal has. The Ranch accepts chickens, horses, literally any kind. The place they’ve provided ensures that all their rescues live a happy life in what they can call a sanctuary until they get adopted. 

There are two major ways you can help. Either donate what you can to help with the feeding and caring of the animals they take in or adopt and provide them with a beautiful life.

How to contact them:

Website: Circle L Ranch Animal Rescue & Sanctuary

Address: 8550 E. Smitty’s Place, Prescott Valley, AZ 86315 or 7680 N Coyote Springs, Prescott Valley, AZ 86315

Phone: 928-273-7005

You may also visit them on: Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram

7. Underdog Rescue of AZ

The Underdog Rescue of AZ is a refuge for dogs regardless of age, breed, or size. It’s a Phoenix-based not-for-profit organization that saves those that are on the euthanasia list, homeless, or abandoned.

With so many puppy lives they welcome in their humble cause, the URAZ will benefit a lot from a one-time or recurring donation, or it’s even better if you open up your home and become foster parents.

Adoption is the ultimate goal, however. So, instead of purchasing dogs from breeders, why not take a look at the available ones from the dog rescue?

How to contact them:

Website: Underdog Rescue of AZ

Address:   Chandler, AZ

Phone: 480-553-9311

You may also check their social media pages:  Facebook, and Instagram

8. Halo Animal Rescue

We have angels around us in the form of dogs, but aside from the halo we associate with these beings, this particular dog rescue is actually an acronym for Helping Animals Live On. 

Loving dogs isn’t enough without putting in the effort to show it. There are homeless pooches that need care and medical assistance, which is why Halo Animal Rescue is driven and fired up to make the world a safer place to live in for them. 

This no-kill facility is the safety net for thousands of dogs and even cats that end up in their care each year. To help them achieve their goals, you can either provide a helping hand, let your home become a temporary shelter, provide financial assistance, or make one of their dogs your own.

How to contact them:

Website: Halo Animal Rescue

Address: 3227 E. Bell Rd. D151, Phoenix, AZ 85032 

Phone: 602-971-9222  

You may also check their social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram

9. Friends for Life Animal Rescue

Dog overpopulation is a problem that needs to be dealt with seriously. The FLAR aggressively combats such an issue by rescuing dogs, getting them spayed or neutered and adopted, and educating the community.

This organization has been powered only by volunteers and private donations since 1993. So far, they have already made an impact on about 10,000+ dogs, including cats. 

Monthly, this rescue spends around $40,000 to run its center. The money goes to all vet expenses and other basic needs of the animals. This is why your help will be highly appreciated. Consider donating today.

How to contact them:

Website: Friends for Life Animal Rescue

Address: 952 W. Melody Ave. Gilbert, AZ 85233

Phone: 480-497-8296

You may also check their social media pages: Facebook, and Instagram

10. Saving Paws Rescue Arizona

It all started out when a local county animal control shelter volunteer, Trisha Houlihan, realized the volume of German Shepherds listed for euthanasia in 2012. 

Knowing how meager the resources are in taking care of dogs of this breed, she started up the Saving Paws Rescue Arizona. In 2013, she received a plea claiming that a number of GSDs were in dire need of help. As she visited the place, the best word to describe the living conditions of the dog was deplorable. 

She has saved many GSDs from the place, but unfortunately, the breeder left with several adult dogs and litters. From then on, SPRA continues to thrive, with around 200 dogs saved each year. Help increase the number of dog lives saved through donations, fostering, or volunteering efforts. 

How to contact them:

Website: Saving Paws Rescue Arizona

Address: Phoenix AZ

Phone: 480-737-6089

Email: [email protected] 

You may also check their social media pages:  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram

Other Sources of Dog Rescues and Adoption

If you still haven’t found the right dog, there still are other dog rescues and adoption centers you can check. Take time to visit each one, scan their web pages, and read each dog’s profile. Here are a few more websites worth considering:

1. ASPCA: ASPCA has wonderful adoptable dogs patiently waiting for loving homes. It’s established in North America and boasts over 2 million supporters in the country. It has assisted over 545,000 animals and has relocated 34,550. Indeed one of their animals could be meant for you.

2. Adopt-a-Dog: This is a rescue that aids dogs since 1981. They provide only the highest standards in caring for abandoned or unwanted pooches, and since they’re a limited admission animal shelter presently, your helping hand can pave the way for them to expand even more their horizons in rescuing dogs.

3. Petfinder: Petfinder is a convenient directory that contains information on dogs available for adoption in nearly 11,000 animal shelters in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Though the details are updated regularly on the search database, contacting the dog rescue site should be done to see if the dog is still available.

How Much Would It Cost to Adopt a Dog in Arizona?

Adopting a dog in Arizona means paying an adoption fee in the range of $50 to $300. Puppies cost more as they’re more adoptable than adults. The fee covers the expenses such as vet bills, food, shelter, and even behavioral training. 

This set range of price will vary, though, depending on Arizona’s inflation.

Is It Worth Adopting a Dog Rescue From Arizona?

Adopting a rescue from Arizona is an effort to show hope in the lives of many dogs. Behind those soulful puppy eyes are untold stories; they can only deliver the pain of being rejected by their previous owners through their behaviors. This is why dog rescues are vital in every community.

Their main function is to take care of those that are neglected. Without these shelters, rescues, and organizations, there’s nothing much left in the future of these four-legged companions. If you’re living in Arizona, start creating a positive impact in your state.

Get those dogs’ tails wagging in happiness through whatever form of help you can give.